Dartmouth College Professor to Fund Far-Left Antifa Organization

FILE–In this March 12, 2012 file photo, students walk across the Dartmouth College campus green in Hanover, N.H. Authorities said Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017, that three Dartmouth psychology professors are under criminal investigation for allegations of sexual misconduct. The previous week the college said the professors were put on paid leave and had their access to campus restricted due to allegations of “serious misconduct.” The college later told authorities it had received allegations of sexual misconduct. (AP Photo/Jim Cole, File)

November 8, 2017
OAN Newsroom

A professor at Dartmouth College and avid Antifa supporter announced his intent to fund radical leftist violence.

Mark Bray announced that half of the proceeds from his new book called “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” will go directly to the far-left group.

This comes after Dartmouth administration officials condemned his fascination with the organization’s harmful cause.

Critics said his recent book openly advocates for the use of physical violence against people with opposing political viewpoints.

For example, one line in his book reads, “In truth, violence represents a small though vital sliver of anti-fascist activity.”

Critics said Bray also denies the right to free speech to who he calls “fascists.”

The president of Dartmouth College has previously condemned the lecturer for his support of Antifa, and said that the support of violent protests is not something that represents his college.

  • James Hurley

    that boys days are numbered.

  • Melissa McShane

    I’m willing to bet that many of these nutty professors were nerds and bullied in school. Majority of them teach liberal arts and I wonder how nutty they would be if the US started to revamp its University system by cutting out core liberal arts courses and pushing trade schools and apprenticeships. This professor is pushing hate.

  • Pat S.

    Probably not, they are so caught up in their own self importance that anything said would would fall on deaf ears. They are the only ones who know what’s best for everyone else. Now on the other hand wouldn’t it be fun to give it a shot!

  • sillystring

    It seems that this headline is missing a word. I’m pretty sure it should read “Former Dartmouth…”

  • MIke 54

    Just get rid of this jack of#. He won’t be missed.

  • MisterSandman

    If any of these little antifa peons commit violence that can be linked to the book, throw the professor’s arse in jail for incitement. Problem solved…and there’s precedent from the SCOTUS:
    Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969)…the authored majority opinion stated the following:
    “the constitutional guarantees of free speech and free press do not permit a State to forbid or proscribe advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”
    The book clearly incites and encourages law violation and violence, find one of these peabrains committing lawless acts and when it comes to light that they own a copy of the book, prosecute.

  • Bobby Green

    Oh goodness the president condemned the lecturer. Wow that’s pretty strong words. How about firing the SOB and let him go permanently to join the antifa group. He is teaching the minds of the next generation and when of his students graduate and think he’s a moron I guess he’ll be expected to be wiped out. No discussion, no debate. I’m right, and you’re screwed up so you need to be eradicated.

  • Mike

    So fire him…what’s holding you back Mr. President of Dartmouth College? I thought higher learning institutions had zero tolerance against hate groups on campus. Ohhh…retribution…why of course.

  • Roe Skidmore

    Arrest and prosecute Mark Bray to the fullest extent of the law for his treason.

  • pam

    It amazes and astounds me that these antifa people are actually the fascists and have not a shred of selfawareness. And I cannot wait to read this fool’s book no one said ever!

  • Varangian Guard

    Allegedly the DHS has labeled Antifa orgs as domestic terror groups.
    Wouldn’t this preclude him from teaching?
    It transcends free speech with violence.
    Just sayin’, colleges have fired conservatives for far less. With no investigation or evidence in fact.

  • Terry

    So why not allow several thousand American Patriots the right to visit Dartmouth and pull a “Berkley Style” protest and then allow this Communist Professor and his Minions to defend their position?

  • Dan Taylor

    Where’s Joe McCarthy when you really need him???

  • Rich Jenkins

    “The president of Dartmouth College has previously condemned the lecturer for his support of Antifa, and said that the support of violent protests is not something that represents his college.”

    So condemn him out the door. Otherwise Dartmouth is party to it.

  • Leo Smith

    Funding Terrorism is illegal. Someone either arrest him or hang him from a tree.

