District judge allows Keystone XL pipeline lawsuit to move forward

FILE- This Nov. 6, 2015, file photo shows a sign for TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline facilities in Hardisty, Alberta. A district judge has allowed the lawsuit against the pipeline to move forward despite a request from the Trump Administration for dismissal. (Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press via AP, File)

November 23, 2017
OAN Newsroom

A judge is allowing a lawsuit against the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline to move forward.

On Wednesday, District Judge Brian Morris rejected a request by the Trump Administration for the lawsuit to be thrown out.

The Indigenous Environmental Network, the North Coast River Alliance and other groups including Native American tribes brought the suit over the permit issued by President Trump back in March. The permit allowed the pipeline to cross the U.S.-Canada border.

Opponents, however, say the president’s permit was issued on the basis of older environmental reports, and that new assessments must be made before the pipeline can be formally approved.

Nebraska regulators gave the green light to TransCanda earlier this week to build a stretch of the pipeline through their state

The lawsuit is one of the last hurdles for the pipeline, which President Trump says will lower fuel prices and create thousands of jobs.

  • Baron Runion

    The issue being argued is allowing a foreign corporation/intity the power of eminent domain over land owned by legal citizens of the USA. This sets a precedent that foreign intities can take land from our citizens, the government is meant to protect us from this exact thing, if they don’t then we will need to start protecting our land ourselves.

  • Richard McMeekin

    Our federal government has three parts:

    The Executive (The president and Schedule A, B, and C appointees);

    The Legislative (Senate and House of Representatives);

    The Judicial (Supreme Court and lower Courts).

    Federal Judges are lifetime appointees and can only be replaced if they become too ill to function, die in office, commit crimes, etc.

    While I totally agree with those who want liberal judges fired because they continue to rule against President Trump, he cannot, under the US Constitution, fire any who oppose him. So cleaning the swamp won’t work where these recalcitrant liberal judges are concerned.

    • Katfishkelly M

      If it were the other way around and the left wanted them out.. they would just start fake news campaigns about supposed CRIMES they have committed.. make a few fake documents to support it.. and have investigations and special committees on going to remove them asap.

  • melmack 1

    Why have a President or Congress when LIBERAL judges rule the country from the bench.

  • Paul Curto

    The wheels of justice grind slowly.

  • Rod Bramman

    Trump supporters and shills

    • Bud

      Commie/Watermelon supporters and shills.

  • Rod Bramman

    Stupid comments by stupid people. This pipeline isn’t in your state so stfu. You have no idea what the risk are. We have alternative souces, like wind,solar, and geothermal.

    • Bud

      Except that no, we don’t have any alternative sources for oil. Wind, solar, and geothermal are not going to power my vehicle when I have to go to town to pick up prescriptions or groceries, or even to the doctor to get the prescription.
      Risks? Get a clue. We have hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines in this country, and guess what—there are not environmental disasters every day. The risks are greater in shipping oil by truck or rail.

  • Farmerob

    So its Obama’s judge but Trump’s guy Scott Pruitt is in charge of the EPA now.

  • Tado

    Leftists Dogs are everywhere.
    What to do?
    Search & Destroy.
    If not, they will – anyway, die and their cadavers will rot and putrefy.
    No problemo, good triumphs – ultimately.
    Meanwhile, let them spread the evil.

  • Ray

    Okay, I give in. Let’s eliminate the elected House of Representatives, the elected Senate, the elected President of the United States, and just allow these APPOINTED judges to run the country. Actually, ruin the country would be more accurate.

  • john9hoffman


    • Bud

      Fine, then set the example by immediately ceasing to use anything produced from petroleum.

      • Katfishkelly M

        haha.. like their computer.. hahaa good one!

  • Proud deplorable✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Q: How often they need to do an environmental study?
    A: As often as they need to get it blocked.

  • Katfishkelly M

    Imagine if they were less trusting.. did not share their corn… put down the whiskey.. and used the guns more.. A LOT MORE… until they ran off the foreign invaders and nipped it in the bud…… there might still be buffalo herds roaming and waaaaaaay less concrete and buildings.. and no english and all kinds of Indian languages and tribes all learning to get along.. in tune with nature.. I think about that sometimes and wonder what a wonderful place this would be compared to this mess thats here now.

