Democrat Congressional Hopeful Arrested in N.M. For Stalking

N.M. congressional candidate David Alcon was arrested on suspicion of stalking. (Photo/Santa_Fe_New_Mexican)

November 14, 2017
OAN Newsroom

A Democrat candidate running for an open congressional seat in New Mexico was arrested on a felony stalking charge.

Santa Fe Police issued a warrant for David Alcon last month following accusations he sent graphic text messages to a woman he saw at a Halloween party.

Alcon was found at an Albuquerque apartment complex Friday, two weeks after authorities began their search.

He was previously convicted for stalking an ex-girlfriend back in 2007.

The morning before the court hearing Alcon sprinkled flower petals on the porch of the victim, an action the the judge called creepy and a clear act of obsession.

He was ordered to three years probation.

It is unknown whether Alcon will continue his congressional bid following the arrest and his second stalking offense.

  • Scott M

    Wow, majorly creepy!

  • Andrew Moore8

    i don’t care if they are running down the street naked yelling to F them…..There is a thing called morals and ethics which a man should possess which stops them from taking advantage.

  • Andrew Moore8

    demoncraps scream bloody murder about how bad sexual abuse is with the GOP and then turn around and stalk and abuse women…..then their demoncrapic libtard brethren release them on probation…..what message does that send other than the demoncraps embrace misogyny

  • Stan d


  • One_way

    Typical demoncrat.

  • Fidgets

    Yeah just look at WaPo

  • gaillowerybriggs

    Pervert ,a perfect candidate for Democrats .

  • Sergeant_rock

    New Mexico (if you can call it new) is run by the Dummy-crats so noting will come of this….
    The Republican governor is totally ineffective because of the democrat run government…

  • Letmesay

    This is an up side down wrong side out world. The liberals have created who knows, it’s his second stalking offense the first should have taken him out of the Congressional seat bid. The Democratic party is desperate.

  • JamesMacArthur

    “Democrat Congressional Hopeful Arrested in N.M. For Stalking”
    –if elected, rino ryan will let him inTO the house with love and kisses !!!

  • Wayne_B

    Now he can get a promotion to the DNC Goon Squad.

  • landy fincannon

    There years probation = monthly fee for freedom and report once a month.

  • Roy Beane

    Ah yes, New Mexico, the good old “Land of Enchantment” (Entrapment) makes the news once again. No surprises here– this state is notoriously well known for allowing pedophiles, murderers, and other hardened career felons to walk free on the flimsiest of pretexts. They can’t keep cops on the force because they get so tired of felons being put back on the street by the liberal judges before the ink is even dry on their arrest reports. #1 state for getting your car stolen if you dare go through there. And, to top it all off with a cherry, the state is dominated and run by the DIMMOCRAP PARTY.
    No wonder why the rest of the country calls this state a part of “fly over” country.

  • FromThe70s

    Compared to Anthony Weiner, Mr Alcon seems like perfect gentlemen and quite a romantic.

    • landy fincannon

      Older women prefer romance over pics. Lol

      • Fidgets

        Yeah but Weiner targeted young girls

        • landy fincannon

          Yes, and 20 months. Must be nice.

    • LoyStengle

      Speaking on The Weiner – wonder how he’s doing these days? Taking a shower must be his favorite activity.

  • intimeforthedime

    This guy got 3 years probation for dumping some rose pedals on an Ex-girlfriends porch, and Hillary walks free.

  • kaiju

    He certainly is qualified to run as a Democrat.

    • celia pacheco


  • Flagfriend

    “It is unknown whether Alcon will continue his congressional bid following the arrest and his second stalking offense.”

    As crazy as the statement above sounds, in this day and age of politics in America, this guy might actually consider continuing his congressional bid, and many of his democratic supporters would have no problem with it.

    THAT is the sad reality of this story.

  • R A Reed

    No one will ever know, he is a Democrat.

  • Beachguy53

    I’m sure the Democrats will demand he pull out.

    • Fidgets

      As will good old rat dung turtle