Classified Documents Among Emails Stored On Anthony Wiener’s Laptop

Classified documents among newly released Huma emails found on Weiner’s laptop

December 30, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The President of Judicial Watch discusses the recently released emails belonging to former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

During an interview on Saturday Tom Fitton said at least four classified documents were found among emails stored on the laptop belonging to the Abedin’s disgraced husband Anthony Weiner.

He said the documents, which were made public Friday, had been stored on the laptop in violation of federal policy.

“You’re not supposed to take classified information off of classified systems and you’re certainly not supposed to take them out of the office, and you’re certainly not supposed to store them on unsecured systems like your husband’s laptop,” Fitton said. “And of course Weiner was involved in all sorts of things that make his laptop an especially risky place to store this type of information.”

Fitton also said, this raises questions why the department of justice let Clinton and Huma Abedin off the hook for mishandling the documents.

  • Marty Kirkpatrick

    Nothing will be done to hills fish lipped iranian squeeze.

  • slohunter

    Huma, is she still alive?

  • Will Fish 4 Trout

    Follow the IP’s…trail comes from HRC
    Prosecute With Prejudice_y

  • Lenny Woodson

    Jail the be itch

  • Scotty

    I hope sessions is quietly building a major case against the left, and will spring it on them when he’s ready. If not, Trump should replace him with someone who will. Obama, Hillary, and all their cronies must pay for their treason against America.

  • Frank

    Justice? No, Just us.

  • Mike

    As usual, when the Dems break the law, there is no uproar nor will there be any
    arrests or formal charges. That’s our corrupt U.S. government at work for themselves. Let’s hope 2018 Trump will will wipe the floors of Congress with all the power the Oval Office affords him and continue to sweep the leftover trash out the door.

  • nfcapitalist

    The communists in the DOJ and FBI are counting on this storm demanding American Justice to be returned to… “blow over. “

  • JustmJustm

    ” The Department of Justice ” Let them off the hook???
    I can see a 1000+reasons to PUT THEM BACK ON THE HOOK!!!!!!!

  • KevinR.

    Huma and Hillary, if they were any other regular American, would already be prosecuted and in the most probable outcome, already be convicted.

  • harrydweeks

    Why is this Iranian Brotherhood spy still walking free ?

  • Shmacks Adventure

    The Comey Investigation found there were no paper shredders in Hillary’s or Huma’s Office just rusty used up scissors…

  • Twinkle Toes

    So why isn’t she in prison with HRC? The FBI is a disgrace to this country.

  • brad m

    Prosecute all those that broke the law!!

  • nfcapitalist

    Nelson DeMille wrote a novel that tracks what results we might be seeing and is worth your attention, title being, “Charm School.”

  • Rufus Firefly

    More fresh meat for rabid trumpzis

  • …remain calm and return fire

    the Obama/Clinton bastards are getting away with treason, as honest law abiding American this BS is pissing me off!

  • landy fincannon

    When the guilty go unpunished, the citizen grow leery of government.

  • ar05076

    That is a corrupt fugly couple of traitors …!

  • Jackie Nanney

    This should pertain to the dec 21st EO.But as I say Nothing sticks to Teflon Hill………..Nothing!

    • landy fincannon

      That’s the privilege of being an apex predator.

    • Nick Rose

      Must be that darn White privilege!

  • Pete Greco

    Boy, most of us wonder what would be like if we only had a half way decent DOJ that does or did its job. These crimes and corruption and pedophilia have been going on for well over 60 years and nothing, not any inkling of any investigation has ever been started. Congress and Senate and Executive positions have all been aware these crimes had been going on but kept silent. They all have run this country as the new mafia. Getting elected meant more money in your pocket and you can still do whatever you want with impunity. The left are totally against Trump because he is the only Sheriff this country has had for well over a half century. Crimes and corruption were commonplace in DC, DC police were complacent and involved. MAGA. Incarcerate these disgusting criminals with extreme prejudice.

  • Isaiahdolan

    All and all, nothing will ever happen. I don’t know why.

