Clinton Unbeatable in National Poll

Best Chance for a GOP Win Lies with Jeb Bush, Donald Trump and Rand Paul

Washington, D.C., August 3, 2015 – One America News Network, “OAN”, a credible source for 24/7 national and international news, released today its most recent 2016 presidential matchup poll results between Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and nine GOP Presidential hopefuls.   The national poll results show that if the presidential election was held today, none of the nine GOP Presidential Candidates included in the poll would beat Hillary Clinton.   The three closest GOP Presidential Candidates to achieving a victory over Hillary Clinton are Jeb Bush at 49.6% with Donald Trump and Rand Paul tied for second at 49% to Hillary Clinton’s winning 51%. The poll results for all nine GOP Presidential Candidates are shown below.

Jeb Bush: 49.6% Hillary Clinton: 50.40%
Donald Trump: 49% Hillary Clinton: 50%
Rand Paul: 49% Hillary Clinton: 50%
Scott Walker: 47% Hillary Clinton: 53%
Marco Rubio: 47% Hillary Clinton: 53%
Ted Cruz: 46% Hillary Clinton: 54%
Ben Carson: 46% Hillary Clinton: 54%
Rick Perry: 46% Hillary Clinton: 54%
Carly Fiorina: 45% Hillary Clinton: 55%

According to Robert Herring, Sr., CEO of One America News Network, “This poll shows that if the presidential election was held today, Clinton would win the popular vote regardless of the GOP candidate. Only time will tell if a GOP candidate will earn more support from the American people as we are very early in the process.”

Doug Kaplan of Gravis Marketing states, “Skeptics have said Trump can’t win nationally, yet he does very well in this poll with a very large sample size. Trump does better against Clinton than nearly all other candidates in the race.”

Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research firm, conducted a random survey of 3,477 registered voters across the U.S. regarding the presidential election. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 2%. The total may not equal exactly 100% due to rounding. The polls were conducted on July 31st through August 1st using interactive voice response, IVR, technology and weighted separately for each population in the question presented. The poll was conducted exclusively for One America News Network. Complete poll results are available at

One America News Network has been providing extensive coverage of the 2016 Presidential campaign, including numerous exclusive one-on-one interviews with the leading candidates. One America News Network will be releasing on-going 2016 Presidential polling results, including national Presidential polling results at the end of July.

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