China Denies Alleged N. Korea Oil Sales

December 29, 2017
OAN Newsroom

China sends it’s response to President Trump after he called out the country for continuing to trade with North Korea.

Despite photographic evidence, China is denying recent reports that it’s continuing to trade with the regime.

Satellite images released by the U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday shows a Chinese vessel allegedly selling oil to the isolated dictatorship.

While Beijing didn’t directly deny the authenticity of the photos, a foreign ministry spokeswoman said the government would never have allowed the transaction to take place.

FILE – In this Sept. 15, 2017, file photo, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying gestures during a press briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Beijing. China on Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 denied violating U.N.-imposed limits on oil supplies to North Korea after U.S. President Donald Trump criticized Beijing for allowing oil to reach the North. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, File)

“We never allow Chinese citizens and companies to engage in activities that violate the Security Council resolutions,” said Hua Chunying, a spokeswomen for the Chinese Foreign Ministry. “If, through investigation, it’s confirmed there are violations of the Security Council resolutions, China will deal with them seriously in accordance with laws and regulations.”

The spokeswoman added, there were no records of the ship in question entering or exiting any Chinese ports.

The Treasury says the transaction happened in deep waters between the two countries.

Earlier on Thursday, President Trump tweeted out about the incident saying he’s very disappointed China would allow the transaction to happen.

The president has said his so-far friendly relationship with China would continue only if it continued to help put pressure on North Korea.

  • bigmurr

    Never trust China! All they do is lie!!!

  • Joe

    Typical commie liars

  • Jr1776

    Sounds like Hillary

  • China will just change the name of the ship and call it a day.
    They never had any intention of backing the resolution, and never will, because NK is China’s rabid chihuahua guarding their backdoor.
    Though NK leadership is sacrificial, as is the NK people, they’ll never allow NK to become a free Western culture, the very thing they guard against.

  • All American


    • bigmurr

      Being from Detroit I have been saying that for the past 30 years. You always see Asians in America driving Japanese vehicles. Americans have no loyalty to their own country!

      • All American

        Our family members drive American made pick up trucks. Some of the engine parts are made in Mexico.
        We are looking forward to purchasing American made products again hopefully soon🇺🇸

  • All American

    Wow thanks drilled down into Q very interesting 👍🏻

  • Ricardo Garcia

    Off course they denied it! They are a bunch of back stabbers…

  • Isaiahdolan

    CNN reports: A secret intelligence file was recently found left in a booth in a Chinese restaurant in Washington DC. Unnamed sources in the intelligence community have mentioned that it exposes Donald Trump making payoffs to massge palors in Taiwan in exchange for secret videos of Trump being whipped and roughed up by scantilly clad young Chinese girls that appear to be around 14 years old.

    • All American

      It is apparent that the FCC does not hold these networks accountable to ethical standards.
      I think the FCC is in need of an extreme house cleaning!

    • Forensics revealed, the name was changed from Obozo to Trump, and the photos were Obozo abusing children in a “Pizza Parlor”.

  • Serious_Fred

    Gotta keep the pressure on China over the NOKOs The ship had about 50 Chinese on board… Could be crooks or not. You never know except for the really nice photographs…

    • All American

      Thank God that we have a Leader that doesn’t hide his head in the sand to think about the problem then decides to send lots and lots of cash to temporarily appease!

  • SlowpokeSA

    ..and she sid it with an inscrutable, straight face!

  • Legion

    Actions speak louder than words China .. and the evidence confirms it.

  • Localdude

    ….taking a queue from DNC tactics, China launches a ‘lie & deny campaign’. Soon to be joined by ‘Chinese Intelligence Services’ reports – to deflect from obvious facts. ‘Fake News’ advisors from CNN on their way to Beijing – to assist and consult….

  • landy fincannon

    The epic clash of the world’s superpowers. Whose going to blink first?

  • Robert Adams

    And Harvey Weinstein is innocent of casting couch antics?

  • Charlie

    China is using the old ‘are you going to believe what you see or what I say’ ploy to explain their behavior.

  • Serge

    China is dangerous. North Korea is just doing what Beijing tells them to do.

  • survivor50

    Let’s see if this denial can be explained…
    Thug Punk Robber is holding a SMOKING gun and the Stop-N-Rob clerk is on the floor bleeding, Mr. Thug Punk points to the Security Video Screen and says, ” Dat ain’t me on dat TV ! “…and so it goes!

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      Thank you for the laugh. Thumbs up was sent. The “it wasn’t me” song by shaggy is played in the background.

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      Great visual!