  • nfcapitalist

    Coincidentally… into a novel by Nelson DeMille… “Charm School,”…. Russians creating “Americans” to come like “Body Snatchers” entering our world and becoming us… becoming important people.

    Recommend it… highly recommended in fact!

  • town22

    Poor Hilary she’s just a lost child. Sessions!!! wake-up!!! or move out.

    • jvlewis

      He is awake, he’s part of the swamp.

  • landy fincannon

    Gee, any pillow talk being recorded in his cell?

    Just more consternation as no one goes to jail.


    you would think that after each accusation the left throws at the right that comes up false and then it shows up on their side as even a worse fact, they would just sit down and shut up…

  • Richard

    I think we know now who will take the fall for Billary!!

  • Andrew Moore8

    The demoncraps have been selling our classified information to our enemies for years..It’s how our military designs are copied and why our enemies weapons look just like our own.

    • Vera Orsova

      I yesterday, I learned about the IT guy from Afghanistan who worked for Debbie W-S and is now being held for money laundering. I think his name is Awan or something similar, and he is Huma’s cousin. So, it is all in the family. One big, cozy, corrupted family that perpetrated the highest level of our government.

  • RMB38

    Years ago, Robert Heinlein wrote a sci-fi novel called “Orphans of the Sky”, in which their spaceship was equipped with an ADVANCED deflector shield, which would detect exactly where a missile came from, and fire it back to the same spot. Great idea.
    There seems to be a similarity in what the Left is trying to do to Republicans.

  • Robert Sigler

    I wonder if Huma still has a security clearance?

    • Phil

      Perhaps, but Weiner never had any security clearance…

  • RMB38

    Abidin and Wiener… It’s hard to believe that EITHER of these two could have security clearance.

    • Legion

      Under Obama and Clinton it’s really not that surprising.

  • Robert Adams

    Lock her up. Give her the same sweat treatment Flynn got. This woman is dangerous.

  • Wow! I’m sure glad I didn’t do anything like this, because if I had done anything like that I would be in prison for the next twenty years!

    Of course, that’s just me.

    • Legion

      You’re not important enough.. 2 different sets of laws depending on your social status in America.

  • whoselineisitanyway

    HUMA should hang and so should Weiner

  • …remain calm and return fire

    For crying out loud, what more evidence does the DoJ need to start convicting the Obama/Clinton crime team! Americans have had enough of this double standard BS. Do the citizens have to do it themselves?

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      And meanwhile the DOJ is spending millions on trying to manufacture evidence against Trump out of thin air in an effort to pull off a coup to replace a duly elected President. OUTRAGEOUS!

  • Disgusted Caucasian

    Is it just me or is Huma a dead ringer for the bad witch from the Wizzard of Oz? If there is a remake Huma is perfect for the role. No makeup required just put on the black outfit and hat and start doing the lines.

  • nfcapitalist

    Criminals and traitors are being covered and hidden in the highest offices of the Federal government and we… should move on… nothing to see here…. get over it?

    Seen it all before… get over it?

    That’s the message?

    • chatty cathy

      Crazy isn’t it? Who ever thought we’d see these days? ‘Don’t mind us..we’re just protecting our own!’..totally treacherous, completely corrupt and they think they can just sweep it all under the rug. They’re so confident the corrupt will protect the corrupt they expect no repercussions. Just amazing really. Evil. But their day will come one day.

      • nfcapitalist

        “Charm School,” by Nelson DeMille might actually explain what we are seeing in our government.

        • chatty cathy

          I need to check that out..thank you!

        • chatty cathy

          And also, didn’t Pluto write something about what we’re seeing? 300 yrs plus before our Lord, Jesus of Nazareth was born? ‘The Reformer’? Something like that. Will double check to make sure

        • chatty cathy

          Will check this out..thank you!

  • DCBlueBlood

    Some people have real issues. This guy does – he definitely needs help.

    Dennis Hastert did too with little boys.

    Both sides have their weirdos!

    Gingrich was having an affair at the time he was trying to impeach Bill Clinton for Monica Lewinsky.

