Canada Sets Up Border Camp for Hundreds of Migrants

August 10, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Canada is setting up tents near the U.S. border to house hundreds of migrants crossing over from New York.

Soldiers built the temporary camp Wednesday, and will accommodate up to 500 people who are mostly Haitians.

Reports say about 250 asylum seekers are arriving to Montreal daily.

Quebec has also opened several locations including its Olympic stadium, a former hospital, and a school to house the migrants.

Officials say the influx is due to false information claiming migrants will immediately obtain residency after entering Canada.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, left, standing in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, advises migrants that they are about to illegally cross from Champlain, N.Y., and will be arrested, Monday, Aug. 7, 2017. Officials on both sides of the border first began to notice last fall, around the time of the U.S. presidential election, that more people were crossing at Roxham Road. Since then the numbers have continued to climb. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

  • Winnie Reilly

    Considering how hard it is for regular American citizens with a DWI or minor criminal offense on their record to cross the border into Canada just to visit, the migrants just pouring over the border story is a little hard to believe.

  • Dalsaint

    Trudeau is wondering what the hell went wrong. Why do we have all these migrants. Oh yeah i laid out the welcome mat. My bad won’t do that again.

  • Billy Bones

    Send um all to canuckleheadland

  • Clinicaleducator1

    CANADA is full of idiots!! LOCK the illegals up!! THEY ARE ILLEGAL!!

  • Native Born American

    You want them, you got them.

    Returns will not be accepted, no exceptions.

  • No Mas

    Just wait til WINTER IS COMING!!!! LOL they will wish they were back in Haiti.

  • No Mas

    Trump and America, – WINNING!!!

  • Rhoadie

    Canada is doomed. They have killed themselves, just like europe

  • Julian B Duron

    Didn’t Canada’s the Idiot leader lay out the WELCOME MAT? Just like Obama laid out the WELCOME MAT to CRIMINALS and TERRORISTS and gave Presidential ASYLUM -FREEPASS past 8* years!

  • Wake up Sheeple

    Bye bye

  • Jackinxian

    It’s beyond belief. Without working for a single minute, without contributing one penny in taxes, these “refugees” are to receive more money per month than senior Canadian citizens who have paid into the system for 40 years.

    • Gerald Fields

      Exactly the reason the USA wants them out! I think Hollywood stars should all get together and start a fund for these people.

      • Dalsaint

        yes let Meryl Streep, Robert DeNiro, Arnie Swartznagger pay up, they have a lot of money put it where you mouth is

    • Dalsaint

      @Jackinxian that is right, did you not know Trudeau is a canadian democrat

  • Tado

    Free board.
    Free lodging.
    For Trespassers To Canada.

  • SendThemPacking

    From the looks of the refugees in the picture they soaked up some nice clothes and packs and bags and such while they were here. Or were the doing the jobs Americans won’t? /sarc

  • Webb ✓ᶜᵒᵛᶠᵉᶠᵉ

    Wish the Haitians would take the Somalis with them, especially the diversity faux-cops with Minneapolis PD who have a tendency to commit murder.

  • SummerLynn21

    Our PM in Canada is a JERK !! We dislike him very much!!!!!!!!!

    • Levi

      Better vote him out before you become Cana Duh

  • ginamero

    False? Their Prime Minister as much as said so on TV…he would take them all. I remember thinking, “What a fool.” He wants thousands to come and sit on welfare and commit crime…way to go Canada

  • Frank

    Perfect!! Take them,,,,ALL!!

  • NotJudging

    Build a wall @ the northern border

    • Gerald Fields

      That would keep them in the United States…. Build a wall at the southern border, then a wall with one-way doors at the northern border…

  • Rebel Just Because

    Canada; the land where everything is free! It’s better than a gold rush..Hurry, there’s gold in them there hills..

  • Fight4theRight

    Can americans switch your illegals for few Trump endorsing canadian patriots? I swear I will vote for Trump next election.

  • Fight4theRight

    POS turdeau want to make Canada new Europe. Hope he rotten in hell

  • carolina tom

    The illegals are doing the right thing by continuing to move North. Once they’re embraced by the friendly Canadian government, they’ll become legals and will have found a new home. Happy U.S., Happy Canada, Happy immigrants. What could possibly go wrong?

  • ergo

    I heard they are giving $1000.00 to every illegal that can get there

  • ergo

    Thats right, all illegal aliens to Canada.

  • We don’t want them. More coming your way.

  • HillCountryTexas

    Well, they do speak french in Haiti so Quebec would be perfect for them. They will blend in easily with the locals there.

  • Patricio Amenabar

    I love it, the crisis is real. Where are the Hollyweed migrants? Now “Trudeau Merkel” has his days numbered.

  • oops

    make that a one way door

  • Jonney Quest

    Hopefully another 15 million of them will be forging north to the land of Canadian freebees. They can enjoy the misery from their own making.

  • Sh Venus

    where is the clinton’s foundation help??

    • zeitgeist

      Excellent point! The magnanimous and caring Clinton Crime Family foundation should certainly be at the forefront of providing these “refugees” with all the creature comforts that they themselves enjoy. Anything else could be seen as hypocrisy.

      • Levi

        If Clinton would release the money their foundation has to Haiti, it would look like Hawaii

    • Bill Jr

      Two Places, Prison or The DNC!
      Adjutant Offices In The Congress, Senate, China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Vietnam and UC Berkeley, Planned Parents Without Babies Hood and more.

  • Lee Vincent

    I too had the impression that the magnanimous Mr. Trudeau put out the welcome mat for ‘refugees’ (illegals). I guess that was just a political show so he could claim the moral high ground over Trump.

    • strawberryplains

      Perhaps Trudeau will keep his big mouth shut in the future and not criticize our President and our policies. Looks good on him.

      • Eric Walters

        We all need to advertise that Canada is paying Immigrant families $60,000/yr. maybe we need to build bullet train from Juarez, Mexico to Canada

        • Bill Jr

          Add ‘Free Coronas’ and You’d Depopulate Mexico Altogether! Add Stop Overs In California, Texas and Arizona and The Only Taco Shop Open Would Be Taco Bell.

          • Dalsaint

            @Bill Jr you made mistake lumping Texas in with Ca and AZ we want the wall

          • Winnie Reilly

            Perhaps the mayors of some of your Texas cities didn’t get the memo that Texans really don’t want the immigrants there. Since they are declaring several sanctuary cities in your state. Best find out who they are and remember to vote them out of office in the next elections this November!

      • libertybells2

        What do you expect from this man-child Obama clone….the guy is still wet behind the ears…he’s the Jerry brown of the 2017s. Good luck O Canada.

    • Sane_Person37

      And the mental low ground.

  • Daniel J. Lopez

    Ironically when Trump states these individuals are coming to the U.S Illegally, everyone is up in arms…However, Canada states it will arrest these individuals and everyone supports them…

  • RD

    @justintrudeau week in effective Government , doomed it cannot protect its own citizens.

  • Lauren

    This is truly hilarious..for Canada…fueled by rotten media.

  • ron raack

    Bon voyage

  • Yvonne Cole Herrmann

    Isn’t that what Trudeau promised them?

  • DJLugoff

    Hope they enjoy their new “migrants,.” We certainly won’t miss them.