China’s Historical Hesitancy to Crack Down on North Korea

December 29, 2018

Washington, D.C.- Emerald Robinson, Political Correspondent

As President Trump calls out China once again for potentially violating U.N. sanctions by providing oil to North Korea, satellite imaging suggests that the rogue regime is preparing for another ballistic missile test.  Though China has been more compliant with sanctions on North Korea under the new administration, historically the country has been hesitant to act against it’s troublesome neighbor.

Brigham McCown, CEO of Nouveau Consulting and a former Navy officer once responsible for overseeing air warfare strategy on the Korean Peninsula, says there are several reasons for this hesitancy.  First, McCown says that the larger country enjoys having it’s smaller neighbor as a buffer state between itself and  a U.S. presence.  As an ally to America, South Korea’s goal has long been reunification with the North. According to McCown, that something the Chinese are not so warm on.  “They don’t want an American presence on their doorstep,” added McCown.

McCown says that the Chinese perspective remains that a unified Korea is not in the best interest of China.  Neither is it in the interest of Russia either says McCown.  The two separate states are a leftover from the ending of World War II in the Pacific where the Korea’s were divided along the 38th parallel.

Secondly, China fears the effects of a destabilized North Korea.  China is not alone in that fear, hence a multiple decade diplomatic approach to the wayward nation.  In the event of a regime change, no clear successor is evident deterring Western nations like the U.S. from simply “taking him out.”  According to McCown, the most likely scenario could involve one of the generals taking over the country.  Due to the nature of this “secret society,” very little is known about individuals that could potentially be installed as leader in the event of a regime change.  Also, North Koreans have had very little exposure to the outside world.  McCown says one of the concerns is that such a successor might not understand the full capabilities of a coalition that includes America, South Korea, Japan and others in the region prompting them to commence military action in the region.

A destabilized country due to regime change would most likely result in an influx of migrants trying to cross the border of North Korea into neighboring countries, especially China. A regime change could also result in a vacuum, as seen in Iraq, which could be very destabilizing for the entire region.

With Kim Jong Un looking to test another ballistic missile soon with the goal of reaching the continental United States, the reasons for not taking military action become less and less relevant.  McCown warned that another missile test at the beginning of the new year is highly likely and the occurrence of such begs the question, “How credible do we think he is in getting a missile to the U.S. and how does that change the game going forward?”



  • willnkc

    These launches by NK could be a perfect way for us to test our anti-missile defense systems. Shoot them down as they leave the pad.

  • Commander Balok

    So why doesn’t China just have Kim assassinated? I mean, they could if they wanted to, right?

  • Roscoe

    How many lives did China lose in keeping this rouge regime in power in the 50’s? The Chinese are invested in NOKO. There never has been peace in the Korea’s, only a cease fire. North Korea does not need to be destabilized it needs to taken over by a force for the good of the North Korean people. Nuke their military sites and be done with them. If they really have a nuclear missile capable of hitting the USA then maybe they will hit LA, or San Francisco, or Sacramento which would be no great loss to the country at all.

  • Decline Tostate

    China created N. Korea to be their attack dog against the U.S., and they want N. Korea to successfully attack us, hopefully seriously disable us so they can then attack and take over. Anyone watching this play out over the years knows it. We don’t want war with China, tho someday we may have one anyway, but we have to cage their dog. They leave us with no other option.

  • jenshadus

    This is historical? They have historically NOT done anything about NK

  • off the hook

    Kim jung 0 sends up a Test ICBM, then at the same time, We send up a Test ICBM Interceptor,
    problem solved, after all they were both just tests, right??

  • Jim

    Preparing for another ballistic missile test? Conduct a surgical strike to take out the preparations. Tell Lil Rocket Man he and his dirt eaters are toast if he retaliates in any way.

  • BigMark

    We have been hearing this song and dance since the end of the Korean “War.” The American Presidents since that time have kicked the can down the road… about malfeasance! Some even advanced the NK knowledge with nuke assistance (guess who!) Now we come to Trump, the first non-professional politician since Geo. Washington……..who has the most distasteful job imaginable….to try to end this crap, or talk the little bucktooth fat kid down.
    Seems to me that because of past can kicking…the fat kid won’t change his tune so the alternative is…….coordinated simultaneous strike. How to do it? Hide and watch Mad Dog….don’t interfere, just watch.
    And the invasion to follow will be of bull dozers to bury what was.