  • Eddie

    “Critics said his recent book openly advocates for the use of physical violence against people with opposing political viewpoints.” so if it is good for them, its good for me. hope to see one of you snowflakes soon!! 🙂

  • iamme3

    No different that someone supporting and donating to the KKK. Both are racist violent organizations that want to stop speech they do not agree with.

    • sillystring

      There is a slight difference. Not that I support either group, but I’m pretty sure the KKK doesn’t advocate violent overthrow of the duly elected government of our country.

  • Carroll Osteen

    Dartmouth . FIRE this anti American scum ! Alumnus , withdraw your support !

  • Widl Man

    What a dumbphuk this jackass is.

  • ginjit.dw

    As long as the administration “condemned” him, then ok, he can continue to brainwash their students. I bet they “condemned ” him in the strongest terms.They probably double “condemned” him.
    It’s like all the anti weinstein propaganda using “sickened” and “disgusts”. No one buys this crap either. It’s PR…but really BS..

  • JohnGalt11

    Fire him or put his pic up for all, and I mean ALL, to see.
    Then see how long he lasts once he’s outside of his little ‘safe place’ of Dartmouth.
    This guy is engaged in felonious behavior, funds felonious behavior, preaches felonious behavior. And he walks free.
    This is exactly how the Nazis started in Germany. Remember that ‘Nazi’ is an abbreviated form of National Socialist Party…with emphasis on ‘Socialist’. The police in Germany didn’t stop them when they broke the law and we know what happened next – they became the law.
    There is a revolution coming in America. For once the institutions responsible for the citizenry’s safety stops doing it’s job, anarchy, vigilantism and revolution follows.
    Enforce the laws. All of them! Or we all suffer.

  • jilgavvent

    Fire his ass and he can do his dirty deeds full time! His book an desire is anarchy, traitorous and lawless! He needs to be in mental institution!

  • antiliberal00

    Well considering that the government has documented meetings between ANTIFA and ISIS, this should put them in the same boat as ISIS as enemy combatants. Anyone providing material support to either one should be executed for high treason, including those in the swamp that fund them and protect them.
    This should also be applied to the hollywood trash that supports them as well

  • marcthepig

    The alumni need to shut the money spigot. That usually solves these problems.

  • Brad

    These groups have plenty of training for the last eight years not to mention the leadership provided by killary and obummer. We need to fight harder to take back our country and rid this land of the likes of these self proclaimed anarchist and colleges who support same.

  • Tim maher

    I think the first time someone is injured at a riot funded be him, he should be arrested and held strictly liable for any and all damages.

    • Scott Henke

      Same with the New York Times for the little ad stunt they pulled last week. Sadly, some judge will classify Antifa as a “movement”, just like BLM, and dismiss the suit.

  • Jane Tarzan

    Dartmouth fire this man now! He is advocating hatred and violence and you don’t find this a firing offense?

  • Ric Peek

    God bless America bacon bacon bacon DOGS JESUS LOVES YOU MERRY CHRISTMAS! That being said @Mark Bray please look towards my facebook page. @RicPeek I dont think you realize that our brand of violence to be inflicted upon you and your traitorous trash will be far more damaging than anything you could even imagine. Your addresses families addresses schools and favorite hangouts are being distributed nationwide. Stop your vile rhetoric against solid American people or leave this country . You have been warned

  • Expat47

    Where’s the DoJ on all this? Isn’t “inciting to violance” still a no-no in the US?

    • Scott Henke

      Not since 2008.

      • JohnGalt11

        That’s funny.

  • tully bascomb

    Patriot Act, funding of known terrorist organizations is a felony.
    DHS where areeeee you?


    Antifa – ISIS alliance ! And all the leftists support it !

    • chatty cathy

      You’re right. They do. Have bottle fed them from get go. Scripture tells us these things would happen. Still astonishing to watch these things happen. Hate funding hate.

  • chatty cathy

    Oh. My. Gosh. Arrest this person for funding a ‘hate’ group. What the heck?! There’s so clearly an attempt to change everything we ever thought or believed about our nation upside down and inside out! Just so disturbing.

