DeMint to Help Spur Effort to Curb Federal Power with Amendments to Constitution

June 15, 2017

Washington, DC – Young Richardson, OAN Political Correspondent

Former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, who departed the Heritage Foundation last month as its President, has now become a senior adviser to a fast-growing conservative movement pushing states to amend the Constitution to rein in federal spending and power.

“I’m gonna work on two fronts. The Founders of the Constitution gave us two ways…to amend the Constitution and one of them is for the states to come together call for an Amendments Convention.

We need amendments to enforce a balanced budget, restrict spending, and restrict the jurisdiction and authority of the federal government. So I have joined the Convention of the States Project.

They are working all over the country,” DeMint explained.

The Convention of the States Project aims to amend the Constitution with an amendment convention, as opposed to re-writing it with a constitutional convention. And now the time is right, says DeMint to install some constitutional guardrails on Congress.

“I’ve had a chance to see Congress at work for many years in the House and Senate and I have come to realize that while we need to continue to support conservatives on the Hill–and I’m certainly gonna do that–That Congress is never gonna stop spending. It’s never gonna restrict its power. They’re gonna continue to run over the powers that were given to the states and the people by the Constitution…. I’m convinced that this is something that can happen in the next two or three years,” says the conservative firebrand.

And while reining in spending and federal power is a big part of what DeMint hopes to achieve, Mark Meckler, who is the President of the Convention of the States Project, says that fundamentally the way to achieve these goals is for laws and regulations to be made locally.

“Part of the reason we have such partisanship–hyper partisan ship here in Washington, DC is because DC is making so many decisions for the people of America. People are different. If you’re from Texas, people are different from Californians or New Yorkers. We’re having this fight because the issues are being decided nationally instead of locally. And most Americans agree outside this city the decision should be made at home by them.”

Meckler, who is a also co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, says that the Convention of the States Project has some 2.2 million grass roots activist, and so far twelve states have approved the Convention of States resolution.

  • Chris U

    The federal gubmint no longer represents Americans- it only protects sexually confused mentally ill people, those who actually hate Americans, the super rich and losers who refuse to work. Middle class hard workers are just used for our tax money and we have zero say in how it is spent.

    $24 BILLION A YEAR for pills to keep those who went out and got themselves AIDS by getting sodomized repeatedly. They don’t pay for cancer or heart disease, that is pure discrimination.

  • Sandra Howard-Blanz

    The biggest reason this began is to place term limits on congressional seats. Adding to much more will guarantee nothing will be passed. If it’s for several amendments, one for each item, they might pass. Don’t want to see all this grouped into one amendment and nothing passes.

  • Mammaw7

    Term limits on congress.

  • FreedomStorm

    We already have the ability to fully curb Federal Power.
    It’s called THE TENTH AMENDMENT.

  • Kitty Lenoir

    They should legislate their time in sessions. Ridiculous. Who has this much time off? They give us the blather about going home to constituents. If they don’t get something big done, they won’t have their constituents to come home to. Get it done!

  • Opinionsgiven

    Careful for what you wish for – opening the door for this could compromise the whole Constitution!

  • Sandra Howard-Blanz

    Start with term limits and not 10 things at one time because states won’t agree and we’ll get nothing. We’ll be lucky if we get enough states to agree on term limits much less 10 other things.

  • jsaunders

    How about requiring no laws may be enacted that exempts Members of Congress or the Executive branch from any law imposed upon the people.

  • andrew moore

    PEOPLE……Don’t be suckered in by this…..You cannot just amend the constitution…..If you want to add or amend an article you must open the entire constitution up for amendment…..That means your right to religious freedom and your right to own and bare arms is also open for amendment….And what are the two biggest issues right now being pushed in the USA? Gun control and gay rights.

  • Johnny Mountain

    So why is he going to continue to support conservatives when they also spend like drunken sailors on shore leave when given the chance ? They spend just as much as Liberals , difference being they redirect spending to where they want it to be . With a balanced budget Amendment there would be zero consensus on what to cut to balance the budget but hey , give it a whirl . The entertainment value would be priceless.

  • WmCraigBarnard

    We should return to letting State Legislatures select Senators as originally written in the Constitution. No National funding elections. All elections must be funded with money from within their state. No outside interference.

  • oneprivateer

    Repeal the 17th Amendment and the power returns to the states!

  • First and Foremost: TERM LIMITS for Congress and the Senate. 8 years, and get your azz back to a real job.

    Politics was NEVER envisioned by our Founding Fathers to be a career and life-long profession complete with gold-plated health care, life-long pensions for serving one term and a free ride to insider trade legally.

    You were expected to serve, then go back home and tend to your farms, shops and businesses.

    How the heck we went from “civil servant” to “Politician for Life” is beyond me.

    TERM LIMITS for Congress and Senate NOW!