    The hypocrisy is deep on both sides.

    Pervs STOP! BTW Stay out of everyone else’s bedrooms for Pete’s sake.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      The issue is serious, traitorous felonies committed by high ranking elected and appointed officials and the DOJ’s efforts to sweep it all under the carpet. You come out with a typical leftist deflection strategy that doesn’t even apply.

      • chatty cathy

        Didn’t see your ‘sweep it under the carpet’ comment or wouldn’t have posted that! Oops. Sorry

      • DCBlueBlood

        Flynn working in the WH having full access to Top Secret Info having Russians in the Oval Office when he lied about monies he made working for Turks and Russians.

        Funny — Don’t ya think? I love the picture of Flynn sitting next to Putin in Russia.

        Yeah, it too IS Treasonous! Oh yeah he plead Guilty and is working with Mueller.

        LOCK HIM UP! Oh wait he’s plea bargaining up the line YUGELY — BIGLY ORANGE FISH!

    • Nick Rose

      “Both sides have their weirdos”.

      The Liberal Democrats seem to have a penchant for these perversions though.

      NAMBLA is based in New York City and San Francisco.

      Hardly the bastion of Conservative thought.

      • DCBlueBlood

        Is that you Bill O’Reilrapey, or the Ghost of Roger Ailes?

        Like I said, you can believe what you want … both sides.

        • Nick Rose

          No actually I’m the ghost of Ted Kennedy.

          I’m in Hell for killing Mary Jo Kapeckny.

          Still adored by my Democrats though.

    • Nick Rose

      “Both sides have their weirdos “.

      Yet the Democratic Party of perverts go to the pedophile capital of America, Hollyweird, for their MILLIONS of dollars in DNC bundling campaign donations.

      That pesky penchant again. lol

    • Nick Rose

      “Both sides have their weirdos “,

      Yet it was your HERO Barack
      Obama and the Democratic Party of perverts who want people who have a penis using the restroom with our daughters.

      Penchant? 🤔

  • taxpayer22

    Former Secret Service agent threatened to reveal new details about Bill Clinton’s 26 documented trips aboard notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express.”

    • nfcapitalist

      OIG Charles McCullough was threatened by Director of NSA James Clapper for bringing the fact that the FBI had an investigation going on the Uranium One scandal to Congress… Diane Feinstein and ? had him “removed!”

      Where is that story… Loretta Lynch gagged the FBI Uranium One investigators and we should…. just move on?

  • taxpayer22

    Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, served as chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate hearings.. Hillary was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality..

    • whoselineisitanyway

      Plus from the gossip I heard she stinks, as in smells like 2 week old dead fish.

  • PatrickJ

    I must be missing something here.
    Comey testified in a May Senate hearing that Abedin forwarded “hundreds of thousands” of messages to her husband so he could print them out, including some that contained classified information. If that was indeed the case, why is this news?

    • nfcapitalist

      Because 3000 of these email were just now released to the Judicial Watch and although many were 100% redacted those were established to be connected to the muslim brotherhood and others did include classified documents… and that’s NEWS!

      …. you’re welcome.

      • PatrickJ

        Thanks, but the news was already reported and confirmed by Comey himself while testifying under oath to the Senate. How does Judicial Watch actually having the emails change what we already knew?

        • nfcapitalist

          The current messaging even on FOX by talking heads is “we need to move on.”

          Is that the message… leaving enemies and criminals who conspired to overthrow our constitutionally elected president of the United States?

          Move on?

          • PatrickJ

            Of course I agree with you. I just don’t see how Judicial Watch having the actual emails makes any difference since we already have Comey’s testimony that they exist.
            In any case, I trust in your judgement of such things.

  • Nick Rose

    Not that I’m complaining but even our resident liberal apologist friends,
    Rufus Firefly, Nathan Pinnhead and DCBlueBlood are suspiciously absent.

    Not even these fools will defend this obvious breach of the public trust.

    Hmmmm, quite telling.


