Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act to Advance to House Floor in the Coming Week

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to Vote on H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act in December, 2017. (Photo/NRA)

December 4, 2017
OAN Newsroom

New legislation which would allow hand gun owners to bring their side-arms into different states is drawing closer to a vote in the House of Representatives.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, also known as H.R. 38, would allow handgun owners with concealed carry permits the means to defend themselves in all 50 states.

The law passed a vote in the House Judiciary Committee on November 29th by a margin of 19 in favor and 11 against.

The reciprocity law was introduced in January by North Carolina GOP Representative Richard Hudson.

Representative Richard Hudson is an longtime hunter and member of the National Rifle Association. (Photo/

In a recent interview, Hudson explained the reasoning behind the bill.

“Frankly, the American people are sick of liberal elites in New York and San Francisco trying to tell us how to run our lives…trying to tell us that we can’t… we don’t have the right to defend ourselves, defend our families,” Hudson explained. “This is just simple, commonsense legislation that says if you’re a law-abiding citizen trying to do the right thing we’re not going to turn you into a criminal because you crossed an invisible state line.”

Opponents claim the law would infringe on states’ rights, but does not dictate who should receive a permit or how states screen applicants.

Instead, it removes the penalty from law abiding citizens who have been vetted by their home states to be qualified to carry concealed fire arms.

The bill has gained traction among a wide base of supporters.

Attorneys general from 24 different states have endorsed the bill, and it has earned the approval of the NRA and other second amendment advocates.

The fraternal order of police has also come out in favor of the reciprocity bill.

H.R. 38 is expected to advance to the House floor in the coming week.

  • Mike Urban

    They must pass this bill!!! It should be just like a Drivers License and used in all 50states! Too many gun laws already in my home state have just about stripped its Citizens of being able to protect our selves without going to Prison! literally if a person comes into my house and i pull out my handgun to defend myself and the person keeps coming and im forced to shoot them i will go to PRISON!????I cant find a place anywhere to make my voice known to the politicians today to let them know that im in 100% favor of HR38??? Im think goggle is doing it again and redirecting our inquire into the Bill?

  • John Ehrhart

    I live in AK in the summer… there has been an increase in liberals in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau… like California, in the cities, NOT in rural AK. Prob with AK is getting my pistol there… can’t carry it through Canada… shotgun is ok, even short barrels with no plug!

  • KevinR.

    Indeed. There are still many good Alaskans, but there are a dangerous inflow of progressives….

    It has happened in other states…. they infiltrate and infest and infect.

    Be vigilant. And stop by the Salty Dog and go get some fresh Halibut and Salmon….

  • Jeff Jeep

    YES !!!

  • BillVA

    This bill has been attached to the “Fix NICS” bill.

    I got this email last night from my state gun-rights group:

    “Republican leadership has combined H.R. 38 with H.R. 4434 (which is the “Fix NICS Act”). So both bills will either pass or fail with the same vote.

    The combined bill is supported by at least two national gun rights organizations:
    Gun Owners of America and the NRA. The idea is that gun owners will gain far more by having National Reciprocity than would be lost to the bad parts of the Fix NICS component.

    There are various theories floating around as to whether combining the bills is either a good strategy that will help get National Reciprocity onto the President’s desk or a horrible strategy that will only get the Fix NICS bill on his desk. Should National Reciprocity die in the Senate, but Fix NICS survive, we will then contact our Representatives to kill the Fix NICS bill and also ask the President to veto the Fix NICS bill unless National Reciprocity is also put on his desk.

    The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) is working to get an amendment to improve the Fix NICS part of the bill. That would be an ideal solution.”

  • Freedom

    So if you live in a state with constitutional carry does just having a driver’s license from that state work when you travel?

  • Kristen Adams

    Funny how the left will twist the FIRST amendment and walk all over every school in the nation to keep a prayer off the football field, but suggest upholding the SECOND amendment nationally and they pitch a hissy fit.

  • Corey Crane

    I believe there is a liberal group behind all the mass shootings trying to push gun control. Its just a thought anyhow

  • The Lisan al Gaib

    I live in New Hampshire and we don’t require conceal carry permits anymore. I wonder how this would work with nearby insane states when it passes.

  • DrSheilahere

    Wow. Liberals will never vote for this administration but more of us without the money to hire body guards might live. The liberal elite in high paying stupid jobs: TV, sports, etc. pay to be protected. God help the rest of us.