    • Katfishkelly M

      oh.. and some show talking about ‘alternate worlds existing all at the same time in different dimensions’.. so that every example of ‘what ifs’ actually happened and the different outcomes actually exist but just cannot see each other.. its kinda star trecky sounding but what if apparitions or ghosts or aliens or orbs are those other dimensions crossing with ours.. that show made me think what different outcomes could have happened here.. we could all be speaking french or spanish from the spaniards or like the scenerio above… who knows..

    • Bud

      Good. Then nutcases such as yourself wouldn’t be here.

      • Katfishkelly M

        ummm.. how rude… I WAS just making playful conversation… now you somehow have a reason to call me a nutcase.. wow.. like I said.. how rude.. I guess you have no creative imagination.. you must be a boring ‘bud’.. haha..

  • R Honaker

    BLAW BLAW BLAW i am getting so tired of this crap

  • Bud

    and that new assessments must be made before the pipeline can be formally approved.


  • disqus_1XzCB9YqGQ

    The story doesn’t say whether the lawsuit has halted progress.

  • Andy Schuetz

    Our Congress is grossly guilty of malfeasance for allowing these judges to continue to issue their ridiculous rulings…………….Passing laws clearing specifying/identifying what judges are and/or not allowed to rule on is a legitimate legislative function. Until the proper lines are drawn liberal radical left wing judges will continue to stymie legitimate Executive functions.

    • Katfishkelly M

      There already exists a whole document called the Constitution.. but the liberal twists to the meanings are never ending.. it was written clearly and needs no modifications.. just people able to COMPREHEND what it means to use it as a guide! ahem…these brainwashed goofy judges that try to make what they want fit into a demented understanding of the basic RIGHTS.. is screwing it all up.

      • JustmJustm

        Did you notice if something does not work for them,they
        Try to change it, and act dumb about it ,or try to change the subject??
        Does sounds familiar from the last 8 yes experiance

        • Katfishkelly M

          yes.. no ability to think or reason… just deflect and call names. They are becoming the mass group think, dumbed down on purpose to just vote for freebies, that the left is working hard to create.. it is how they need the population to act when they start ‘telling’ them how to act, what to think, and all about their dear leader being the only thing to worship. They do not think for themselves.. just spew the weeks new catch phrases from the talking points. Saddest thing to see it working on masses of uninformed that just tune into Sunday shows to see what this weeks chant is.

    • Pezgun

      Actually it’s worse. It is collusion to defeat the safeties provided by system of checks and balances. As I recall, this is one of the things that requires a 2/3 majority. With that unavailable due to the Democrat block vote, our government is partially paralyzed and vulnerable to lower court manipulation against the will of the people.

  • Tom Horn

    All the decisions made by these radical left wing judges appointed by Obama have absolutely nothing to do with law. They push strictly ridiculous destructive left wing political attacks.

  • Michael Klevins

    These @#$%ing judges are nothing more than glorified attorneys that think their word is gospel, and unfortunately we (society) allow it to be!

  • One_way

    Hey, lawyers gotta eat!

    • Helen Barnhill Chiverton

      And so do bed bugs.

  • Sui-Juris

    The environment. LMAO Protesting and obstructing the safest way to move millions of barrels of crude a day.

    All these groups are just out for a cut. Piece them off.. and this judge, and lets move on with the job.

  • Blacksheep The Deplorable

    Well, when you have a president who sleeps with a man who pretends to be a woman, what do you expect?

    • Katfishkelly M

      haha mooooochele oh, I mean Michael… obigears said Michael himself a couple of times.. on film .. it can be googled… so Joan Rivers WAS right all along..

  • Vladimir Kunin

    What surprise!!! Enironazis are doing their usual destructive job.

  • SR 71

    District Judge Brian Morris another Obama nominee. Who would have guessed. Is obstructing from the bench 4 political reasons a crime or grounds 4 dismissal?

    • Tado

      Good Vs Evil.
      It’s a daily struggle.
      God always prevails: good over evil.

      • Bud

        Sometimes it takes a very long while before good prevails over evil. Look at how long the prison camp known as the USSR was able to hang around.

    • Thank_God_For_Guns

      The democrats have been subverting the rule of law for quite some time now.

      Time for a purge?

  • a voice of concern

    For almost 200 years the legal system in this country upheld private property rights and anything people wanted to do with their property unless their use went over the border unto some ones elses property.
    Until something leaks onto someone elses property the entire lawsuit is null and void of any standing.
    This is nothing but COMMUNIST property confiscation practices.

  • Bobby Green

    Who OK’ed this judge?

    • SR 71

      Lets try Obama in 2013, any surprises?

      • Katfishkelly M


    • JustmJustm