    • Wanda

      Yeah, they will defend it, because they can’t think for themselves and just don’t know no better.

    • Vera Orsova

      I think they are composing posts explaining how this is absolutely a “nothingburger” and a figment of conservatives’ imagination. Fox had one of these apologists on last night, and he had the audacity to say that this news is bordering on harassment of private citizens and is completely false. So, get ready for our liberal village idiots to descent very soon.

      • nfcapitalist

        FOX now have talking heads saying we need to move on…. this needs to be exposed and eradicated from the intelligence communities or we have left the gates open to those enemies at the gates.

        • Jim

          Dershowitz is doing his best to say we should all turn a blind eye to this and move on. Trying to cover for them.

          • whoselineisitanyway

            Alan Dershowitz is a Putz.

            He may be Jewish, but not a true Jew, he’s like Soros.

  • nfcapitalist

    This is a cover-up of conspiracy to unseat a constitutionally elected president of the United States committed in the highest offices of the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation… an insurance policy for communists?

    Remember when the FBI tracked communists like the WHO tracks Ebola… and for the same reason… Holodomor!?

  • Done With It

    Trump is being investigated on rumors paid gained from Russians paid by Hillary and the DNC while Hillary got off without charges after intentionally violating FOIA document rules as well as laws against removing classified information from government control.

    Either our government needs to prosecute her, or I’m afraid they will be removed by force if necessary.

    There’s a civil war coming and the apparatchiks are not going to fare well.

    I sure hope Trump is able to avoid that all by getting the DOJ to do its job.

  • nfcapitalist

    I don’t hate Democrats… I hate criminals and traitors…. how can the obvious be this hard to understand?

    What was it on so many of those emails that had to be completely redacted… and no, we don’t want to be done with this… it will lie underneath the cover-up and rot the DOJ from the inside out!

  • JoeAM

    No repercussions for the investigators that ignored this? Why should anyone be expected to follow the rules if the the government does not?

  • Sons of Liberty

    The FBI, and by extension the DoJ, have known about this for quite some time now. And STILL no prosecutions for ANYTHING. The Arwan boys have sent all this stuff and more back to the sandbox too. You can bet on it.
    What is going on with our law enforcement?

  • GeneralMayhem

    Fellow patriots, at this point the headline could easily read: “Clinton cabal filmed and recorded selling military secrets to Americas enemies” and NOTHING will happen to any of them. It would need an inquiry by committees and councils before any action would be taken. Such is the state of our country.

    • nfcapitalist

      CNN and MSNBC would defend the Clintons and Obama’s administration if they wrote and signed confessions on international TV!

  • Jim Hatfield

    Is there any LAW in this Country? Have some controling the Government decided that the LAW is only meant for certain sectors of the American Society? Are those serving within the Government so currupt that that they’re afraid to go after one another?

    • nfcapitalist

      The Federalist Papers are inspiring… best listened to on audible because of the 230 yrs. of colloquial changes.

    • Sandy Harris

      NO YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nfcapitalist

    Conspiracy to overthrough the United States Government…. isn’t that what the intelligence community was supposed to defeat?

  • Iam Ironman

    and given his wife is daughter of the leader of the muslim brotherhood its pretty clear to see clinton, through weiner, was selling classified documents to the muslim extremist group, and in that, was actively committing high treason

    • nfcapitalist

      Selling 20% of America’s uranium mining resources to the Russian military isn’t enough to be called… treason?

      Not that I disagree… we are seeing that half of the oath we took swearing into the military… to protect our constitution against enemies foreign and “domestic!”

  • Aldo

    WOW – Good thing worthless mueller is working on that collusion thing !!!!

  • nfcapitalist

    ‘Judicial Watch’ should replace the entire Department of Justice… that would in itself remove half of legalized crime from the Federal government.

    Criminal acts under ‘Color of Law, section 242, item 18.’

  • nfcapitalist

    Crimes of the previous administration must be exposed or they will lie dormant which is likely the plan… Uranium One??!


  • nfcapitalist

    America, the last nation on the planet where citizens are defending freedom from tyranny and those old dead white guys despised by the enemy gave us the tools to do it with.