  • Ed L

    Beautiful just beautiful

  • a non

    The fact is that this law will never pass — so no use getting your shorts all knotted up in your collective rears….

  • Lance H

    If the civil war was about slavery and not states’ rights, then this is about the means to protect ourselves, and not states’ rights. Can’t have it both ways, anti-American lefties!

  • James Batten Jr.

    The states rights issue in this case does not apply. Right to bear arms isn’t subject to states. It’s the 2nd amendment of the Constitution which trumps state laws.

    • a non

      If the right already exists notwithstanding state laws, as you assert, then why would a law even be needed?

  • TexanForever

    I will be able to visit my kids and their families in California, legally packing my .45, while as California citizens “without a need”, they cant.

    • a non

      Won’t happen — the law will never survive a Democratic Party filibuster. Fugettaboutit.

      • TexanForever

        Democrats can no longer filibuster because genius Harry Reed removed that option. It was in relation to a bill about free dildos for SF dykes or something, back in the Obama era. They were positive Hilda would be the next POTUS, and a filibuster would only be needed by a Repub. … Didn’t work out that way, did it.

  • KevinR.

    Has anyone asked why? Why there are requirements to fill out paperwork, pay a fee, and be approved… to exercise a right….
    an individual right to Keep and Bear Arms… which means own, have and possess, and to carry open and concealed.
    What will the people do when they require paperwork to be filled out, and permits to be requested… and fees paid in hopes a permit will be issued to exercise your Freedom of Religion, or Freedom of Speech..
    What will the people do when we must submit paperwork to have a permit to be secure in our person, papers, property and effects and to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

    No law can supersede the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. We either have rights, or we do not, and if the government operates on the idea they can control our rights, we do not have rights.

    No legislation can override the Constitution, and while this bill sounds good, it sets a precedent of establishing a power of the government to grant rights, which means they would have the power to deny rights.

  • KevinR.

    It is good that there is an effort to defend the rights of individuals.

    There is a concern regarding this effort though. To introduce a bill supposes the idea that the legislative branch has some power or authority over our rights and can pass legislation to that effect.

    The United States already has a National Reciprocity, it is the Constitution.

    No law can supersede, override or be contrary to the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land.

    The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, Shall NOT be Infringed

    KEEP ; Have, Own, Possess
    BEAR : Carry, Open and Concealed

    We the people have allowed unconstitutional laws to be passed on the national level and in the state and local arena. We have an obligation to be vigilant and ensure we do not surrender our rights, either directly or indirectly… through incorrect actions based on a failure to be well informed, or through inaction, apathy or indifference…..

    This bill, even if passed, will suggest the Legislative Branch has the power and authority to determine our rights. If that becomes accepted, the people will have little recourse, other than to comply, with government dictates, when they determine they have the power and authority to determine your exercising of your freedom of religion, which religion and what beliefs they will allow and will pass a bill.

    We should take care when celebratory exuberance overtakes the logic and the founding principles of the national government having few and defined enumerated powers, lest we establish precedents that will forever haunt us.

    The Constitution does not grant our rights, it is simply a guarantee of our rights. Our right to keep and bear arms, is not established in the Second Amendment, and exists without the Second Amendment, since the Constitution does not grant the power to the government to infringe on any of our rights. The Second Amendment was a compromise between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists who disagreed over whether there needed to be additional protections of our individual rights… Federalists stated the Constitution as it was, protected those rights, and the Anti-Federalists wanted additional protections.

    Government is instituted to secure our rights. The government can only govern with the consent of the governed.

    While this Bill is a positive example of those who support the Constitution, it could have negative impacts by creating the idea that legislation can grant or deny rights, that legislation can limit and control rights…. and we already have far too many laws that are unconstitutional… particularly regarding the Right to Keep and Bear Arms… and our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and our Right to be Secure in our person, papers, property and effects (which includes our cell phones and electronic communications.)

  • rjw

    Nice to see it only took us a couple hundred years to start following the United States Constitution and give each non criminal citizen our God given rights to personal freedom and self protection. Evil people will always ignore these ridiculous laws. About time good people can not only save themselves and their families from harm, but other people as well from becoming victims!

  • RosieDa’Pig

    the liberal wing of the gop senate will never allow this bill to go through..

