Could Alabama GOP Primary Be a Referendum on McConnell?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, flanked by Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), and Sen. John Thune (R-SD), speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S. (REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein)

August 13, 2017

OAN Newsroom

One of the most important primaries, which will be a big indicator on the tone of the 2018 election, will take place this upcoming Tuesday.

Perhaps the biggest question in this particular race will be if a future GOP candidate be with or against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell?

McConnell is throwing his money and support behind incumbent Senator Luther Strange, who filled the seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Strange is also the candidate who has won the endorsement of President Trump.

However, the favored Republican is not leading in the polls despite the $8 million a McConnell lead PAC has spent in support of Strange.

Instead, polls have former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore on top at about 30% with Strange close on his heels at 28%-29%.

Moore has said that he thinks McConnell should be fired, however not as vehemently as his fellow candidate House Representative Mo Brooks who is currently in third in the polls at 18%-19%.

Tuesday’s top two candidates will go head-to-head in a September run-off.

If Strange fails to make the top two, his failure could have major implications for McConnell as both Brooks and Moore want to see McConnell replaced at Senate Majority Leader.

Even if Strange remains in the top two, McConnell still faces a hurdle in the September run-off.

This particular primary is very important for the Senate Majority Leader as it potentially represents a referendum on his failure to rally Congress to a health care win or achieve a legislative win for the Trump Administration agenda.

Whichever candidate ultimately takes the GOP nomination in September is a strong indication of how voters feel about the Kentucky Senator and his recent performance.

  • IraMad

    Yes it was…and will be after the run-off.
    Read the tea leaves, Mitch!

  • Aram1

    === Judge Moore is the man. He will keep his promises 100%.

  • Bobby Green

    McConnell is a poster child for why we need term limits. Let’s see, he is the majority leader in the Senate and he authorized them to go on vacation even though they haven’t really gotten anything done except vote down the obamacare repeal. He also has Kate’s law sitting on his desk. Maybe McConnell is really Reid in disguise.

  • Mitch McConnell should be watching this race very closely because in 2020 he could be “toast”. Because he has failed the people of Kentucky and he has failed the people of the United States of America. This a man who feels that he has a “right” to be senator for the rest of his life. It’s time to replace Mitch McConnell in the senate because he has proven that he can’t get the job done. If he were in the private sector he would be fire. But of course he can’t be fired until the next election. But again the people of Kentucky have to make a choice if they still want Mitch McConnell to represent them. He can spend 8 million dollars on Senator Luther Strange and still lose. When are the republican senators going to wake up and see that Mitch McConnell can’t do the job. It is a known fact that Mitch McConnell doesn’t like the President the same goes for Paul Ryan. All Paul Ryan is doing is getting himself ready to run for president in 2020. He’s another one who can’t deliver for the American people. Both of them are going to destroy the republican party as we know it all because they don’t like the president. If Senator Luther Strange does win he can thank the President not Mitch McConnell.

  • anne stromberg

    Time for McConnell to go. Interestingly it is impossible to contact McConnell’s office by phone. Always has been. Apparently he doesn’t want we the people to tell him what a lousy job he is doing.

  • ItsClassified

    Both Repubs and Dems feel they need to “qualify” candidates for us. The process is rigged if you’re not a favorite, from local, state and national levels. It’s time to have independent conservatives take up the banner and replace the career politicians.

  • Captain America

    It WILL be a referendum on McConnell. President TRUMP’S POTUS WIN was a referendum on McConnell. McConnell is taking a page from Nancy Pelosi’s playbook. Bad idea. Nancy’s party is destitute of of any ideas, save for selling America away to foreign companies and large multi-national companies. THAT is NOT the way Trump wants to take America…and neither do the voters! McCONNELL IS OUT!

  • landwell

    Is it just me, or does Senator Thune always seem to have this “why do I have to stand here with these guys” look on his face in these photos?

  • Andy Palmer

    Here’s hoping the people of Alabama send a strong message to Mitch McConnell that he needs to be expelled as the Majority Leader in the Senate.

    • IraMad

      Yup. We did!

  • Patrick Murphy

    If this is the case then Strange will be defeated.