  • crater86

    Let’s get simple. Term limits: Senate – 4 yr terms, 2 terms, House – 2 yr terms, 4 terms. Both have to have lived in their districts min. 3 yrs. Cannot run for any other office or work as a lobby person for 5 yrs after termed out or lost 2d election. Stop benefits that we the people do not get. Only health insurance available to us should be available to them. No pensions besides social security, they can do IRA accounts the same as we do. Free gyms, cafeterias, campaign mailing costs, etc. need to go. They need to pay what we do for whatever they use. When congress is in session, they need to be there and in chambers. Total compensation should be detailed publically and set independently. A start anyway.


  • come and take it

    i thought president trump was going to fix all this when he drained the swamp?

    isn’t that why erbody voted for him?

    what happened?

  • Lord Cornbread

    I’m in favor of splitting into 50 states and sh*tcanning Washington all together.

  • bobrsta

    This is dangerous ground and I’m curious why DeMint has jumped onboard the CoS bandwagon. The scope of a Constitutional Convention cannot be controlled, delegates are free to completely re write the Constitution, as the Declaration of Independence states. As I understand it, our current Constitution was the result of a convention called to “amend” the original Articles of Confederation. Instead of doing that, our Founding Fathers scrapped the AoC completely to arrive at our Constitution. Fortunately, they were learned and wise men, steeped in history and seemingly under the aura of Divine Providence. Not to denigrate Jim DeMint at all, but he is not of their stature. No one today is.

    States now survive on the largesse of the federal government. They, to a large degree, are bought and paid for. It was the states that gave up their ability to control the federal government in ratifying the 17th Amendment. Can state governments, their legislators, be counted on the reign in the federal government now?

    The truth is that the federal government operates well beyond the bounds of its authority as established in the Constitution. There is no need for additional amendments to control the federal government, simply (well, maybe not “simply”) returning to the original limits on federal authority as established by our Founders would reign in all the excesses that a ConCon is supposed to address.

    And, lastly, if the federal government now ignores the restrictions on its legitimate sphere of influence and operates in civil and social arenas never envisioned by the Founders, why would one think it would adhere to the restrictions placed on it by new amendments?

    The answer is not more rules, to be ignored. The answer is to force the federal government back into its original box. And citizens smart and interested enough to cause it to be so.

  • a voice of concern

    Now a bad idea but, I AM NOT SURE WHETHER IT IS TOO LATE.
    After over 3 decades of attempting to bankrupt this country with regulations, restrictions, open borders for drugs and illegals and then attempting to sell our liberty by enslaving us to foreign governments has taken it’s toll.
    How about ONE NEW Constitutional Amendment that says all gov agencies must print a rule book to be reviewed, modified or eliminated and approved by congress and a national vote and then all gov agencies are to be disbanded forever. And oh yea, any foreign governments or international globalsists attempting to create problems are to be executed with extreme vengeance.

  • Michael Rowland

    There are a lot of things to think about if we are really going to have a Convention of the States. Nevertheless, I say, “Go For It.” I also think, “Be Careful.” One thing that pops into my mind is a problem that may arise of Balkanization of the country. If States are given more responsibility to “do their own thing,” so to speak, I do not want to see “little countries” popping up whose laws are so different that they cause issues for travelers or folks who are relocating to another State. I’m not saying that this would happen, but it should be on the mind of those designing new Amendments to the Constitution.

    Another warning I have is this: Those at the Convention must have an understanding of World History–particularly of Rome. Fiscal policies can bring down a Country, as I suspect our Country’s policies might currently be doing. Unwinding bad policies will probably be painful, and the Country needs to be prepared to endure the changes.

    For my small part, I recommend that those who are interested in looking at one interpretation of how fiscal policies can ruin a country, check out Stephen Molyneux’s excellent video on the Fall of Rome. Look it up on YouTube. Reserve some time before hand, as it is over two hours long and is fascinating. Trust me–this is NOT what you may remember as your school-taught history.

  • CrazyHungarian

    Congress will NEVER vote for term limits on itself. A States Convention is the only way that that can happen.

  • no4morefoObama

    First two are ‘Term Limits” and a “Balanced Budget Amendment”!


  • Patriot Raider

    I support this. WE THE PEOPLE will need to be the adults in this nation.

  • come and take it

    cheeto jesus ain’t gonna like this.

  • Rosendo Marty Martinez

    We need a State Convention to fix the country.
    The Senators should be appointed by the legislature of each state for six years and a maximum of two terms and allowed to be replaced by the same legislature at any time to represent the state for the remaining of the term.

  • Dave

    Correct me if i’m wrong but I believe Mark Levin spells out exactually what we need to do in his book, Liberty Amendments. A Covention of States as postulated in Article 5 of the Constitution gives the power to limit the federal government back to the states. I’m told 12 states have signed up so far. Is this correct?

    • CrazyHungarian

      I’ve read that book and it lays out an excellent set of amendments.

  • DJLugoff

    Good idea! I agree with Blabman77 that we do need Term Limits. The lobbyists are out of control Congress puts them first to get rich. The corruption in DC is a terrible cancer that has engulfed every department.

  • A marcus Young

    Do not let this generation change ANYTHING about the Constitution. They do not have a clue what it takes to fight Tyranny.

