Deputy AG Rosenstein May Recuse Himself from Russia Investigation

FILE – In this June 13, 2017 file photo, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

June 18, 2017

OAN Newsroom

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may be recusing himself from the DOJ’s Russia investigation.

Recent reports say that Rosenstein has told colleagues he might have to step away from the probe, but it is unclear why.

President Trump recently sent a tweet seemingly aimed at the Deputy AG, saying he is being investigated by the man who told him to fire the FBI Director.

Rosenstein drafted the letter for the basis of Comey’s firing and many believe he is now caught in the President’s cross-hairs because he appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Many say if Rosenstein recuses himself, then maybe Mueller should recuse himself as well.

  • UPDATE: EVERYONE has recused themselves. The investigation will be spearheaded henceforth by Ed Gruberman, the night-shift janitor.

    UPDATE to the UPDATE: Whoops, looks like Ed played Team Fortress on a server with a Cyrillic hostname in 2002. Recused.

  • Rodney

    Well Alice, we truly are on the other side of the looking glass.

  • silverbackV

    He should recuse himself, it must be difficult straddling the swamps political fence!

  • Meuller needs to recuse himself. How can you investigate your best friend while with a straight face tell the country there is no conflict of interest.

    Comey was a dirty cop…but he’s also Mueller’s best friend…which makes Mueller a dirty cop.

  • TruthInLogic

    When legal rain starts falling willy nilly, best to get an umbrella, (ie: a lawyer). The whole too honest Sessions, and the too ” I want to appear unbiased” Rosenstein debacle led to this even worse legal ongoing charade. Both Sessions and Rosenstein should realize, yes honesty is the best policy, but you’re in the Trump administration….not some bi-partisan ersatz partnership. If you believe you did no wrong Sessions, then fight. If you are unsure of your commitment to do your job honestly, and hand it off to a suspect ex-law officer, who’s loyalties ARE in question, then quit Rosenstein. That would be the honorable choice. Seems honor is lacking in DC, perhaps that’s the major problem.

  • Stacie Stevens Markham

    And while at it Robert Mueller needs to do the same. He’s Comey’s best bud. Why the hell is he leading any kind of investigation when he’s nothing but a Obama holdover? These people are brainwashed. It’s so reminiscent of nazi germany and their hero worship of hitler that it’s bone chilling. . I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be defending trump. But could it be any more obvious that this is a silly deep state conspiracy and that THAT man is still pulling strings in DC? If anyone should be investigated, it’s the entire obama administration. The public is sick and tired of the fact that “the previous administration” (gag) is still getting away with it’s numerous treasonous activities.

  • Ruben Nery

    The democrats are obliged to prolong this Russian fake issue as long as it takes.Because when this is all over,President Trump will order investigations on Clinton’s e-mails, wire tapping; unmasking, corruption of Obama and so on. And lots of heads will roll.That will be the end of the left.As you can see they are fighting for their survival.

  • Roy Beane

    For Trump the best scenario would be for Rosenstein to fire Mueller first (who is already disqualified and in gross conflict of interests anyway), and then resign himself as Deputy AG.

  • jvlewis

    Trump needs to fire Rosenstein and Mueller ( and a lot more). I know the msm and libs are loud, but they have been voted out. Out of the Senate, House, Governorships and the Presidency. Drain the swam President Trump.

  • jvlewis

    So Rosenstein is recusing himself because he told Trump to fire Comey. But Rosenstein appointed Mueller. Is that not also a conflict of interest? Also Mueller has hired Jennifer Rhee who worked for the Clinton Foundation. A total conflict of interest. This is a circus.

  • james sanchez

    What a big joke this investigation is becoming, Mr. President fire them all and let’s move on.

  • Daniel Shays

    Comey leaked a “memo” in order to get a special prosecutor appointed. He knew in advance who that prosecutor would be. Mueller appoints ALL Democrat backers to assist. It’s a set up. The whole thing stinks!

  • F D

    Rosenstein enabling a witch hunt. A G Sessions deal with him.
    No more appointments from the enemy’s camp!

  • Steve

    I think its time for a lawsuit to be filed by the American people!! I want to be reimbursed for the wasted money this investigation has cost the tax payers.

  • Vikram

    How can the deputy attorney general appoint a special investigator without the knowledge and permission of the Attorney General? Rosenstein should be fired for non cooperation and insubordination by the Attorney General. These guys are doing a witch hunt against President Trump with the collusion of Washington insider Republicans who does not want an outsider to come to disrupt their base ball game and parties.

  • Better yet. Accept Rosenstein’s resignation and Reince’s resignation and Disappointment Session’s resignation. Clear out the rubbish and then fire all of the Obama holdovers. Leaks stop. Either from fear or not leakers remains.

