DNC Manager Under Fire For Biased Hiring Preference

(Photo/ Ars Technica)

November 2, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The Democratic National Committee sparks public outrage over its hiring preference for — quote — “non-white males.”

A leaked email regarding eight IT job openings urges staffers to dismiss applications from “cisgender straight white males.”

The email was sent by DNC Data Services Manager’ Madeleine Leader.

She explained straight white males are — quote — “already in the majority,” and encourages what she calls “diversity.”

DNC leaders deny the email was authorized by the organization, saying it does not reflect the DNC’s hiring policies.

A spokesman claimed the organization was committed to equal employment opportunity.

  • Chuck Altman


  • Letmesay

    We all know well informed people know that liberals are “racist “. In fact they are everything they claim the RIGHT is.

  • RockyMt, CO

    Well, it is no wonder the DNC is all most bankrupt, can’t get donors and now their hiring practices. I would say this is part of the Obama success story….. lol Now how many seats in congress and governorships did the dems lose under the Obama regime?…..

  • MisterSandman

    Considering the DNC’s statement, I can safely assume she’s out of a job? No? Makes one wonder how sincere they were.

  • marcthepig

    Whitey need not apply? Didn’t know the Dems were now embracing racism.

  • Beedogz

    No white straight males wanted in the intolerant hate filled biased bigoted sexist “Democrat” party.

  • intimeforthedime

    Anytime the DNC gets caught doing something wrong, they always say, “That isn’t what we stand for, that is not our policy, this does not reflect our values.”
    But dang they keep doing the same things over and over. Kinda like the muslims doing their terror, and the “peaceful muslims” never turning them in or condemning the “bad muslims”.
    Huh, seems legit to me…

  • disqus_V3KVVbmLVd

    cisgender = discrimination and other stupid stuff….

  • seawulf

    We claim to be committed to diversity, but we want to exclude groups. We claim to be committed to equal employment opportunity, yet we cycle memos telling the group to avoid ignore applications from cisgender straight white males.

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    Poster Child for a let’s pretend political party

  • FromThe70s

    The surprise here is that the DNC isn’t already plugged into the Indian IT worker pipeline.

  • Sui-Juris

    Perez and Ellison backed the “non-white” staffing policy when they first took over. I believe it came out during the last days of the Democratic Party Convention. They touted that racist policy then as the NEW face of the Democratic Party to loud cheers from the Party audience.

  • john

    No bias here – look elsewhere folks. Lying Democrats haven’t said anything truthful since – never.

  • FoolIggy

    The American Democratic Party is out to create a socialist world at ANY COST!

    They manipulate minorities with empty promises and create fake voting lists in order to control elections!

    That’s not enough, now they plan to eliminate “WHITE” from their ranks EXCEPT FOR THEIR BIGOTED LEADERSHIP!

    Why anyone would want to be a member of such a deranged group of people is beyond any thinking person.

    Forget the most qualified American Candidate, hire immigrant IT candidates to fill the NON-WHITE positions to allow them to transfer data to America’s enemies from the highest level of Government where they have access to the most CRITICAL information.

    These are the same FAR LEFT groups that run around in masks and hide their faces to create their dream of UTOPIA!

    As Ronald Reagan said, this Country will be lost to internal forces that want to DESTROY American Democracy!

    Notice the DNC leaders did NOT say they would FIRE those responsible.

    DNC leadership used ‘deniable plausibility’ by stating “it” does NOT ‘reflect’ their leadership policies but the corruption will continue unabated in spite of the discrimination against hiring the most qualified candidate!

  • libtarded

    Is this the Seth Rich position they’re trying to fill? I hear that job can be dangerous to your health.


    Just like the IRS didn’t discriminate against Republican Organizations.

  • HillCountryTexas

    Hiring or not hiring based on race is a problem for any organization. I am sure this will go over well in the midwest and anywhere people are not living like ants in a mound.