    • come and take it

      that’s one of the problems with freedom…you don’t have to know anything to make stupid choices.

  • Tubbythetuba

    Be very careful with a State Convention to change the Constitution. As I understand it, everything could be on the table and with political power just about equally divided between conservatives and socialists, we could lose a few rights such as the 2nd. Or, am I wrong?

    • CrazyHungarian

      A State convention initiating amendments is similar to Congress initiating an amendment. After the amendment(s) is initiated, the legislatures of 3/4 of the states have to ratify it. There are plenty of checks and balances. See US Constitution Article 5.

  • empiresentry

    states used to pay for their senators and also were able o select their senators.
    Dims changed that

    • come and take it

      states can’t select their senators?

      who selects a state’s senators?

      • highlatte

        Money. You buy those votes via unions, lobbyists, and offering free stuff you will never be able to give to actually improve lives. The real voter; the ones who work, start businesses, own homes, and pay taxes get screwed; there just aren’t enough of us remaining. This is the only way the Democratic Socialist party of the United States has grown.

        • come and take it

          if voters can be bought then they deserve the gov’t officials they elect.

          • Max Kronader

            Suckler on the corrupt establishment teat. Liar, swamprat, globalist apologist for the criminally corrupt status quo.

          • come and take it

            “Suckler on the corrupt establishment teat. Liar, swamprat, globalist apologist for the criminally corrupt status quo.” -Max Kronader

            for posterity, Max.

            heh heh heh…why am i not surprised?

            again with the substance-less responses, typical of the trumpanzees when they get cornered with logic and reasonable retorts.

            please give a single example to back-up your cute little trump-esque name calls so you don’t look so foolish. please, max, i’m begging you…i’m starting to get embarrassed for you.

      • Max Kronader

        Liar, swamprat, globalist, traitor. Defender of the corrupt status quo.

        • come and take it

          “Liar, swamprat, globalist, traitor. Defender of the corrupt status quo.” -Max Kronader

          haha! i knew it! there it is again…trumpanzeeisms spewing out the mouth of one of his desperate troglodyte supporters who can’t debate with logic, reason, or anything of substance.

          what have i lied about? could you give just one example?
          could you give just one example of how i’m a “globalist”?
          could you give an example of how i’m a “traitor”?

          could you show a single instance where i’ve defended the status quo?

          any exampel is fine Max, because without those you look mighty pathetic.

          and your name is all over it…

  • Sonny Shaw

    The powers to be are so afraid that a Convention of States will become a run away convention that they are fighting it on grounds that the convention must be limited in it’s task; or end up becoming a total revolt against the federal Government. Just remember on thing; the states are controlled by the same parties who control the Federal government. The other thing is Trump won on reforming the government and shrinking the size and scope of government. We would have a better chance of supporting Trumps efforts now, that forming a convention of states, which will take forever to agree on anything constructive. One Deplorable s view.

  • FreedomStorm

    Unfortunately, they have not simply read The Tenth Amendment and then promulgated a plan to enforce it.

  • Janice Youwer

    In my opinion term limits for Congressmen should be on the agenda.

  • R.L.

    If we simply follow the Constitution as written, we should need no new amendments to restrict the government.

    • Sonny Shaw

      I agree to a certain extent, but the the men who wrote the US Constitution never envisioned the government would grow in size and power as it has. For instance the authority to borrow money to run the Government is allowed in the Constitution, but again I don’t think the men who formed this government had any idea what it would turn into. I think they believed in the good will of men to keep it limited, but the best intentions are thrown out the window when it comes to money these days. So the ability of the government to borrow money should be limited to borrowing money form the citizens of the US only and not international banking concerns…

      • come and take it

        it’s grown this big because Rs and Ds supercede the constitution and the morons who vote don’t stop them.

    • come and take it

      currently we don’t, we just need an executive who executes.

      so far cheeto jesus ain’t doing that.

      • R.L.

        As opposed to the half breed who used to run the show and refused to enforce immigration laws, made up his own laws, and people like you ate for free, got rent assistance, and demanded even more free stuff.

        • come and take it

          naw, he was even worse. but not doing your job then having your fan-boys compare you to obama doesn’t mean your doing your job.

  • Roy Beane

    The struggle for power between the federal government and the states has been going on probably ever since the end of the American Revolution, over one issue or another over the years. And, with the shenanigans people see the Washington politicians pulling, it’s easy to see why the states would want more say in what they do for (or to) their citizens. However, this can be a 2 edged sword, because often the state politicians are just as crooked and dishonest (if not more so in some cases) than the federal ones are.

    • Sonny Shaw

      I think they are both equally corrupt in all cases…

  • mariavidal

    Read a lot of comments so far and it seems the people would be best at setting limitations. Too bad the average person can’t simply run for office without needing millions of dollars to do so. It’s time to stop the “career politician” and put it back into the definition of being a service to your country. Perhaps if they were paid on the same wage rate as enlisted military personnel and received the same benefits we might get rid of party politics. There is no reason for us to have a large Federal government.

    • come and take it

      we don’t need term limits, we just need to take away the salaries, the benefits, and the perks.