  • jasonwaits

    Made in China. Its time to send a message of audios. Build factories each side of Mexico border, put millions to work. Illegals will go home and build their country. China can build Kim-Marts all over North Korea and continue The Fat Cat Dynasty.

    • Spud51

      Mexico already has factories, so the only way to make them go back is to stop their US Government assistance.!!!

  • Vigilant Templar

    I don’t understand how having a buffer state be it communist, totalitarian, or democracy makes any rational sense given the immense military and intelligence might of China. China could profit financially by having a Korean state as progressive and financially savvy and stable as South Korea at its border.


    All that bad stuff written above
    is the result of what North Korea has done.
    It is all the fault of N. Korea
    and their partners – Bush / Clinton / Bush / Obama / CIA /
    the US Deep State Bad Guys / and of course
    Russia – Russia – Russia and China – China – China
    Trump is doing positive stuff

    What is really scary is a guy named Edward Teller
    and all the guys he worked with
    that and
    UN Agenda 2030
    along with efforts to protect
    The Blue Whale
    from human beings and their Carbon Footprint Hoax

  • Justin McCarthy

    europe has fallen

  • Tex Norris

    Enjoyed the comments, agree with the comments, but a word of caution…our trust in the Trump Administration to cure some of these agreed upon World problems is facing a ‘HUGE’ test this year. Prepare yourselves now for the horrible press re the Trump agenda. Start now by shoring up our determination to get out the ‘bomer vote’, it’s our only chance to keep this ‘change’ happening.
    It’s so easy to say it’ll be OK and stay at home and not vote, urge anyone and everyone you know to read thru the ‘poll results’ and other negative news and prepare to vote this mid terms election year. We are on the right track but it could be brought to a screeching halt by our historical nonchalant voting record.

  • nfcapitalist

    Good thing we have that 2nd amendment… biggest armed force in the world… American citizens.

    The Chinese Army would be smeared into raspberry jam if they were to invade our shores… Japan knew that and Germany found out in the end… 100,000,000 (million) minutemen… and two hundred million in reserve.

    • Localdude

      I’m with you NF, for a variety of reasons. Love your posts. I am glad to see OANN more active in their reports, increasingly. Their voice is needed as other posters have observed here. I do believe its ‘game time’ for China to shred off some of its previous attitudes and positions. It wants to be a first class world presence. I am hoping this president there – will impress us and find a way to shut it down while preserving Chinas interests in the region and the economic global stage. It is shown that our new leadership has influenced China. A hard thing to actually pull off historically. Free speech and the 2nd amendment protect this shining beacon of hope called the USA. I do believe this influences all, world wide. We are the best hope for humanity.

    • Spud51

      The Chinese couldn’t handle the logistics necessary to invade the US in the present situation, and although I believe that your estimation of the numbers of Patriotic defenders of the Country are a bit high, I do agree that we have a force to be reckoned with.!!!

      • nfcapitalist

        Russia, Alaska, and Canada are the targets… and the world including the government or bureaucrats and Neville Chamberlains of the lower 48 would appease China one step at a time… imo.

        • willnkc

          It’s funny how in the original movie, “Red Dawn”, they came in through Mexico. That’s highly unlikely considering how watched that border is today.

  • JustmJustm

    And N Korea I really don’t think that some one who has ties of Ancaster in SKorea from the North couldn’t be put to power to solve that problem!!
    But it will take DECADES to make them to really change and even the residues of this regime to dissipate in they minds…..

  • JustmJustm

    And the way I see it a war with anyone it’s nothing more for China is just population controll!!!!
    What if they loose out of 1.4 bill a 2-3 hundred mill???
    Give them the ” right” to eliminate more of they elderly!!!
    I actually can see that happening , communists are not sheepish killing they own and it’s all over in they history……well documented

  • harrydweeks

    OMG , SHOCK , DISMAY ……. China lie’s . Bahahahahaha.

  • larryjcr

    China has been using NK for decades. Every time NK acts up, somebody goes, hat in hand, to China for help with the problem, which gives them leverage on everyone else involved. But they DON’T want the NK government or economy to collapse. That would mean a massive wave of refugees coming into China, and might well leave China with the choice of taking direct control of NK, or seeing SK do it. They don’t like either idea.
    While SK still talks about reunification, they’ve seen what it cost Germany, and aren’t eager for what trying to absorb the North would do to their own economy.