  • eladtoor

    One thing, at least, is now for damned-sure:

    Anthony Weiner must have been dreaming of his wiener photos on the ‘Net, rather than paying attention during his Mossad training classes.

  • Beaula

    Hillary’s “close” confidant Huma, has family heavily embroiled in the Muslim Brotherhood! What happened to all the “evidence” that the FBI got when they raided her family’s house? Or was that just a cover-up to get “evidence” out? I’m sick of the whole lot of them and it’s time they paid their due!

    • nfcapitalist

      This is the evidence… this defines the word, ‘incredible!’

      The premium law enforcement and investigative agency on the planet has been infected with criminals… traitors at the highest level!

      • Disgusted Caucasian

        Thanks to the eight years of the Obama reign of lawless terror.

        • nfcapitalist

          … actually… thanks might be ‘inaccurate.’

          Certainly the offspring of an unmarried communist mother and european colonialist hating father pushed the legalization of criminal acts and now all of the talking heads, even on FOX are saying “we need to move on.”

  • Charles Martel

    Lots of conscious national security law breaking by many Hillary cronies but they wern’t worried: Hillary was absolutely certain to be POTUS. Oops.

    • Tyrone

      Yes, fortunately, the Clinton Crime Cartel is not as powerful as it used to be, just may be there can be justice served here.

  • Theo Stall

    HOW are these people NOT IN JAIL ALREADY!!!

    • nfcapitalist

      Are they afraid of death… of some cabal threatening insurrection, what in American history couldn’t be cured by honesty and equal justice before the law?

      • Amelia

        That was what was coming to mind for me. What if Sessions is working on it quietly. Getting everything locked down. If it were public he was doing that he would be in danger. And no telling who else. Hope springs eternal.

    • Beaula

      Hopefully gathering all this and making a massive case against Ohole, Commie and all the rest of them!

      • Aldo

        killary killer klinton !!!!

      • kaiju

        I believe you are correct. Obama so corrupted the DOJ that Sessions has had to spend the last year cleaning the place out. You can’t have a solid investigation unless you’ve got solid investigators. When the hammer comes down we want the charges to stick and the whole BHO regime nailed to the cross.

    • Aldo

      Golfing !!!

    • nfcapitalist

      The entire 7th floor of the Hoover Building would be doing the ‘perp walk’ if there were a Department of Internal Affairs!

      • Elizabeth A. Parks


    • iwontell

      YEP I’m a little irritated that Session didn’t jump in and quickly take on ALL OF THE SWAMP PEOPLE.
      He sure had the capability to DO IT…….what’s up Jeff…….this isn’t you.
      PUT THE FIRE OF HELL ON ALL OF THEM and see what CRAWLS out of the Woodwork.

      • nfcapitalist

        Good post… see you in prison just before they stand us up against the wall and shoot us… and we’ll squirt chickens#it through our teeth at them in return… love it!!!

    • Studebaker_Hawk

      Time for a Million Man Deplorables to choke Pennsylvania Ave. Everyone with signs demanding Sessions be fired.

  • thecleaner45

    The more the left pushes to find President Trump’s so called corruption theirs comes to light brighter and brighter everyday. Lock all of those failures up. Clinton failire barry, Soros and the rest of the corruption crew.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Don’t get your hopes up. If Judicial Watch was able to get it from the DOJ, they already knew about it and refuse to prosecute. This just another thing for Sessions to ignore.

      • nfcapitalist

        And another means for citizens to hold “Justice” accountable.

        • Daninfla6th

          EXACTLY! And I believe we will hold them accountable, one way or another.
          DO NOT FORGET that if that were us, the key would have already been thrown away!


        or they are getting more evidence. It doesn’t just fall into their laps.

    • antiliberal00

      Obozo’s entire administration should be hung for high treason yet it looks like they will get off completely.

      • charliehorsescout

        I disagree respectfully. I don’t think it’s really gotten started yet. The Donald,OUR President doesn’t forget,and he doesn’t let go.He already has them running around chasing their own tails. Just sit back,grab a beer and some popcorn,this is gonna be fun..