  • GuardianColossus

    Here are 5 reasons why a ‘Con Con’ is a FOOL’S ERRAND:.

    – Mandatory federal spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid already eat up 100% of tax receipts (every other dime the government needs to operate must be borrowed or printed); mandatory spending is statutorily required to grow to meet ever-expanding need. ‘Balance’ would require unsustainable taxes.

    – Amendment proponents claim states, such as Georgia, balance their budgets annually and the federal government should do likewise. They ignore the fact that Georgia ‘balances’ its budget only by accepting more than $10 Billion in federal money each year and always seeks every possible means to take more. Federal ‘balance’ would force a reversal in the flow of these funds, racking up massive state deficits likely with attendant bankruptcies and unsustainable taxes.

    – Congress is still Constitutionally responsible to ‘coin money and regulate its value at fixed standards of weight and measure’ (Article I, Section 8). Article I, Section 10, though directed at the States, precludes making ‘anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts’. Yet without an Amendment, congress passed in 1913 a law delegating this responsibility to a private corporation, the Federal Reserve. Subsequent unconstitutional legislation replaced our metal money with paper bank notes. Thanks to legalized ‘fractional reserve’ practices, banks today create our currency (‘Federal Reserve Notes’) only by
    issuing debt via loans, literally printing it out of thin air based on the recipient’s commitment to repay it. In this system, currency to pay the interest is NOT created with the initial debt; thus, additional currency for interest payment can be created only through creation of even more debt! This system is unsustainable and ‘balancing’ it would generate an economic collapse.

    – Amendment proponents likewise obfuscate the fact that the federal government is right now Constitutionally limited (Article I, Section 8) to operate in only 17 areas of authority. The reason spending is out of control is because the federal government has expanded its own powers – and grown itself – far beyond these Constitutional limits, operating dozens of unauthorized – but ‘legalized’ – departments and programs, not least of which are those agencies collecting and redistributing what has become ‘mandatory
    spending’. Words added to a document this government already ignores must prove equally worthless.

    – As for the Constitutional Convention’s proponents denying that once formed, the delegates will lose control, know this: The first Constitutional convention’s mission was to amend the Articles of Confederation, which – though it was sufficient to get us through the War of Independence and 4 years of peace and prosperity beyond it – they threw out wholesale. In its place, we have a document whose separation of powers has been thwarted and its checks and balances to the abuse of powers neutered.

    • Sonny Shaw

      Our best course is to support President Trump’s efforts in draining the Swamp literally!

      • come and take it

        our best course is to remove that orange big-gov’t liberal and replace him with a constitutional conservative.

  • Susan

    * We also need to take the financial incentive away – NO pensions for congress, NO perks, and limit salary increases to 3% or less.
    * Get rid of lifetime appointments. Several Supreme Court Justices should be retired by now. The older U R the more meds U take the increased chance it affect the decision making ability.
    * Repeal 17th Amendment – the popular vote of Senators. Prior to this amendment Senators were appointed by the States to represent the states (States Rights) as the United States are made up of unified or “united states”. We are no longer getting “state” representation. The Senate has become a second House of Representatives.
    * Limit the number of House representatives. There are way to many people there to get anything done – bloated government.
    I could go on – but I won’t. U get the picture – our government is failing us. At the time our constitution was written, it was unheard of for people to spend decades in office. In fact, you were nominated to serve – an honor. You served then went back home to resume your life… so someone else could also receive that honor.
    What we have now is a bunch of criminals in our govt – it needs to be purged. They have outed themselves as leakers and back stabbers who are more interested in their political agenda than what is best for AMERICA-the UNITED STATES.

  • Really, No REALLY?

    I am all for this as long as the convention’s voters are not dominated by NY and CA delegates. If that happens then we will all be peeing in communal bathrooms, fined for flying the American Flag and be assigned designated safe spaces….

    • sweptarea

      You’re shortsighted. Or haven’t read/don’t understand, the Constitution. The 50 states must approve any changes by a 3/4 majority (that’s 38 states for the math-challenged reading this). Therein lies the safeguard you have so blithely ignored.

      • empiresentry

        It takes very little to have a majority of Dems add to existing laws. In some cases, they did this as a ‘Rule’ and Trump is now removing them one by one.

  • 100marymich

    In 1788 James Madison expressed grave concerns about calling another constitution convention, saying:
    “Having witnessed the difficulties and dangers experienced by the first Convention which assembled under every propitious circumstance, I should tremble for the Second, meeting in the present temper of America, and under all the disadvantages I have mentioned.”
    No to a Convention of States .. and NO to any form of Con-Con!

    • sweptarea


      • 100marymich

        sweptarea – My how eloquent and knowledgeable —- You Are Not!

      • 100marymich

        sweptara – My how eloquent and knowledgeable – You Are Not!

  • Sane_Person37

    Yes, the feds have way too much power. The proof is what obama was able to do to damage the country so much in every way imaginable.

    • come and take it

      the feds only have the power we the people give them.

      the problem is not the federal officials, it’s the morons who elect them.