  • Deplorable Dirty Harry

    The ‘destabilizers’ are the Chicoms. The back stabbers have gotten their way since the eighties and Trump will end it.
    The NK are redheaded stepchildren to the Chicoms-people to keep under foot.

    • Chas Dan

      North Korea is the attack dog owned by China. When the dog barks (which is does on the command from Beijing), people get scared and go to China. Because they want a favor from China, no doubt China wants favors in return, like good trade deals.

      If China wanted Kimmie out of there, he would have been dead long ago. But because he is a fool, he makes a good puppet.

      If North Korea threatens the US with a missile, and we call their bluff, it is North Korea who looks foolish, not China. Then China can step in and “save the day” by pretending to talk them into not firing the missile. China, in the mean time, will have tested the resolve of the US without looking like the bully.

  • billy roche

    Russia and China are keeping N. Korea going by selling it oil. What does N.K. use in payment? A good question b/c you can be sure the Chinese and Russians are not giving oil away. Keeping NK “fueled” means it will continue developing missiles and nukes. So we must accept that China and Russia are content w/that. Ultimately NK will get missiles able to reach Paris, Warsaw, and London; but I don’t hear any Europeans saying “we’ll help”. So, either the Japanese, S.Koreans, and Phillipinos agree to be vassals of NK, or they will have to say to Trump “do your thing”. Now that leaves us alone. Another idea w/b to do nothing until N.Korea destroys Los Angeles and THEN destroy N.K. Yeah, that’s the ticket … wait. Getting rid of LA and SF might not be bad but Trump can’t do that. So if waiting is not an option and we c/n get NK to stop then we have to destroy it. There w/b much death and destruction in Japan and SK. The US will be blamed. People will forget Chinese and Russian complicity, the press w/n write that the rest of the world looked the other way.

  • Jacobeo500

    Of course China is going to hesitate and in fact do nothing to curb North Korea’s aggression, it is Chinese money and technology that is 100% involved here. The poor saps in North Korea will in the end be thrown under the bus if the west decides to go the way of Saddam Hussein on them. Its no skin off the backs of the Chinese government. But for now the Chinese are enjoying the seeing the west squirm by North Korea’s antics. Remove all Chinese products from Walmart, Home Depot Etc. Etc. Etc. and see how funny the this situation really is for the Chinese.

    • Michael G. Wilson

      Just what are you going to replace all those Chinese goods with, bush the first opened the flood gates of a massive exodus of this countries industry. We do not make tools here any more, Brass is a thing of the past the EPA destroyed all most all manufacturing that included any refining of minerals. The permitting process has almost done in all mining. With all of the governmental regulatory agency’s, we can not longer build an other major highway, railroad, petrochemical refinery, or any other project that endangers any frog, minnow, bird, or salamander, or any thing that the left will find to shut down any and all progress to MAGA! Hay, the one world government will make everything just right and no one will want for any thing and there will never be a need for war ever again LOL ROTFLMAO!

      • willnkc

        I think Clinton had more to do with it. The real exodus started with Bill Clinton.

  • Lee Vincent

    If there is blood… it will be on the hands of China.

    • All American

      The World Leaders should reflect on Hitlers history. Then think anout what they are doing with little madman.

    • Dan Tandan

      as well as the bush boys, cliton and obama

      • EpicMale

        Don’t forget Jiminey Cartuh!

      • willnkc

        Bush 41 had little to do with it, and Bush 42 at least kept up the tough sanctions.

    • BigMark

      Not that world in general, give a s***. That is what’s wrong with this whole mess.
      We have three battle groups in the Western Pacific. Included in those battle groups are ballistic subs, and hunter/killer subs. If the hunter/killers take out the Chinese and Russian subs and the ballistics take out NK, it will all be over in 20 minutes…..and that is the only option we have.
      The Russians will probably throw up their hands palms out, and go home…if they are warned that we will blow them a new****** in the next 10 seconds, but the Chinese may not. Although they know that in an all-out shooting match, they will lose.

      • Lee Vincent

        Unfortunately, Chinese and Russian troops know that they better shoot or be shot by their own. They’re going to die no matter what.

  • Chkitout1

    If the Chinese didn’t want NK to have nuclear weapons, they wouldn’t have them. The U.S. must do everything it can to strengthen it’s economic and military capability. Failure to do so will ultimately result in Washington DC being renamed Mao Tse Tung City.

  • Johnny G.

