Disney Donates $2.5M to Hurricane Irma Recovery and Rebuilding Effort

The entrance to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World is empty as the theme park was closed because of Hurricane Irma, Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Other tourists attractions including Universal Studios and Sea World were also closed and planned to reopen Tuesday. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

September 13, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The Walt Disney Company donated $2.5 million to support relief and recovery efforts in areas affected by Hurricane Irma.

The charitable contribution will be divided among the American Red Cross, UNICEF, and Save the Children in addition to other non-profits.

Eligible Disney employee donations will also be matched dollar for dollar by the Disney Employee Matching Gifts project.

This comes after Disney raised roughly $16 million for Hurricane Harvey relief just last month.

The destruction from both hurricanes left millions of people without power, and also caused major damage to many homes and communities.

  • Gene Humphrey

    That’s pocket change to them. They should have done far far more!

  • Murf71

    Oh gee Disney gave away 3 minutes of their profit while charging over a hundred dollars a day per person to go in their park. Should have been more like a billion but who am I.

  • Tracey Whitcomb Balowski

    Red Cross? Wasted money that won’t help anyone except the Red Cross.

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  • gimmemymoney

    Anyone want to guess how much will be earmarked to be spent in the Orlando area?
    And what is in the Orlando area??? DisneyWorld of course… So this Regressive/Leftist organization gets a big PR pat on the back but have only helped themselves…

  • Another Deplorable

    And how much will they collect in insurance for damages to Disney World?

  • R A.

    Why no word on all the money$ that the Clintoon Foundation gave to the recovery efforts for Irma or Harvey?
    I must have missed that story somehow….?

    • gimmemymoney

      I hear that Rachel Maddow will have that announcement on her MSMBC show tonight… along with the amount she personally will be writing a check for…

      I crack myself up with these jokes…

  • CDG

    Good for Disney. However, they might be simply trying to offset some of the recent negative P.R. caused by the “wonderful” people over at ESPN and ABC…..

    • eddy122

      Exactly what I was thinking. As I can tell you are aware, Disney owns ABC, ESPN and several other networks, not to mention the billions they pull in through the theme parks every year, merchandising and movie sales, so while any donation is appreciated, $2.5 mil is a drop in the bucket to them and a 100% tax write off. As you can tell, I have no sympathy for Disney.

  • All American

    American Proud🇺🇸