      • highlatte

        Elected officials are the problem as well; when you are so willing to be a borderline psycho/sociopath you are to blame. Don’t give them a pass.

        • come and take it

          properly vet them and understand their past and principles.

          if they behave poorly in office, remove them. all of that falls to the voters.

      • Sane_Person37

        To some extent. obama went beyond the Constitution and no one called him on it. Lawless.

        • come and take it


          people called him on it left and right, and i hoped that the moron voters would have learned a lesson and gone back to constitutional conservatism.

          instead they chose liberal, big-gov’t populism, and right now there are grand plans to continue operating beyond the constitution in the form of trumpcare.

          • Sane_Person37

            That is what I was saying. The republicans pretty much rubber stamped everything obama. never went after holder, rice, lerner, and others. Nothng but lip service and useless hearings. And now as you say they’re not getting out of the HC business which means it will eventually end up single payer. We can vote, 50% of us seem to be morons and the rest of is don’t often get the chance to vote for constitutional conervatives.

          • come and take it

            stop voting republican and send them a letter letting them know you won’t be supporting anything but conservatives constitutionalists going forward. i do that ever time the send me a letter begging me for money.

            vote for conservative independents from this point forward. do not vote for cheeto jesus and his ilk any longer. it’s the only way to fix the problem, and yes the leftists may win a few elections till the rest of the morons figure it out, but very often it has to get worse before it can get better.

      • Max Kronader

        Communist, anti-American defender of DC establishment corruption.

        • come and take it

          “Communist, anti-American defender of DC establishment corruption.” – Max Kronader

          haha! this is hilarious…stereotypical trumphumper response when you’re unable to reply with something of substance to counter a point you don’t like…roll with the name calling.

          place labels that don’t fit on people you know nothing about simply because they point out the obvious and you don’t like it. classic.

          best part is you’ve put your name on it and it’s out there for everyone to see. all they’ll have to do is quick google search of your name and there it is for anyone to see.


          i went ahead and quoted it just in case, after sobering up this morning, you try to go back in and delete it.

          $10 bucks says this happens again somewhere else in this thread.

  • Rex70

    This is great news, a very worthwhile initiative.

  • lavenia sylvia

    Excellent suggestion.

  • Iron ranger

    I’ve been waiting for this since Bush II, this is the only way to safe guard our republic from the dangers of the leftwing communist wacko’s, who will empower evil people to eliminate all our freedoms. We are the last country on the planet that has the level of freedoms we do. GET ON WITH THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS! FAST!!

  • Kay Crawford

    restrict govt power, thats is what we need. Our presidents think they can pick up a pen and phone and they know better than all of us what we need.

    • come and take it

      thank the trumpanzees for continuing the tradition.

  • blabman77

    by the way she stated that fox news is to blame for the shooter

  • blabman77

    exactly, never mind that she is incompetent.

  • disqus_S5pN5187fx

    I would also add retirement and medical benefits for both houses is exactly the same as what civil service employees currently get. Not the lavish plans they voted for themselves. They should all be on Obama care until it is replaced and then be on the replacement plan.

  • blabman77

    I am totally for curbing Washington’s power. but, while we are doing this
    , lets have term limits on congress just like there are on the president. they stay too long and lose touch with their constituency. the lobbies influence them and the only time they show signs or our recognition is at re-
    election time.

    • Deplorable Jackphatz

      Yep. Why is it only Congress Critters and Senators are the only ones with out restrictions…don’t need to answer.

      • come and take it

        they have restrictions…their called constituents. if the aren’t doing what their constituents want, they can be removed with a simple vote.

        it’s how america works.

        love it or leave irr.

        • Deplorable Jackphatz

          And that’s working out swimmingly well all over the country..,.John McCain comes to mind.

          • come and take it

            it’s working out exactly how the founders of this (the freest country that has ever existed) designed it to work….the people of AZ want him as their rep.

            just because you and i don’t like it doesn’t mean we have any right to tell them who they can or can’t have as their senator. that’s the kind of stuff that goes on in autocracies.

            this is america…get with the program.

          • Max Kronader

            As an Arizonan I can attest that your statement is pure BS. McCain and the local old boy network make it clear that they will do everything in their power to destroy the political future of anyone who runs against him in the primaries, and have done so often enough to make it no idle threat. Then when McCain wins the primary due to lack of real opposition, the old boy networks shrieks about how horrible it would be to have a D instead of an R win the seat, so people hold their noses and vote McCain. Similar stories apply to every long term incumbent. It is a thoroughly rigged system to overwhelmingly favor the incumbent. If you think this is what the founders intended, you should sue every American History teacher you ever had for gross negligence.

          • come and take it

            if the people of AZ didn’t want mccain they wouldn’t let personal attacks by mccain’s group stop them from voting for opposition in the primary and then booting him out of office.

            mccain is in office because the people of AZ gave him the votes and nothing more. dave brat is proof that statement is indeed a fact, whether you or i like it or not or you want to claim otherwise.

            the “system is rigged” is the trumpanzee battle-cry (because they can’t stand on merit or principles) and can be proven tme and again to not be true. the system is not rigged, the voters are morons.

            it’s the same reason we got trump, and it’s why people are moving away from constitutional conservatism and down the road to failure of populism.