    Complicated situation there in NK. If the question (and problem of) NK reaching to global levels of Nuclear proficiency were effectively curtailed, the world might be able to co-habitat with NK as a sovereign nation. How they treat their own people can be addressed without the threat of a mushroom cloud,

    • SendThemPacking

      Oby is that you!!

  • Ricardo Garcia

    The Chinese are using NK to do their dirty work! China is pushing in all directions and every way they can to project their future empire building…

    • Chas Dan

      Very astute of you, Ricardo! You have the eyes to see what is happening.

  • iwontell

    Well McCown, are you saying NK ISN’T DESTABILIZED already..
    Explain how it could get worse……you didnt above.

  • A marcus Young

    When is everyone going to stop ignoring the big elephant in the room. China, Russia, and the Democrat Party are in a co-ordinated effort.

    • Chas Dan

      Well said…..and true.

    • willnkc

      I agree wholeheartedly.

  • All American

    Are they Communists, Marxists, Socialists or Capitalists?
    Are they confused or am I??

    • A marcus Young

      Democrats are anything they need to be in order to overpower you.

    • Dalton Cooper

      They want the downfall of America regardless of what you call them !

      • All American

        And they have awakened the sleeping giant🇺🇸

    • Chas Dan

      They aren’t confused. They are ideologically communists, practicing both socialism and limited capitalism – the proceeds from which they use to feed their war machine. They have brilliantly learned to use capitalism without falling victim to it making them soft and weak, instead using it for the purpose of the nation.

      They still lock people up over there for talking bad about Mao Zedong. Don’t be fooled that they don’t all wear the funny suits any more. Underneath, their underwear is still red.

      • All American

        My Daddy said many times when I was a child “never trust China!”
        He shared wisdom predicting land, sea, air, commerce and a plan for world aggression.
        By golly Father Knew Best!

        • Chas Dan

          Your father was downright prophetic If you don’t mind me asking, did your Dad live to see the US making China rich?

          • All American

            My Dad was a WWII Veteran who fought on a ship in the battle of Guadalcanal. He passed away when everything was made in America thank God🇺🇸

          • Chas Dan

            Then I’m glad he doesn’t have to be here to see it. My Dad passed in 2005 and my Mom last year, so they got to see it all going to hell starting in the 60’s. I’m glad they are with the Lord now and beyond all the suffering. My Mom was very political right to the end. She had become legally blind and counted on me to cast her vote in the GOP Primary -for Trump. She didn’t live to see him win, dying in March of 2016.

    • willnkc

      NK is completely totalitarian, while China has a totalitarian government with a capitalistic economy.

      • All American

        NK’s “supreme leader” is Pure Evil.
        Any one “given” or taking a position to oversee a country’s well being that turns their countrymen into peasants, laboring prisoners in camps, that breeds fear while he is the size of a small submarine because he is feasting on steak, caviar and champagne doesn’t deserve anything but hell!

  • truthtester

    NK is nothing but a surrogate of Red China. NK does what China tells them to do.

  • C B

    China is an aggressor slowly emerging with the idea of World Domination and I mean Secular World Domination . None of this open border Globalization crap for them . They only want to see Chinese people in the world . Japan gave it a shot but they were unable to pull it off and now realize that they are forever small and weak but happy with their Secularism . Does anyone notice that there are only Arabs in the Middle East , Chinese in China , Indians in India etc. etc. etc . . There’s a reason for that and it will never change . Every immigrant in the U.S.A. , if they are honest will tell you that they are from wherever they came from first and American last . Its not Immigration we are seeing , its an invasion . Listen to your President and stop it now or loose America …………..

    • Jim Dorrough

      I’ve been saying for many years the day will come when we’ll be at war with Mexicans and Muslims along with all the other aliens right here on American soil. It will soon, if it hasn’t already, come to a point where we’re out numbered. If it weren’t for the national guard, organized militia and armed citizens, we would probably already be at war. If we were going thru another eight year Obama era right now, where our borders were open to young adult male Muslims, it would be too late. Critisize all you you want, but they want our country without us in it. If it keeps going like it has the last twenty five years, in another twenty five years America won’t exist. You millennials mark my words. The day is coming when you’ll have to fight for your life or be extinguished unless things change really fast.

      • C B

        Gospel Truth , well spoken …….

      • JustmJustm

        Unfortunately it’s true….thanks part to obummer…..

      • Chris Gerber

        All the more reason to accept Christ as your savior… so you have someplace to go, other than Hell.