  • Quaduc San Nicholas

    Enough with the Democratic Russian Witch Hunt. Comey admitted that their is no collusion with President Trump and the Russians, so stop wasting tax payer dollars on a Liberal pipe dream to remove President Trump form Office. They need to start the investigating the Liberals to include Lynch and the Obama Obstruction Team, and start handing out felonies and prison sentences. Why are the people allowed to roam free????? We the people need to demand that these people are held accountable for their criminal activity, President Trump has given the power back to the people and Politicians are suppose to represent the people, not the other way around. Drain that stag-net infected swamp.

  • NickSJ

    Republicans in Congress should be hounding Mueller about his conflict of interest with Comey, and his appointment of staff with ties to the Clinton campaign. But of course, they won’t, because many of them would be just as happy to see Trump railroaded out of town, and the rest are too timid to squeak up.

    • jvlewis

      I have a feeling many of these rinos are going to be weeded out in the next election.

  • harrydweeks

    Actually Rosenstein should fire Mueller and then resign himself as his attempt to appoint someone with obvious conflict of interest is in violation of the law. Then McCabe must be next . The den of DOJ viper’s have been exposed.

  • Lori2017

    fake news, not investigating the Pres.

  • livefreeordiehard

    Mueller needs to follow suit!

  • Hoang_oanh

    President Trump should fire this guy. He told President Trump to fire Comey. Now he appointed Muller to investigate President Trump of firing Comey.
    We are not kids. He trapped President Trump. Unacceptable.

    • Steve

      I have been saying the same thing, it makes no sense!!

  • Jam Jenes


    Why do we even have a DoJ if they’re not going to do their job?!

  • Monica Mansour

    Yes, yes and yes. It’s laughable to think Mueller is not politically bias.

  • Hummer

    He should have recused himself long ago with his support of Hillary and related as he couldn’t possibly not be biased,

  • SayNO2Liberalism

    Left wing liberal lunatic nut jobs, repeat after me, “there is no evidence of collusion!”

  • citizensam

    after he appointed comey buddy Mueller….if he recuses, then Mueller’s appointment by him should be voided….or rescinded…or whatever the correct terminology, as long as his comey and leftie colluding as s is gone ….

  • global citizen

    The sooner the better. We need to get rid of all road bump Demorats and lying Media. Another proof how the MSM and liberal anti US traitors work: “Sean Hannity’s Bicycle Accident Is Much More Serious Than First Reported. Sean Hannity is dead.” And ClintonNewsNetwork is all over it.
    I am glad he is alive!!!!! He even posted “Sorry CNN, NBC, I AM ALIVE!
    He is certainly one of the Greatest of it’s kind out there to bring us the News straight forward and honest. He was pretty much the only one telling that Trump will be our President while the self proclaimed “Leader in News” couldn’t get one thing right. What looser they are.

  • catluvr

    I agree, if they are honorable men, they should both recuse themselves. If they do not, they should both be fired. In fact, Rosenstein needs to be fired in any case.

  • jlsharks1

    Enough of this Russian, BS.
    The Democrats are trying to protect the Democrat administration from further investigation like Hillary, Loretta Lynch and Comey himself to name a few. As this probably goes all the way to the past so called President.

  • Bill Cape Coral

    Rosenstein needs to recuse himself then the person who replaces him should look at the Mueller fiasco and shut Mueller down, once that is done then Rosenstein needs to be fired.

  • cdtalaski

    We should all understand the fight is on. The swamp does not want to be replaced. We also are aware of hidden anti-Thrump members within the Republican party. Dems are blocking/obstructing regardless if it hurts the citizens of this country. Violence is not the answer……………….it is the VOTING BOOTH that can take care of it. Keep tabs on the swamp members. United we stand……………divided we fall. Pray for our President………….the load is heavy. He needs our support.

    • Monica Mansour

      We can unseat all Republicans who have played ball with the globalist left against Trump. Nearly every seat is up. There will be retribution.

      • Dan

        85% of incumbents in the house get re elected…they just do. They have the money

        • jomama

          The people are fed up. The silent majority is awake and ready to vote out the swamp. The money will not help them.

        • jomama

          There is an on-line petition to recall Senator John McCain, once thought untouchable.

  • Fed up with CT


  • Javanne

    Folks in the DOJ may be falling all over themselves in a rush to steer clear of the investigation. No one wants to make a fool of him/herself participating in an investigation when sister investigations over months have turned up nothing. Laughable.

    • Dims ❤️ Russian Witchhunts

      Totally agree.

    • Dan

      There is nothing here. If there was it would be out and frothing. I have thought Trump as the fool for Tweeting all such. I don’t really know what Tweeting is–never done it- or looked at it. But he is a showman akin to PT Barnum in spirit. He keeps his name forefront, He knows how to use hate for himself as an asset. If they try to impeach him its going to like grabbing an eel on a wet stump in a Louisiana swamp. I think he has got this thing. If your ever discouraged about him–shut your eyes and imagine where this country would be if HRC was falling around on the stairs in the White House.

      • Vikram

        Nobody knows hate as much as the ultra liberal fanatics in the Democratic party and the media who divides this country through hate speeches and hate propagandas.