  • mark abby

    So, using his own handbook rules, would it then be OK with him if people kicked his ass for his opposing views?

    • MisterSandman

      Yes, is the logical answer.
      Neolibs will say ‘no’ because ‘it’s different.’

  • D0n T-rump

    I welcome the physical violence against my political point of view. Thats when I can legally start shooting!

  • Letmesay

    Why do colleges hire ignorant liberals then say ” this is not what their college represent”, when the liberals show their true colors.

    • Scott Henke

      PR damage control.

  • Donald York

    This bottom feeding creep probably dons the black mask himself. They are all cowards.

  • pajamakat

    It’s going to be a fun time when the “students” turn against the “professor” for saying one teeny thing that they don’t like. It is coming. The snowflakes are more left than the snowmen. Oops. I mean snowpeople.

  • 210’s

    Antifa, Ha that’s like Bernie Madoff heading up a group called Anti-fraud.

  • 210’s

    You’d think a college professor would know what fascism is and also that Trump is the opposite of a fascist.

    • Scott Henke

      Read “The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza or “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg.

  • Fidgets

    It starts younger than that – why wouldn’t it. Right down into the elementary schools. The liberals have been waging war on this country and a stop must MUST be put to it.


    Fire him. Don’t just say he dosent represent Dartmouth College. Fire him. He is openly advocating violence against law abiding American citizens.

    • All American

      Poisoning the minds of our youth and sealing their fate

  • Ken Jones

    If even 3/4 of the parents would pull their kids out of Dartmouth he would be gone in a second. There is no way I would pay the amount of money they want to allow one of my kids to hear a jerk like him teach!

    • Scott Henke

      That’s sort of happened at The University of Missouri. They’ve seen a steady decline in enrollment since the protests a couple years ago.

  • Wolfman (kafir harbi)

    Gee, Mr Dartmouth College President. How about firing this “professor”. Or are you gonna wait until one of your students dies because you refused to step in. What a wuss.

    • All American

      The college can be sued for negligence. I am sure a class action suit would encourage this radicals termination.

  • Flagfriend

    “The president of Dartmouth College has previously condemned the lecturer for his support of Antifa, and said that the support of violent protests is not something that represents his college.”

    Of course it represents your college – you have the “professor” in question employed there!! This college president is another example of someone thinking if they tell a lie long enough, it will eventually become the truth.

    If this professor, who advocates violence against those with differing beliefs, doesn’t represent the views of your institution, then he should have been canned the moment his book was cracked open the evidence of this ideology was discovered.

    “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions” 2 Timothy 4:3.

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

  • Justin McCarthy

    bring it on antifa we patiently wait . you will dissolve faster than you rose

    • All American

      True this

  • Charles

    If he really wants to help them out, he would set up a burial trust fund. The money will be needed, if they turn violent toward American citizens.

    • All American

      And the college has responsibility

      • Charles

        All liberal colleges are responsible for the radicalization of our young college students. This has been in fill swing for the past 20 yrs. a least.

        • All American

          My question is: Why aren’t parents acting to file suit against these establishments?

          • Charles

            This is the problem. When I came from my tour in the Army. There were protests going on all over the country. They were primarily college students; hence academics. Now they are in charge of the government, military and institutions of higher learning. Maybe that will shed some light on this issue.

          • All American

            Thank you for your Service 🇺🇸
            They are not yet in charge but it is their goal. American Patriots will never allow them to take charge but the swamp is deep for sure👍🏻There are more of us than there are of “them.”
            🇺🇸United We Stand

        • All American

          The solution = choices: Christian Schools, Magnet Schools, Schools for the Gifted, Tech Schools, Trade Schools and Constitutionalist Colleges.

          • Charles

            Very true, but we need many more of these institutions.

          • All American

            Betsy DeVos is supposed to facilitate this.

  • Ed L

    It is amazing and stupid that these people who put there name out that they are supporting or going to support a terrorist organization are putting themselves in danger from people who despise people like this Dartmouth professor. Not to mention our Federal Government and other governments who say antifa are terrorist

  • Dell Wilber

    I’d like to see a clash between Antifa and the Hell’s Angels….