        • kaiju

          Obama nearly destroyed the whole executive branch of government. I do believe though that Trump and Sessions have made tremendous progress in the cleanup this year. The fact that it’s been quiet is a good sign.

          Obama thought he had corrupted the government beyond repair, but didn’t count on Trump. Hillary isn’t as smart as people think either. Huma was Hillary’s closest aid, but just look at what a fool she really was.

    • RMB38

      We are seeing the Law of Karma working as it should.
      Most times, when the Left throws something at a Republican, it turns into a boomerang.

    • mark abby

      I don’t think the left cares how corrupt any one on their side is. It’s only illegal when any one on the right does it.

      The left claims they want a diverse society yet they embrace Muslims whose religion does not allow for diversity.

      What it comes down to is : “the enemy of my enemy is my friend “

    • Caleagles fan

      I agree. The left is going to be on the defensive

  • C B

    That’s because Hillary’s insider at the FBI had it covered up …………..

  • JL Ziegler

    Maybe ignore them, I don’t know. It seems like they want exposure and like narcissists they love to see their nasty faces in the news.

    • nfcapitalist

      Ignore who, sir?

      Ignore those in the highest levels of law enforcement who intrigue against our lawfully elected president?

      • thecleaner45

        I think NOT!

        • nfcapitalist

          That’s all you’ve got?

          … so you’ve got… nothing!

        • thecleaner45

          Not to ignore them. We need to take action against the corruption.

  • nfcapitalist

    On all Federal Departments blog boards can be found the NO FEAR program that was supposed to protect whistle blowers from threats but then James Clapper threatened OIG Charles McCullough… this is a crime and remains a crime!!!

  • nfcapitalist

    America is waiting for an apology from the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, for the current acts of covering up or past acts of the leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and come clean on all of their criminal actors… it’s the only way they will regain some modicum of trust going on from here!

  • Jim

    I’m waiting for a deeply intellectual and patriotic tweet from the “Honorable” James Comey on this.

    • nfcapitalist

      … sarcasm is hardly amusing when our intelligence community are committing sedition and perhaps having attempted a coup!

    • HarryObrian

      The thought of that makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  • nfcapitalist

    Former Director of NSA, James Clapper threatened OIG Charles McCullough at the direction of D senator Diane Feinstein, and now we are seeing the FBI and DOJ bureaucrats covering up and stonewalling their complicity in sedition… making plans and moves to undermine this legitly elected president of the United States… treason in high places!

  • Jim

    A sailor was jailed for a year for sharing with his family a selfie pic he took on a submarine – that happened to have some image of the sub internals in the bkgrd. I don’t believe Pres Trump has pardoned – as indeed he shouldn’t. What justice will the Clinton cabal face??

    • HarryObrian

      Absolutely nothing. They’ll waste millions of dollars and millions of man hours and the fake news will fly off the screen but absolutely nothing will happen to Hillary and her servant.

      • iwontell

        Considering all the known facts……I think Trump should pardon Al Capone posthumously. …….he was a small time crook compared to the CLINTON CRIMINAL CRIME FAMILY and their not in JAIL………it’s not fair.

        • nfcapitalist

          … you’re good!

        • “The” Bobguy

          Could the Rosenberg’s get a post humus pardon. Don’t think they meant to do anything wrong either.

          • nfcapitalist

            Not many alive know who the Rosenbergs were… but if and when the communists win… they’ll be a statue of them replacing the Washington Monument.

    • Aldo

      Un-***king-beliveable !!!!

    • iwontell


      • “The” Bobguy

        We hope.

    • TexanForever

      … A “no, no, you mustn’t do that.”

  • survivor50

    I’m shocked…SHOCKED I TELL YOU !!!
    (Didn’t we already know this last year???)

    • Jim

      I don’t think so. When Comey’s FBI miraculously reviewed so many emails on Weiner’s laptop in matter of a few days, he said there was nothing there and it was mainly just innocent duplicates of many of Clinton/Abedin emails.