  • Gator Jaw

    so discrimination and bigotry is ok as long as it is against certain race and coming from DNC right?

  • Kay Martin

    We all know how well Affirmative Action works…

  • Aldo

    We ALREADY KNOW the depths the dnc – klillary, et al will go !!!

  • Andrew Moore8

    ROFLMAO…..Another day, another libtard snowflake DNC scandal……How long before someone from the DNC is found to be a victim of suicide by hanging themselves AND shooting themselves in the back of the head 3 times before throwing the gun across the room? Its what we commonly refer to as Arkansasice.

  • Roy Beane

    As usual with the Dimms, the ones doing all the complaining and finger pointing accusing others of being racists, bigots, and discriminators against minorities are themselves the biggest racists in the room. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    • TooToo

      I thought I was already brimful of astonishment at the unfettered hypocrisy of the Demorats .
      But they find ways to descend further with every revelation .
      If I had a cake shop and I discriminated in any way at all I’d have lawsuits piling up .
      But these people can of course get away with anything at all.

      • Roy Beane

        Heard it said recently that now we have clear proof that there ARE 2 different sets of laws in this country. One for the average citizen and the other for Hillary and the Dimmocraps that allows them to walk away from almost anything. Something has to be done about this or the entire republic is in grave danger of starting to fall apart once the rule of law (and the integrity and respect of the people for such) is gone.

        • TooToo

          I think the Respect …. is already gone . You KNOW Obama would never investigate any of this . But I took it for granted that Prezz Trump would .
          Sessions …. is either unbelievably quiet in his investigating …. or he’s doing nothing .
          We really do have to give up if the Prezz and the AG do nothing about it all .

          • Roy Beane

            I think Sessions dishonestly portrayed himself in a different light to Trump so he could get the AG job, and that somehow Trump likely was sandbagged by him. And now the GOP establishment is quietly making it plain they don’t want to see him fired, which adds to the struggle Trump is in with these old RINOs. Many are disillusioned and that’s likely a big reason why Trump was elected, to shake up the established “politics as usual” game in DC. But, the game ain’t over yet, we’re still in the 1st quarter…..at least 3 1/2 more years to go yet, so give it time, the Donald likely has some Aces up his sleeve most don’t know about just yet.

          • TooToo

            I hope you’re right.

          • seawulf

            Sessions was Paul Larkin to Trump’s Hank Reardon

          • PGCDan

            We may be surprised over the next year or two with Sessions. The justice department is not supposed to comment on ongoing investigation (even though Obama Lynch and Holder did it quite often), so I’m holding out to see if something good comes of it. I’m trying to be optimistic. On top of that, if Sessions were to comment, that would only sully the integrity of the AG’s office and portray him as a biased ideologue, which is what we had an issue with Lynch and Holder about.

        • Russ

          Yeah but they don’t care they will try to lie their way out of it.

  • JJake Spitz

    So let me get this straight, they were easily hacked and lost proprietary information in which they want to blame everyone else except their own incompetence. But they will not hire based on best talent but based on skin color and gender; good luck to them. In this trouble IT world of persistent information attacks, I’m so glad they are not running the country anymore. The DNC needs to be tossed upside down and shaken out of their stupid hierarchy.

    • Aldo

      they’ll always make time to attack Trump EVERY day

    • Kay Martin

      The shakeup is underway, it seems.

  • Racer X

    When do we vote some more demoncrats out?

  • Scott Henke

    Aw, man, I just submitted my resume yesterday.

  • Frank Dipalo

    Come on over to the republican party no racists here your own color it trowing you under the buss

  • Barbara W

    No surprise here.

  • sharkync

    More Democrat racism and sexism.

    No surprise…

  • Varangian Guard

    Diversity based on skin color, that ALWAYS works out well…………

    • PGCDan

      I’m seem to remember a certain IT staffer in Congress for quite a few Democrats, that has now been arrested. 😂

  • Flagfriend

    This is news?