    • Harly

      I got $ on HA

      • Wolfman (kafir harbi)

        Easy money. After beating them senseless they could take them for a ride tied to a rope about 20′ behind the bike.

    • Scott Henke

      Ever look up pictures of Bikers for Trump members staring down Bernie and Hillary supporters?

  • Robert E Lee

    Hang him!

  • All American

    Meryl Streep’s alma mater

  • Victro La

    Hard to believe this guy is actually still on the payroll and hasn’t been relieved yet

  • fatboy46

    must be ‘tenured’.. As a Constitutionalist- I must allow his freedom to believe as he does and for him to support his beliefs. I find it repugnant that Dartmouth will permit anyone on staff to support and advocate the violence and terrorism that ANTIFA creates.He might as well support ISIS.

    • sillystring

      He is welcome to support his beliefs, but he should not be immune to the consequences of supporting a group that calls for the violent overthrow of the duly elected government of our country. I’m pretty sure that amounts to sedition and is treasonous in time of war.

  • Bogeygolfer

    If congress voted to name ANTIFA a terrorist group, I wonder how many Democrats would vote for it. Probably not many as they’d fear losing votes from those ANTIFA members.

  • facevalue

    The only problem with America today is the leftist agenda. Democrats run all the Cities with the highest crime rates.. They spew hate and blame everyone else.. AKA Hillary Clinton syndrome… What else is there to say..?..

    • Scott Henke

      Yes! There is no demographic I have less tolerance for than white liberals with the “white guilt” complex. They’re the ones who turn everything into an issue and shut down all dissent, then blame their opponents for the problems they caused.

  • Louis Whitestone

    It is WAY past time for all the conservatives in this Country to ‘Lock & Load’.

    • Ken Jones

      Locked and loaded!

      • All American


  • lulubelle7893

    Paid leave? Fire him.

  • GeneralMayhem

    The gradual takeover of this country by communists continues. This needs to be called what it really is – communist insurgency. Senator McCarthy was spot on with his accusations. It began in his time and like a slow tide has infected most of our lives.

  • landy fincannon

    Indeed, our institutions of higher leaning.

    • Tim maher

      And Hollyweird.

  • AtomicFury

    What gets me about Anarchists and other malcontents is that the country that allows them to assemble is the one they’re out to destroy.

    Let that sink in for a moment.

    • turnipweed

      They’re not satisfied with the country, but which country would they like to model it after?

      • Fidgets

        Who cares? Whatever country they want to use as a model – they would not be happy with that either. We are talking about people with mental problems. We are talking about sociopaths who’s only concern is themselves and the attention they can get. They are inhuman and revel in that.

      • Scott Henke

        I’ve been told Denmark.

        • turnipweed

          Denmark? Where income taxes are 55-60%, and sales tax is 25%? Where consumer goods are 15% higher than the USA? Where your daughter can be fined for pepper spraying a Muslim rapist? Where the suicide and cancer rate are twice that of the USA? That Denmark?

          • Scott Henke

            Yes, THAT Denmark. My most liberal cousin said so, as they are supposedly the “happiest” country on Earth. Her exact words, “the government really knows how to take care of the people”. I am not making that up.

          • turnipweed

            My condolences Scott. It could have been worse, your brother, sister, or wife.

            I thank my lucky stars every day my wife and 3 kids are Conservative… though I suspect my cat may be a closet Liberal. 😀

    • Tim maher

      Shows you the mentality (or lack there of) of what we are dealing with.

      • AtomicFury

        No, it shows that my mind is my own and that I choose to support the country I call home. I know full well what we’re dealing with, but you think people like myself don’t know any better.

        You should look in the mirror tonight and ask yourself if you are following your will, or the will of others.

        • Tim maher

          Easy Scooter. I’m agreeing with you so I know you know what we are dealing with as do I. My comment was directed toward anarchists (mental midgets) who hate our country. My mind like yours is my own and I love our country as well. MAGA!!

          • AtomicFury

            My DUH! for the day. Sometimes, text on a screen doesn’t adequately convey the finer elements of face-to-face communication. Peace.