  • Brad Johnson

    Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins Must GO Too! I want these two to pay our new Health Insurance rates!

    We also need a much more Conservative to take over John McCain’s office!

    • All American

      Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren (a humiliation to Pocahontas)

      • Observer8710

        You mean ALL Democrats need to go….

        • All American

          Good observation🤔

    • All American

      Yes! All 3 are bought and paid for

  • DJLugoff

    Anyone endorsed by #DitchMitch will only be another swamp creature. Mitch McConnell has got to go! He has teamed up with Ryan and their #NeverTrump Cronies. #DumpRyan we need new leadership in both the House and the Senate!

  • Worried

    pulling for Moore

  • Snideley_whiplassche

    It would be entertaining to watch all that money McConnell and his dastardly good ole boy network lose it in one night, imagine, all them millions. Mo Brooks or Roy Moore are the better choices next Tuesday. Kick some sand in McConnel’s face for a change, send the jackleg a message.

  • Melissa McShane

    Would like to know how people feel on term limits for Congress. Would this stop some of the crap? Who knows. Maybe instead of term limits we can put Congress on a military pay scale with the same benefits and allow a $100,000 spending cap to run for office.

    • Tango Uniform

      If our vote wasn’t tainted by fraud and liberals offering bribes (amnesty, handouts), we’d have term limits.

  • Mike88



  • Buckaroo

    can Mo sumhow grab enuf votes 2 git 2 2nd place? otherwise, luther is in the runoff … jus a matter of who hes facin. also, is it an open primary? if so, any1 hav any idea wot sort of mischief the donks r plannin?

  • strawberryplains

    Hope the President’s supporters are out there helping either of the other candidates. Congress needs a BIG message. Fulfill your promises and support the President and his agenda or get out!!!!!

  • Tado

    They’re all the same.
    Do not delude yourselves.
    Just saying: Be Wise !

  • chiphenry

    Strange is corrupt already.
    This election might be a referendum on McConnell but it seems more a case of dishonest everything. Luther Strange stopped a criminal investigation of Governor Bentley and was then given the US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. The criminal investigation was later restarted and Bentley made a plea deal, plead guilty, proving he was guilty of the criminal charges against him.
    There were bad circumstances surrounding Luther Strange getting that seat- it never should have happened. Mo Brooks and Roy Moore are both excellent choices for the Senate seat.
    Luther Strange has also done two things, each alone should disqualify him. One is his lies in his ads. Mo Brooks was Cruz’s top man. If you’re paid to be top man you’re going to take on the lead man, Trump. No questions. Luther Strange twists that repeatedly in grossly distorted ads. He does the same on Roy Moore ads. Luther Strange left Alabama and jumped straight into the swamp.
    Another problem with Strange. Since the Senate is on recess, Trump should be allowed recess appointments to fill federal judge seats. We know he appoints conservative judges. He said he would and he does. All it took was a single vote. ONE vote and the Senate could have allowed him to appoint judges. The vote was unanimous against allowing Trump to appoint judges. Luther Strange backed McConnell and not the POTUS. Strange does not represent Alabama, or even US interests. He clearly is a problem.

    • IraMad

      Support Judge Roy Moore!
      He’s a Christian Constitutionalist.
      His election will melt liberal AND RINO heads!!

  • aldoro

    McConnell has GOT to go. He is worthless. Same with RINO ryan.

  • southdfw

    Way past due for McConnell to go home,
    He is NOT a leader.

    • HarryObrian

      Not many of them are leaders anymore as they are owned and operated by lobbyists and globalists. Unfortunately money talks and nothing in the government will ever change or get better for the common American. The time for real change to have any effect was over 25 years ago as the communists started to take over the education system and coke snorting, trailer park trash liberals were placed by big money into the White House.

    • All American


  • All American

    Go Mo🇺🇸
    Down with McConnell⬇️Democrat in giuse of a Republican

  • whoselineisitanyway

    Become members of Convention of States, org.
    They are seeking an amendment to The Constitution, in regards to mandating term limits on Congress and Senate.

    • IraMad

      Convention of States is a dangerous idea!
      Best be damned sure before you lift the hood on the Constitution and start fiddling around!