          • Max Kronader

            I get it. You either personally benefit from the swamp remaining intact, or otherwise have a vested interest in preserving the old boy network. You wrap yourself in a false mantle of Constitutional patriotism, and imply that those who wish to abolish the corruption and election rigging you defend are somehow un-American. People like you are why patriots want term limits.

          • come and take it

            how on earth did you come up with that conclusion? that is a stereo-typical, knee-jerk trumpanzee reaction when you’ve got nothing of substance to back your point.

            i’m not implying anything. i’m pointing out that those who’d choose populism over the constitution to abolish corruption and alledged election rigging are exactly un-american. you are making my point for me, and it appears you don’t even realize it.

            so patriots want term limits, huh? the founders didn’t want term limit or else it would have been written into the constitution. does that mean they aren’t patriots? cuz that’s basically what you just said.

          • Max Kronader

            You are an anti-American, anti-Trumper establishment troll. I am done with you.

          • come and take it

            “You are an anti-American, anti-Trumper establishment troll. I am done with you.” -Max Kronader

            haha, that was quite a performance there last night, Max.

            yeah brah, after a public meltdown like that i’d run off an hide too. you’ve done enough damage to your name for one evening.

          • andrew moore

            Not really…..since Arizona is filled with illegals I am sure they are voting at the polls as well just like the demoncraps and McCain want them to.

        • Really, No REALLY?

          Simple vote? How can that happen if their districts are continually redrawn in their favor.

          • come and take it

            if enough constituents across the state want them out, it won’t matter what the lines are… they’re out.

    • GroverMax

      Pelosi is a great example. The single biggest reason she’s the House minority leader…she brings in the most money. The current system allows big business to buy influence at the expense of the voters.

      • RedemptionRidge

        Exactly. The rep from Arkansas District 4 (my rep) Bruce Westerman’s campaign war chest was filled by people outside the state of Arkansas. Only 39% of his campaign funds came from inside the state. Who’s buying my congressman?

        • empiresentry

          Same for the Dim Candidate in Georgia
          Media Mutters, soros etc are trying to buy their way
          and if you are a Clinton, then a significant portion of your campaign contributions came from overseas

          • RedemptionRidge

            Westerman is a Republican, btw.

        • come and take it

          so why don’t the people vote him out?

          • RedemptionRidge

            Because no one wants to run

          • come and take it

            then how will a term limit help?

        • Kathleen Burns Griggs

          That matter is something you can address within your State, and something to which we ALL should be paying very close attention and dealing with. Term limits at the federal Congressional level is something the CoS has on its slate of matters that need dealt with. I would suggest that everyone look very, very closely at exactly who is contributing to in-State Legislators’ campaigns, too. Campaign finance reform, at all levels, has also, in my opinion, become something we can no longer just throw our hands up in the air in frustration about; we need to stop telling our Legislators to “fix” it and start holding their feet to the fire and, if they won’t amend this themselves, make it crystal clear that WE will do it ourselves.

          • RedemptionRidge

            Until campaign finance regulations are changed and term limits imposed, politicians will continue to be bought off by interests outside their constituency.

          • Roger Oesterling

            National campaign finance reform should use the NCAA model for all national political positions. All national political parties must have their candidates register with the National Political Association (NPA). Broadcast of national political events must be exclusively awarded by the NPA by bid to the highest broadcast media bidder for each NPA event. Media coverage of a national candidate is not allowed. National political candidates are not allowed to speak on media programs other than NPA events. This could totally reform national campaign financing.

          • Johnny Mountain

            That would be unconstitutional.

          • Johnny Mountain

            Buying off polititions is protected speech according to the Supreme Court.

          • andrew moore

            but praying in school is not….

          • Scotty

            Well then, the scotus got this one wrong.

        • andrew moore

          Only problem is you cannot just open one or two articles up for amending. You must open up the entire Constitution for amendment….which means your right to religious freedom and your right to bare arms will also be open for amendment at the same time…..And what has washington politicians been trying to do for the last decade or so? Gun control and gay rights.

          • Opinionsgiven

            absolutely correct!

          • Gene Autry

            Well, I for one, would not want to go through a Constitutional convention with the present attitude of politicians in both parties. I can envision the total destruction of the constitution after it’s opened up. Butcher it here. Butcher it there. Throw it in the can.

          • andrew moore

            You are exactly right….and you must be very weary of forked tongued politicians talking about opening it up for amendment….they may be leading us to slaughter all while talking a good game.

          • Hi Bob

            A Convention of States to amend the Constitution comes from the state legislators. The whole Constitution is not ‘opened’ up for amending. Article 5 requires 2/3 (33 of 50) of the states to convene and 3/4 (38 of 50) of the states to ratify a specific Amendment(s). More changes mean it is less likely for a convention to happen…..let alone it would be the first ever! I say this because I do not see as much vitriol at the state level as seen on the federal. At this current time Republicans control more state governments than in the past. We do not need CA, NY, VT, MA, PA, CO, NH…..etc!