          • Tim maher

            LOL. It’s happened to me too. Sometimes it’s easy to whip out a quick response when I should have been a bit plainer with what I was saying. No problem. Let’s defeat these socialist a** holes in 2018! MAGA!

  • Jimmy O

    And Bray decides who is or is not a fascist. If he disagrees with what I am saying, I lose my first amendment rights.

    • Wolfman (kafir harbi)

      But you still retain your 2nd amendment rights.

  • landy fincannon

    Of course they’re going to distance themselves from the professor, publicly at least.
    He must have high hopes gor his book. I hope it flops.

  • Robert Adams

    Professor? Not very good at grammar. He “denies the right to free speech ‘to who’ he calls “fascists”. Shouldn’t that be “to whom” he calls “fascists”?

    • landy fincannon

      Well, shouldn’t there have been (sic) in the article as well?

      • Robert Adams

        That’s up to the editor/reporter. Stop defending the sloppiness our education system is generating.

        • landy fincannon

          I’m not defending. I thought I knew a thing or two. Oh well, I guess not. Lol

          • Robert Adams

            If you work for Farmers’ Insurance, you do. Y

          • landy fincannon


  • MIke 54

    This is the kind of POS we have teaching our children? Hey Dartmouth maybe Manson will need a job soon. Your grade school college has became a laughing stock!!

    • Scott Henke

      On a side note, Charlie Manson’s birthday is this Sunday. Same as mine!

  • Mawb

    20 years ago he would have gotten the snot beat out of him if he said half of the BS he’s spewing.

    • landy fincannon

      20 years ago he would’ve been called a 60’s radical

      • Mawb

        20 years ago was the 90’s ( unreal), and he would have not really been associated with the 60’s protesters. The 60’s protesters were all about PEACEFUL protests, not beating people and setting cars on fire.

        • landy fincannon

          Okay, you’re right. How about a product of the late 60’s. Lol.

          • Mawb

            I’m a product of the late 60’s too, but I guess that’s ok 🙂

          • landy fincannon

            Yes, but you’re one of the good guys/gals

          • Mawb

            Thanks! You’re OK yourself !

          • landy fincannon

            You’re too kind.

  • Mitrofan Poluportjankin

    its was Russian 19 century far-left groups that first proclaimed that terror was a “vital sliver” of their activity. Killed a few czarist officials. This ended up in a revolution that threw Russia into a century of suffering and misery.
    History repeats itself.

    • landy fincannon

      Yes, but those revolutionaries were well funded by the same crony-capitalists who betrayed Chang at Yalta.

  • Javanne

    Even if this guy is tenured, tenure can be revoked for criminal activities or support thereof. So, IF Dartmouth is really serious about this, they have ample evidence to can him for advocating the use of physical violence against people with opposing political viewpoints (so much for free speech – isn’t that one thing a college is supposed to stand for?) and supporting what amounts to a terrorist group. IF.

    • All American

      Child Abuse plain and simple. How old are some of these kids that the left uses as pawns??
      What does Children and Families do these days? No charges filed? Maybe this is another government agency that we can do without!

    • Tim maher

      Sadly, im pretty sure he is held out to be a hero in academic circle jerks.

  • Henry McKay

    So….is he NOT being fired for this? I’m sure if he was openly supporting the Alt-right, Far right, Vanguard America, Stormfront, The League of the South, etc that he would be crucified. The white pill is that at lest the school did “condemn” the support for Antifa.

  • PatR

    The saddest part of this is how long these professors have been instilling this hate in our children, and being highly paid to do so – unbeknownst to parents. They have simply become more blatant and vocal about it outside the classroom. Reason: enough of society has been indoctrinated that there is no longer much if anything done/said to quell such professions of anti-Americanism. They’re becoming braver because no consequences are being levied. Well planned beforehand with anti-police BLM and name-calling, separating peoples by race, beliefs, etc. If no consequences are given, it will get worse.

  • R “Britelitebob” Henry

    I guess when you have no friends it dosen’t matter how low you go as long as you sell your book, it worked for Hillary.

