Director Brett Ratner sues woman who accused him of rape

FILE PHOTO: Director Ratner poses at the Los Angeles premiere of
FILE PHOTO: Director Brett Ratner poses at the Los Angeles premiere of "Hercules" in Hollywood, California, U.S. July 23, 2014. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok/File Photo

November 3, 2017

By Piya Sinha-Roy

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Director Brett Ratner has filed a defamation lawsuit against a woman who claimed in a Facebook post that he had raped her some 12 years ago, documents filed in federal court in Hawaii showed.

On Wednesday Ratner sued Melanie Kohler accusing her of “deliberately false and malicious accusations” in a post on Facebook, and said her statement had caused him personal and professional injury, according to the complaint filed in U.S. district court in Hawaii and seen by Reuters.

Ratner and his attorney, Marty Singer, declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Kohler’s attorney Roberta Kaplan said in a statement emailed to Reuters, “Mr. Ratner and his lawyers can try to erase the truth through threats and intimidation, but courts decide cases based on the facts and the law. So our message to Mr. Ratner and his lawyer is short and simple: See you in court,” Kaplan said.

Kohler’s spokesman Bill Burton said in a telephone interview that Kohler, who lives in Hawaii where the lawsuit was filed, had deleted the post.

Burton emailed Reuters a copy of Kohler’s Facebook post.

It was consistent with court documents that said, “Commencing on or about October 20, 2017, Defendant recklessly and/or intentionally posted a statement on her Facebook page claiming that ‘Brett Ratner raped [her],’ Ratner ‘was a rapist on at least one night in Hollywood about 12 years ago,’ and Ratner ‘preyed on me as a drunk girl [and] forced himself upon me.'”

The lawsuit requested a jury trial to determine damages and costs.

On Wednesday the Los Angeles Times reported that six women had accused Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct. Kohler was not named in that article.

Ratner’s attorney Singer strongly denied what he called the “outrageous, derogatory allegations” on Wednesday, and said, “We are confident that his (Ratner’s) name will be cleared once the current media frenzy dies down and people can objectively evaluate the nature of these claims.”

(Reporting by Piya Sinha-Roy; Editing by Toni Reinhold)

  • GBWO

    Every woman looking for a pay day is hunting for the phantom rapist. Me too me too me too… we are all sick of it. These babes kept their mouths shut for how many years to advance their careers and all of a sudden they come out about these Hollywood creeps. They sold their honor and bodies for fame and fortune, now deal with your act of prostituting yourself.

  • fredh

    All a female has to do is say I was raped and the male is quilty. What happen to innocent until proven quilty in a court of law. This is why the Vice- President refuses to get into an elevator if the elevator has only one female in it.

  • intimeforthedime

    If you didn’t pound her 12 years ago, then pound her in court today!

  • stevens123

    While it seems Hollywood has a sordid history of sexual abuse, you can’t seek justice in the court of public opinion. We have laws and procedures in place to handle this sort of thing. Everyone is entitled to due process in this country. Innocence is supposed to be presumed rather than guilt assumed.

  • porkexpress

    Hollywood in shameless litigation? It seems that when women were making accusations against the Conservative Republicans it was cool and funny. Now that it is having an affect on Progressive Liberal Democrats it is now not funny.

    Couch auditions have been a known Hollywood Elite tradition. Many careers have been made and lost by this stupid childish mannerism. I have noticed that the actresses are now coming out of the woodwork for a slice of the pie and some airtime from the Liberal Media and those accused have already been labeled as pedophiles, gay hombres, and sexual deviates. With that someone should make a movie about the Hollywood lifestyle and swinger sex parties.

  • brandehhh

    More victim shaming from those who thought they were untouchable. #stayhumble

  • Tim

    Sodom and Gomorrah. Hollywood is above the world looking down judging those who they disagree with. When they are looked at under the microscope the real truth arises. Those in power abuses the rest, and the rest puts up with it to join them. They are not above the law, but, have been excused because of their power. This is a great tragedy and should cease. PERIOD.

  • Swampdrainer

    Notice that documents were filed in Hawaii. The victim is screwed. Judge will overturn.

  • thecleaner45

    You know with the schizophrenia club we will probably never know the real truths of any of this. They counter sue, run to treatments to cover their azz. The women waiting years to come forward. It’s all one big crazy mess and it shows just how crazy ALL of these clowns are.

    • jkmckin

      This is the problem with delayed accusations- he said, she said. Tough to know the truth but after Rolling Stone false rape accusations I am more skeptical.

  • fjwag3

    This is the long time tradition of Hollyweirds handed down by the Mayers, Goldwyns, carried on by Polanski to Weinstein, etc. His days are numbered.

  • Donald York

    This BS is getting out of hand.
    These “starlets” are seeing dollar signs.
    Sue the hell out of her Mr. Ratner.

    • Beef McWin

      What if she has evidence of her claim? Then what Donald York?
      Prejudice serves no one, and you have pre-judged in your post.

      • Donald York

        I bought a hamburger from a fast food restaurant 20 years ago and i got food poison from eating it. I think i will sue them next week.
        THIS is the insanity of these claims. Why do these women come forward so many years later when they could have handled it back then?

      • humansrus

        She should have come out 12 years ago then.

    • REW

      I’m with you Beef. Ratner has 6 other women claiming harassment. Hollywood, Wall Street, Congress, etc are famous for being pathetic dirt bags that care about no one but themselves. If a woman files false claims to swindle someone, they should go to jail big time, as it hurts women who have valid claims. If a man molests or rapes a woman, he should be put in prison where he can get a boyfriend to show him how it feels. Men who use force or power over are woman are just pathetic pukes.

  • Melissa McShane

    He has a right to sue. Burden of proof is on her so I hope she has it.