      • come and take it

        should the residents of the people’s republic of CA not be free to choose who they want to represent them?

        that doesn’t sound very american.

        • GroverMax

          I didn’t mention anything about who the people of CA choose? I specifically mentioned her position as House Minority Leader, a position held by whichever Dem. Congressman raises the most $cash…

          • come and take it

            uh, you did…you mentioned pelosi in response to blabman’s comment about term limits.

          • GroverMax

            I talked about the position she convived her way into once she arrived in Congress. You were blathering on about whether or not the people in her State had the right to elect her. Two completely different discussions. Please do try to keep up. Then again, if you’re a Pelosi voter I suppose you’re doing the best you can.

          • come and take it

            tee hee hee!!

        • Scotty

          People’s republic of CA…. VERY funny! And totally correct.

      • Johnny Mountain

        Add to the list Grassley, McCain , Shumer, Hatch , McConnel , Conyers, Graham , and many other lifers on both sides of the aisle.

      • Scotty

        True, but that’s only because the lunatics in SF keep gifting us with her. If SF got hit by a NK nuke, l would be lmao. SF has nothing whatsoever to do with America anymore, but they ARE a prime example of everything that’s wrong with America.

        • Chris U

          yeah they protect illegal alien killers and $hit on Whites.

    • Chris Tegge

      Term limits for congressmen are on the agenda for constitutional amendments, it’s in their site

    • Max Kronader

      Along with term limits we need limits on congressional staffers. Often the same old insider apparatchiks simply groom any newly elected representatives into the establishment mold. That is why new firebrands so often turn into old-boy network swamprats after only 2-3years in office.

      • Really, No REALLY?

        I agree, Three terms for Congress and lower the Senator’s terms to 4 years and limit them to 2 terms.
        …along with a separate non-partisan accounting entity that is run by states that surveys and realigns all districts on a 5 year schedule. This could be done from a states Census.

        • come and take it

          why not just let the states’ voters penalize their reps on their own for missing votes?

          why should we force anyone to vote on something they don’t want to vote on?

          do we still want freedom in this country or not? have you ever read the constitution and seen how and why the founders designed it this way??

          • Really, No REALLY?

            In case you don’t know, they can choose Yes, No, and Abstain. if you don’t want to vote, choose abstain. Then you haven’t “Missed” a vote. Paying these clowns a salary and free healthcare to not do their jobs is just stupid.
            Keeping the same partisan entities redrawing the voting districts in their favor is the reason we have 10-15 term Congressional leaches.

          • come and take it

            right, and that’s all public record, right?

            so if the constituents see their officials doing that, guess what they can do?

            if enough constituents want them out, the lines won’t matter.

            again, the problem is not the system or the way it can be manipulated, it’s the dumbass voters.

          • Scotty

            If a representative misses a vote and it wasn’t because a family member was in the hospital, that representative should have some serious explaining to do. We’re paying this guy stupid money to represent us, right? Let’s hold them as accountable as any boss would any employee.

          • Scotty

            Weren’t they hired to read the bills, balance them against their constituents concerns and then VOTE? Seems to me if they don’t do exactly that, then they’re not performing their jobs to the expectations of their bosses (us) and should be fired and replaced.

      • come and take it

        yes, let’s have the federal gov’t limit everything we do, comrade.

        • Max Kronader

          I think you miss the point completely. I was discussing the people limiting the government, not the other way around.

          • come and take it

            that government is already limited…by the vote and the constitution.

            you don’t want the government telling you who you can and can’t vote for.

            who missed the point?

    • heretheycomeagain

      Great idea, of course, but the villains in this plot we are all witnessing ain’t the politicians. They are a mere reflection of us. As Pogo once famously said: we have met the enemy and it is us.
      When we change the government will change––and not until.
      And while you and others may well disagree, the only way we will change is for each one of us to turn back to God who we have long abandoned. The exodus was led by the bishops of the Catholic Church in the mid 1960’s. All others have since followed. We are now being led by the Satanic media.

      • John Petersen

        Many will slam your comments here, but you are 100% correct. The enemy is the people, and the biggest cause is that they truely believe they are the final authorities. They believe there is no athourity and rules above themselves, that they are accountable only to their evil desires. In their minds they are above Mother Nature, God, Laws of the Universe and all other descriptions of the infinitely superior entity that we humans are all in fact totally subservient to. Even churches think and act like this while fraudlently using the concept of God to collect money for themselves and conducting “missions” in countries of evil people under the false pretense of saving those who do not want to be saved and will not be saved. In this regard the churches are fraudlently usurping the position of God. It is a sham. They use the concept of God as an instrument to manipulate people for their own edification and gain, all the while never realizing that God really does exist. The further this goes with the liberals and the false “believers” the closer we get to a reckoning.