    • All American

      Aka Hildabeast

  • Mark Heinzen

    This clown needs to be more than just terminated from the university. He needs to be arrested and charged with attempting to violently overthrow the US Government.

  • Liberius Lucanus

    Then why is he still employed there?

  • Fidgets

    Declare them a terrorist org and have him arrested. Simple.

  • dragon lady

    I suppose if his students join Antifa they pass his course with an A. This professor? Is being allowed to sponsor a group with his earnings from a book that tells those who read it that violence against those who do not think as you is just fine and dandy. Why is he teaching? When is he going to be terminated for advocating violence?

  • JustmJustm

    Hey go the f..k ahead when they dont have freedom of speach, when they dont have gun rights
    when they CANT SAY anything bad about the government, yeay it. will be A VERY RUDE AWAKENING FOR EVRYONE AND IT WOULD BE TOO LATE!!!!

    • Tim maher

      By that time the firing squads will already be assembled.

      • JustmJustm

        You are right but these BONEHEADS dont realise
        what they are embracing……

        • Tim maher

          Sadly, you are correct.

  • Ray


  • Greg Johnson

    Isn’t it illegal to support a terrorist organization? And isn’t Antifa – the facist organization – officially a terrorist organization.
    Why isn’t the FBI visiting this Professor and placing him in a nice warm cell?

    • dragon lady


    • Tim maher

      Who, Robert Mueller and his buddies? They are too busy trying to subvert a duly elected president to be worried about a real danger to the country like a terrorist organization. Heck, they probably consider Clinton’s army Antifa a good thing.

  • FromThe70s

    He is an enemy combatant in my book.

  • Eileen McRae

    Antifa allegedly has ties to ISIS and other terrorist organizations. The FBI is investigating. Antifa also receives funding from George Soros.

    • dragon lady

      Well, he has given the FBI proof, he has a book in print and he admits to funding Antifa. Excellent starting place, don’t you think?

      • All American

        If Sessions does nothing he shall be replaced

    • Judge Dolittle

      Don’t forget Hillary and Obama, they are funding this group.

    • SC TEnther

      Soros is worse than bin laden.

  • Ocitman

    And he still works there?

  • Cavalls

    It never ceases to amaze when academics indicate their ignorance of history.
    One of the first, if not the first action taken by a new government after a revolution is to eliminate the intellectuals.
    China rounded them up and sent them to collective farms. Stalin either killed them outright or sent them to a gulag. Oppressive regimes know that an ignorant, uneducated (and unarmed) population is easiest to control.

  • Pat S.

    I wonder if this guy would feel the same about violence being vital if he were on the receiving end? I would love to be the person that conducted the experiment!

    • Mick60

      I’m sure many of us are thinking the same thing. I keep hoping to read soon: “AntiFa Protest – Coming to a Town Near You!” (With, of course, my town listed). But we can’t seem to lure those punks out of democrat cities and safe spaces.

      • Fidgets

        No of course not – they are cowards and know that if they left their safe spaces they would be met with annihilation. Their voices would be shut down and they would have to face the reality.

      • All American

        Yes yes

    • Wolfman (kafir harbi)

      I’m with ya. Slow and merciless.

    • All American

      he couldn’t make a mole on a Seals arss

  • bucketnutz

    Antifa Is a Subversive Outfit who have destructive plans to change the country , including assaults up to and including Murder. Why should a College Professor be allowed to affiliate with such an outfit. What’s next allowing ISIS a Professorship too?

    • dragon lady

      Perhaps he is one?

  • KD

    Antifa is not a far-left organization, they are a DOMESTIC TERROR GROUP and, like foreign terrorists, these terrorists should be shot and killed on site. Unless Americans start standing up to these terrorists and fight back there will no longer be an America and our freedoms will be gone.

    • likwyd

      While I share your passion, keep in mind that most of the kids you see at protests are clueless as to what it is they say they represent. Try asking them a simple question about their “belief” (hint: you won’t get an answer). These kids are just following a current, dangerous trend and getting paid to show up for bigger, intimidating numbers.
      However, the deep involvement of other individuals and/or groups within know exactly what their endgame is. And they are going about the right way to try and get it. I just hope they truly realize what the result will be.