  • marcthepig

    If my state has to honor a driver’s license issued to an illegal alien by California, California should have to honor the CCW permit of this American citizen.

    • TexanForever

      good point

  • Roscoe

    If drivers license holders are able to drive anywhere so should those that are licensed to carry a gun be recognized country wide. Where might you NEED a gun? NY, Baltimore, DC, and all of the rust belts major cities. The queen city of murder, Chiraq [Chicago ] is a perfect example of what gun prohibition causes.

    • 13thGenPatriot

      They force states to recognize marriages from other states…we don’t stop being married by crossing a state line. Why should we lose our 2nd Amendment rights by crossing a state line?

      • Roscoe


  • Martin Arredondo

    I don’t travel where I can’t carry. This would open up a great deal for me.

  • Billy Bob!

    OUTSTANDING! NJ- you friggin police state- I am coming from NC with my 357 sig soon! And you won’t be able to do a friggen thing!

  • Jock E Shift

    ABOUT TIME! Call, email, or write to your Reps now, and demand that they support this bill.

  • 2EdgedSword

    No person should consider leaving America to travel into California, Illinois, or the other sanctuaries for criminals unarmed. Unfortunately America has yet to ban people from those “States” from traveling into America YET. If this bill fails then we must insist at State and Federal levels that operator’s licenses from sanctuaries be null and void, and make it a felony for them to travel into the American interior for any reason

  • Andrew Moore8

    Want to blow a libtards mind….When they start arguing that the 2nd doesn’t cover anything but muskets because that is all that was available back when the Constitution was written…..Simply tell them that the freedom of the press as stated in the 1st then doesn’t apply to their beloved CNN and other libtard radio and TV propaganda machines because radio and TV didn’t exist either back when the Constitution was written either.

  • Mountaineer

    This is good news. My state had reciprocity agreements with 38 other states but one of our neighboring states, through which I must often travel, is one of those controlled by liberal democrats and carrying is illegal. In order to travel through I have to disarm myself. My only concern is the feds may see this as a money making opportunity, develop a national conceal carry permit and then charge an arm and a leg for it.

  • Andrew Moore8

    Funny how the libtard states scream about state rights when it comes to law abiding citizens carrying concealed…..but then they turn around and scream bloody murder trying to get to the federal money to buy military weapons for the state.

  • FoolIggy

    God Bless America, God Bless Common Sense, and God PLEASE help these libertards find themselves amid all the chaos they create!

  • skyhawk

    Great! Now all we have to do is get this passed out of that cess pool we call a Senate.

    • marcthepig

      Any Republican who votes against CCW reciprocity, in the House or Senate, should start looking for another job.

  • fatboy46

    They whine about ‘states rights’ over gun rights,but want the Federal Govt to override states in order to push their statist agendas? yeah..typical Leftists..

    • skyhawk

      Weird, isn’t it?
      The Left views the “right” to murder your baby as sacrosanct but defending your life is a “state’s rights” issue to them.

      Maybe that’s because of the language in the U.S. Constitution where it says:

      “For the maintenance of a free lifestyle, the right of a woman to murder her baby shall not be infringed”.


  • Farmerob

    Dems are just afraid they might get shot next time they start rioting

    • TexanForever

      … you be rachus !

  • landy fincannon

    Restrictions, limitations, verifiable, valid, license, permit, all connote permission. They’re ABSOLUTE INFRINGEMENTS

  • William Spears

    Not optimistic this will pass and if it does many states that disregard 2A now, will just ignore this as well. The anti-gun cancer is just too far gone to treat in the leftist states.

  • C B

    MAGA !

  • jenshadus

    The democrats are for gun control, they are also for the elite billionaires to keep their money and leave the rest of us in the gutter, This way they can afford personal protection and the hell with the rest of us. I hope Comstock votes for it, but she’s such a RINO, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • dianecee

    Due to the fact that many state politicians are criminal minded all of us need to be armed wherever we go.

    • FoolIggy

      Especially when taking our children & wives with us. These demoncrats are showing up not only as criminals but real perverts who think America owes them a living and the right to prey on any woman, child, or animal they see fit to take as a partner for a moment in time!