        • heretheycomeagain

          Well said! I couldn’t agree with you more. And the leaders who have been taking us in this diabolical direction (IMHO) are the bishops of the Catholic Church. I say that as a faithful Catholic (albeit traditional Catholic) which completely eschews all of the nonsense that you had mentioned.

          BTW, the people believe they are the final authority because the media has led them to believe that. They have convinced many good and decent people that, Satan is a fiction and that God, while He may exist, doesn’t care what we do.

          I’m not sure how Donald Trump plays into all this, but despite the fact that he’s a thrice married Protestant, he is paying far more attention to what God is asking of us than the current pope and modern bishops. I see him as the chosen person of God to lead us in the right direction, now that we have been abandoned by our earthly shepherds.

          But you’re right as rain that most people have their minds completely closed to this kind of thinking. And as President Trump would say, sad.

          • come and take it

            then vote them out…

            why is that concept so foreign to americans today?

          • Max Kronader

            The concept is clear. However we don’t have a very large supply of billionaires willing to be demonized by every prominent member of government to vote for. And that us what it takes to stand a chance of victory if you are not in line with the R or D party apparatchiks. It has been my experience that only the aforementioned party apparatchiks wrap themselves in the flag to oppose measures to reform DC.

          • come and take it


            was dave brat a billionaire? you know who he is, right? go ahead, google the name.

            if brat can do it in this day an age, anyone can. the voters just have to be smart enough to not fall for big-gov’t, liberal, populist messages like cheeto jesus laid on them and vote on principle.

            it’s the only way for things to change.

            but for that to happen a lot of people have to come to the realization that they’ve were suckered in, got wrapped up in what they wanted him to be (like the obama voters did), and they supported the wrong guy.

            no one wants to do that, and it’ll take time. but there is hope…if you read some of the comments around here the smarter ones are already starting to realize it – you can see it in their comments.

    • sweptarea

      Term limits would obviously be one topic the Amendment Convention would deal with, blab.

    • come and take it

      you want the federal gov’t to tell you who can and can’t be your representative?

      that doesn’t sound like freedom to me.

      if the people don’t want them they can vote them out. it’s that simple.

      • Max Kronader

        Liar, swamprat, corrupt anti-American globalist.

        • come and take it

          “Liar, swamprat, corrupt anti-American globalist.” -Max Kronader

          heh heh, i say you’re on a roll but it’s just the same thing over and over.

          keep showing everyone your ability to counter a point you don’t like with critical thinking skills and substance.

          or prove me right and keep responding with the same standard trumpanzee-isms that you guys always go with.

          your choice, but remember Max, erbody can see.

          • Max Kronader

            Exactly my point. Demonstrating absurdity by being absurd. Nonsense over and over is annoying, isn’t it? Its what it sounds like listening to your attempts at claiming the current rigged old boy network is a shining example of just what the founding fathers intended for our republic.

          • come and take it

            i thought you were done, cupcake?

    • A marcus Young

      Do not let ANY of these organized criminals anywhere near our Constitution. We will fight to the last man to prevent it.

      • highlatte

        The Democratic Party and their main supporter, George Soros, should be no where need the US Constitution; communists and fascists. Stalins sheep and comrades. The whole “Russia” sham re Trump is trumped up by the Marxists progressives; obfuscation.

      • mkdavis

        I’m with the COS and you are full of crap. The COS is grass roots movement and it’s the only way we will curb the power of the Federal Govt.

    • Kathleen Burns Griggs

      I completely agree! Lobbies, in and of themselves, are not, in general, a bad thing; they can, and some do, serve the interests of us plain, old folks dedicatedly and well. Where a substantial portion of the “grassroots” lobbies are hamstrung, though, is in the money competition compared to corporate-funded lobbies. Now, that’s not to say that every single corporate-interest lobby is bad for the common good of the American people as a whole but their “war chests” are usually far, far better funded than anything that is sparked at the grassroots level and that can unbalance the scales badly. And, this is something I know firsthand because about 30-ish years ago I did work for a grassroots lobby housed on Mass. Ave. in D.C.

    • DrSheilahere

      Blabman, totally agree. Those jobs are a cash cow for these people. If it weren’t, they would be long gone. The problem now is they have no idea what to do outside of pontificating; insider trading; spending tax dollars; and, leeching on the perks.

    • neil barron

      The term limits are the priority of the Convention of States the rest is as it comes.

    • ^^^^THIS^^^^

    • Johnny Mountain

      12 year maximum for Congress and Senate and the Supreme Court . 8 years for President.

    • Focal Plane Images

      I don’t disagree with the conclusions you make…But term limits are not the correct answer. Term limits will transfer the power from individual lawmakers, to the party bosses. Seats will rotate from one liberal to another or one conservative to another. The parties will become even more out of touch. Instead we need to change the way our legislative districts are drawn and we need to return the Senate to the states, eliminating the 17th Amendment. These two Constitutional changes would go much further than term limits.

  • KajunTex

    The Washington Elitist political class hear only their own voices inside of their echo chamber—–They are all in a death fear of the Left-Wing controlled MSM

    • come and take it

      what do the voters who elect and re-elect the elitist class hear?