      • Tim maher

        Our educational institutions have been so co-opted by socialist teachers and professors that I doubt they have a clue. They have never been taught the truth about socialism/communism and what they lead to. If not taught better now, they will be good little sheep right up until the time they are sent to the firing squad.

        • likwyd

          I agree. However, social media is a bigger problem. Whereas in a school, you may have the one clown of a professor teaching misinformation. Then these kids turn to social media when the bell rings and they have a plethora of clowns full of misinformation.

          • Tim maher

            Agreed. That’s a real problem as well and a difficult problem to solve too.

          • likwyd

            And what isn’t helping, is companies like Google/YouTube. Where censoring has become the norm due to overly-sensitive snowflakes reporting that their feelings don’t like results or videos.
            That doesn’t include how they are paid to filter and censor, also.

          • Tim maher

            Also frustrating are debate sites like Quora where conservative views are frequently censored because the socialist left doesn’t like facts that don’t support their agenda. Also, you should see the names liberals call conservatives when they have no logical answers. I always thank them for showing their true colors.

    • Tim maher

      Isn’t this what the 2nd amendment was designed to protect us from?

  • Samuel Sherwood

    Here we go, another School to boycott. A college professor that doesn’t even know what the term Fascist is, or its origination. Fascist came about because of Mussolini and Von Mises, the noted economist defined it as (to paraphrase) “the combination and coordination of the state with business.” In other words, where the government enters into combined business operations with private business. One might think the military industrial complex being supported by the US government in picking the winners and losers of various weapons systems might fit that definition. In any case, this nut case, by his own preference, leaves himself open to MY violence in opposing HIS political beliefs. If I were to act on his beliefs I would be justified in eliminating him. He is betting on, and counting on, the apathy of good people to do nothing in order for him to destroy the very system that allows him the freedom to have these communist views.

    • Ken Roberts

      Well said !

    • All American

      No doubt he will reap what he has sewn ten fold

  • C B

    Boycott Dartmouth ……. Stop the Liberal Terrorist Violence

  • Quiet Observer

    Please pardon my astonishment. Here is a self proclaimed anarchist and yet Dartmouth has him still on the payroll. Violence against our country, violence against our people and yet he is still empowered to spew hate… amazing! If someone on the right espoused the same they would be harangued by the left until they were gutter smear. Please people. What America is, has never been done before. We allow the people to speak, and have dialogue, and vote. If you don’t want to lose that, then stand up and tell the ANTIFA movement that they have a right to speak, but so do we. It is they who are fascists.

    • robert white

      they say we cant reply. the new rules.


        But the Constitution and Bill of rights are still the supreme law of the land so Fantica can stand by to be arrested and tried to the fullest extent of the real law…. plus the law of the jungle when they attack someone who fights back….with vigor.

        • All American


        • Scott

          You do not live in Democrat land of justices for if burn the Flag in public that breaks the law they get pass for its illegal to start a Fire in the streets. If you hurt one of them you go to jail that what will happen in Berkeley they are protected young people they work for Democratic party. fi you protest against them the police will not protect you but they will protect them that happen in Berkeley and getting hurt by them Police watch and wait but it your start hurting these young Democrats ANTIFA you get arrested.

          Facts are they are protected class by the liberals media and government.

          • mark abby

            Agreed. I have always fully supported our police, but, after what I saw going on in Berkeley where the cops stood down, I lost my faith in them. I even tweeted them and told them they were cowards and violated their oath of office. Any cop who “stands down “ and watches people break the laws should be fired.

          • DOCWRIGHT

            True, they are a protected class the media and liberals. I live in rural Texas so things are a little different here.

      • All American


    • Ken Jones

      You would think so …………….

  • No Mas

    ANTIFA is terrorist org supported by terrorists, should lose his job and move to any other country

    • Hummer

      They need outlawed as a terrorist organization now. Deport any who support it with removal of citizenship-if they are-with no pathway back.