  • Diane Coto

    I’m for Justice Roy Moore. Alabama – Just remember we’ll be watching! Make us proud. 🙂

    • IraMad

      A man that will defend the 10 Commandments will defend the American way! Judge Moore won tonite!
      Please help him financially if you can. McConnell will now pull out the stops for the run-off!
      Alabama knows Roy is the one!

  • Xabre

    From everything ive heard /read about Mitch McConnell this guys welcome is long over…his dirty tactics he forwards especially people that wont do as HE SAYS, and tow HIS PARTY LINE…he is an obstructionist and is in the Liberal Camp…he is a part of the old guard, and swims freely in the swamp….DITCH MITCH is the slogan going around.

    It will be nice to see going down the drain……as he his a SWAMP CRITTER!!!


    • All American

      And we have no love for Mitch!
      He is outnumbered🇺🇸

      • Xabre

        You better hope so come election time….he’s gotta Go!!!

        • All American

          With you

    • chiphenry

      You didn’t include that Luther Strange jumped into that swamp so fast it must have splashed.

      • Xabre

        Oh yea….Strange has his nose so far up Mitch’s ass the look like Siamese Twins …

    • HarryObrian

      “failure to rally Congress”
      In all reality I don’t think Mitch views this as a failure.

      • Sane_Person37

        The republicans have done nothing for Decades. They couldn’t even get Bush’s small items done. Why start now.

      • Xabre

        No Mitch is about power in the swamp…him along with McCain, and Graham, and their ilk are long over due to ride off into the sunset never to be seen or heard from again.

  • drake

    Too bad Matt Bevin didn’t shellac McConnel in his last Senate run. I doubt money and elite influence can save this establishment RINO. I am for any conservative candidate that can help end the McConnell era.

  • Kelly Hardy

    Clearly McConnell is too old, too set in his backwoods ways and very agenda driven that would be bad but his agenda is not in Americas best interests it’s only his pocket and the good old boy club he’s worried about..he stopped serving America a decade ago…

    • R A.

      I’ll take “backwoods ways” over inner-city ways ANY DAY

  • Both the KKK and BLM are the brainchild of the racist Demonrat party! I find it delicious, yesterday’s useful idiots vs. today’s!

  • Murf71

    McConnell has to go for backstabbing our president who was told by this fool he’d do his dam job! Totally disfunctional congress! MAGA

  • JW

    Only America can drain it’s own swamp.

    • Ray

      Let’s start here

      • ann rand

        I’m with you.. The Slimes must go..

    • chiphenry

      Yes, one vote at a time. We desparately need Strange out of the Senate.

      • Brad Johnson

        We will do our part! Lets vote out all incumbents!

  • Big Al

    This is crucial – If you can throw a couple of nickels together & support Roy Moore OR Mo Brooks please do! – The Turtle has invested 8 mill $$’s in ‘his’ rino – Why, because he can control him like just that sheep humper thad cochran of Mississippi – We cannot, as a nation, afford another Senator flake or cochran in the form of luther strange……

    • All American

      Mo Brooks🇺🇸

      • Captain America

        Who eve is Mo Brooks? I know about Roy, he stood for the Ten Commandments at the entrance to the courthouse. I like that type of man!


    We need Constitutional Conservatives to replace all the rinos… and replace all the democrats for that matter.

    • Matt

      we need people who put America first
      not these career politicians
      who make MILLIONS while in offie

    • landwell

      Hopefully the 2018 midterms are a major “throw the bums out” moment. A wave election of pro-Trump republicans and Democrats would be a very good thing.

    • Sane_Person37

      Once again, we have this problem where multiple run against the incumbent, two in thois case so far, and by splitting the vote, the incumbent ends up staying. McChuckles has been using this strategy for decades. Looking at the comments it seems half are for Mo and the half for Roy. Doesn’t look good. These two guys should get together and one drop out.


        Excelent ideal.

      • txvet2

        One will. If nobody gets 50% of the vote, the top two will face a run-off. My hope is that Brooks will endorse Moore (assuming that he isn’t one of the two, which would be in tune with current polling).

      • IraMad

        Moore won!

        • Sane_Person37

          Thanks for the note. I hadn’t looked yet. Good news.