        We will be at war with those freaks I saw
        blocking the Washington DC park entrances
        on Trump inauguration day.
        I did not know such scary freaks were around.
        I saw women yelling crazy creepy stuff

        I don’t like the way they talk
        I like the way Carl Childers talks a lot better

        How do you call the police?
        You dial Nine One One Carl
        Ask them to send a Hurst too

        Um hum
        Alrighty then

        Give me some of them French Fried Potaters
        Got any mustard back there?

        • jenshadus

          I gotta ask, antifa seems to wear black, are we going to wear red?

      • The Punisher

        so true, but China has no reason to stop North Korea, or Iran, they prefer to have America waste time, money and lives confronting these terrorist states, and the Muslim hoard while they keep on creating wealth, building their smart cities, and laughing all the way to the bank.
        our Government has sold us out for the past 4 decades, hopefully its not too late, Trump is our last hope, pray for him, as well as pray that the Media have their eyes opened, their mouths shut, and the truth be spoken once again, condemn them all, if that’s where the truth falls, once we confirm that there is no one beyond the grasp of justice, and incarcerate them, we will never get over this.

    • jenshadus

      What I find really interesting is that China has slowly been moving towards their version of capitalism, and the US slowly moved towards a socialistic state. We’re going to end up looking alike.

      • willnkc

        The closer liberals bring us to socialism, the more likely war with break out. I think it will be the inner city ghetto dwellers against suburban and rural patriots and militias.

        • jenshadus

          Its been going on for 130 years, slowly and steadily and most people dont see it suburbunites are the blindest because the still have the urban mentality. Itll be the country side against the city and guess who had the food and water?

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      Trusting China is like trusting a chicken hawk!

  • Christopher Binkowski

    Say it with me everyone: Puppet State.

    • billy roche

      Puppet State ….I really c/n bring myself to even think it but is NK simply acting as a surrogate for China/Russia.

      • Chas Dan

        Move to the head of the class, Billy. You’re willing to admit what many of the world’s politicians either won’t admit, or are too stupid to figure out.

        North Korea is the bully stick China uses to test the world around it, without having to take the direct blame so they can continue to look like they’re not so evil after all.

        If North Korea threatens the US with a missile, and the US calls North Korea’s bluff, it’s not China that will loose face in the eyes of the world, but North Korea, while China will have tested our resolve. And China can always make a last minute intervention with NK to stop them from firing the missile, which will make China look even BETTER. And you can bet the MSM and the Left will gush about how Trump and Kim Jong Un almost blew up the world, but CHINA stepped in and made it allllll riiiiiight!

        All the Lefties in the Western world are getting a leg tingle over Xi Jinping. He’s like the Chinese Obama.


          You make sense here
          Scary sense

          • Chas Dan

            It’s VERY scary, John.

      • Spectrah

        Interesting comments in this forum coming from different political strategy perspectives. The single biggest dilemma the US is facing in my opinion among others is the political biased media. Conservative media needs to stop proving the liberal media bias as being nuts, most common sense Americans can see this. Truthful media is needed to ignite their own channels in the mainstream media such as OANN that report facts and leave the citizen’s to think for themselves on what to believe. We are losing generations of younger people and confused adults in believing and fighting against others based on falsehoods. American has to unite to be effective, this is the first step in getting our Country back while we deal with our political strategy overseas.

        • BillVA

          Heck, the biased media is a global problem, not merely a domestic one. I’m sure you agree.

          I went to “antenna tv” a few years ago (with satellite being my only other option here in the sticks) and sometimes watch international news broadcasts (BBC, German and French based outlets) on PBS. The Left-leaning bias is frightening.

          The entire world is being propagandized.

        • Johnny G.

          “Divide and conquer”. Was said once, and is being done again.

        • willnkc

          The gates have been breached, the enemy is already among us.

      • “I’m a Rooster!”

        You have a keen insight. Look up the Korean War. You’ll find Russia and China funded it.

    • RMCS Ret.

      China is in it for their own self interests. Look at is like the US and Canada. It’s not as simple a solution as most would think. Russia, on the other hand, is the wild card. Russia was the major player in forcing/coercing China into the Korean “conflict.” It’s not something the Chinese were overly exuberant about doing being, at that time, still at war with Taiwan. I’m pretty sure China would, if given their druthers, that the NKorean problem would go away. Alas, it’s their problem ally to the north much as Mexico is our problem ally to the south.