  • All American

    Awesome it sure will be nice to travel in our own vehicles safely across our land🇺🇸

    • HarryObrian

      There is a wrinkle in the armor here as some states don’t require a CC permit to carry, like Vermont and New Hampshire, so what happens there? I imagine those people can’t carry out of state regardless of any new law AND New Hampshire just passed their no permit required so I’m guessing they knew this was coming and this is their way to stop it.

  • Just A Guy

    Outstanding!! +1 for law abiding gun owners. But it should be against the law for liberals to own guns. They have a nasty habit of going around killing people with them. 😉

    • Sane_Person37

      Plus they have a mental disease.

      • All American

        You nailed it!

    • All American

      True that⬇️

    • escaped to Alaska

      Yes because the mass shootings recently have been by the liberals? Perhaps you should find a reliable news source.

      • Just A Guy

        Perhaps you should just read the news. I know you’re probably snowed in up there, but maybe you should get out more often. Geez…

      • KevinR.

        And that is perhaps part of what is going wrong with Alaska… an inflow of progressives who fail to actually deal in reality.

        You like Anchorage, Fairbanks, or Juno? You must be in a city.. .with all the services….

        Recent shootings have been primarily by liberals.. .progressives… Democrats…

        Even your favorite fake news site… MSNBC can not lie that much to avoid the facts.

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      As a “Californian, gun-toting Conservative Republican”, it will be nice to carry my pistol wherever my Winnebago will carry me.

      • Martin Arredondo

        Exactly. That’s my issue and why I don’t travel to states that don’t allow me to carry.

      • Just A Guy

        Absolutely! Fortunately I can CCW in 50 states. But here where I live (AZ) on the AZ/CA border I have a lot of friends who would love to carry when going into CA. I suspect there are gonna by a lot of lefty whiners if this comes to fruition! LOL! Have a great day!

        • KevinR.

          Yet, a lot of people… (Criminals) carry firearms in California, and do not care about any laws…. so the progressives must always be in tears.

    • Old Enough To Know

      I don’t think this should have ever become a problem let alone a law. Freedom is freedom plain and simple.

      • Just A Guy

        I agree with you 100%!!

    • WitchWay

      Except in Kalifornia where Governor Moonbeam and his State Government has made so many rules regarding weapons and what constitutes a weapon and you have to have a background check to buy bullets. I am wondering how they will choose to deal with those of us who are legal in other states but completely and totally illegal in CA.

      • Just A Guy

        If this bill is actually passed I don’t think they’ll have any choice in the matter.

    • Letmesay


  • Ken Zachary

    HR 218 allows retired law enforcement officers to carry in all 50 States. HR38 would help former law enforcement officers who didn’t stick around for the full retired age.
    Concealed Carry people nation wide are less and than one percent of people who break a law. We have to fill out forms, background check, pay money to the local LEO and to a CCW instructor for training in most States. So we cherish the right to carry a firearm, for the defense of our family and self.
    Later Ken Z.

    • Just A Guy

      LEOSA…I currently CCW in all 50 states. 😉

      • Dave S

        Don’t forget and all U.S. Territories 🙂

    • KevinR.

      And have you asked why? Why there are requirements to fill out paperwork, pay a fee, and be approved… to exercise a right….
      an individual right to Keep and Bear Arms… which means own, have and possess, and to carry open and concealed.

      What will the people do when they require paperwork to be filled out, and permits to be requested… and fees paid in hopes a permit will be issued to exercise your Freedom of Religion, or Freedom of Speech..

      What will the people do when we must submit paperwork to have a permit to be secure in our person, papers, property and effects and to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

      • Daninfla6th

        That time may soon come upon us.

  • FromThe70s

    The guy with the size 26 waist should help make pistols more acceptable amongst metro-sexuals.

  • Robert Adams

    Opening sentence should say “to bring”.

  • Ekow Ekim

    The plural of Attorney General is Attorneys General, not Attorney Generals.

    • Just A Guy

      Your very first post. Most impressive.

      • All American

        Hahahaha right!

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      Correcting the vocabulary of the good people of OAN is generally reserved for dotes, sir. We all know what we mean. No need to correct here.

    • Living_The_Dream

      That’s just standard for OAN’s editors. They miss so much. They might not even have editors, send the articles straight from the reporter to the printer. Just my experience and opinion after reading their news for the last three months.

  • survivor50

    If you let JOURNALIST go from state to state, same should apply to US ! 1st amendment, 2nd amendment…