    • nfcapitalist

      … and nothing was done about Huma Abedin, Sheryl Mills, and Hillary Clinton among others for lying to the FBI and exposing Top Secret and Special Access Progr information… treason!

    • Jim

      Ok, here was the reporting from CNN at the time. A senior law enforcment agent said:

      There were some classified emails found, but law enforcement officials stressed the issue is not the classified information so much as proving intent. The sources would not specify if the the classified messages were new or duplicates of ones already reviewed, nor would would officials say how many there were and what levels at which they were classified.
      “Keep in mind we are focused on intent,” the official said. “We know there are classified materials, but that doesn’t change the conclusion reached back in July.”

      The old intent deflection. And this is current because JW now has the [heavilly redacted] emails found on Weiner’s laptop.

      • nfcapitalist

        Director Christopher Wray… are you covering up this cover-up?

        Then CONTEMPT, sir!!!


      • Arnold Maize

        If I shoot my handgun into the air celebrating the new year and the bullet comes down hits a child in the head and kills them, I go to prison. Even though I never had any intent to kill a child or anyone. It is assumed that I am intelligent enough to know something could happen.

        • “The” Bobguy

          Basically any military person who held a clearance, even at the “Confidential” level, knew you didn’t lock a paper copy of it in your desk or email to your personal address. If you did, you were toast.

          • nfcapitalist

            If you spoke words to a stranger on a train that included classified information you were toast… no text, paper, email, etc. required to be regarded as being a crime.

  • nfcapitalist

    Minimal effort but thanks… America is watching what were the patriotic intelligence communities resisting the exposure of anti-American activities as seen with the previous administra’s DOJ and FBI threatening the OIG, Charles McCullough for bringing the FBI investigation of Uranium One to the attention of Congress!

  • Lenny Woodson

    These people, along with Clinton, need a severe and brutal beating. Someone get me my Louisville Slugger.

  • Nick Rose

    Hopefully it is only a matter of time before the traitors to America are brought to justice.


    • HarryObrian

      Fitton actually said this with a straight face?
      “Fitton also said, this raises questions why the department of justice let Clinton and Huma Abedin off the hook for mishandling the documents.”
      Unfortunately, if lower tier people like Lois Lerner and Comey can give Congress the finger and walk away with multi-million dollar pensions and benefits then you know that these Dixie Mafia protected criminals will spend a very wealthy and healthy retirement laughing at Congress as well.

      • nfcapitalist

        … so, your plan is to, surrender to tyranny?

        • UEM

          Actually, I think he is just pointing out the obvious. Progs own the FBI to the extent they can influence elections and blame the other guy and when everyone finds out about it nothing happens. It’s not over till the fat lady sings, but as yet she has not cleared her throat.

          • nfcapitalist

            I got that too… but this is no time to relax.

            The Director of the FBI needs to know he is a criminal himself if he covers up this cover-up… this infection must be exposed to daylight!

        • HarryObrian

          No, but I can’t get a clear shot at it either…

          • nfcapitalist

            You’re here and standing up to EVIL!!!

            Never allow this treasonous movement to destroy our country… remember Lois Lerner sneering at America knowing she would be protected and then November 8, 2016 when these traitors saw their plan go ON HOLD.

      • iwontell

        Hey here’s a good rumor or fake news to start………Comey colluded with Hillary so “off with their heads”……
        Obviously the whole ting SMELLS……..and nothing happens.

    • Mark Steiner

      Nick-I wish I could say you’re right but unfortunately we live in the age of deception and lawlessness. To bring the Clinton machine to justice will only cause a riot like the one in Charlotte, NC by the primitive natives knowns as progressives/liberals.

      • nfcapitalist

        Criminals will riot if criminal acts are exposed, criminals are indicted, tried in court, and punished?

        Then ‘legalization of crime’ is the new normal?

        Over my dead body!

      • Studebaker_Hawk

        Bring it. The Tree of Liberty need refreshing.

    • iwontell