Brat: Fix Immigration Before Any DACA Deal

November 9, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Some members of Congress are preparing for a debate on DACA by trying to tighten up immigration regulations.

One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

  • All who aid or abet illegal aliens are guilty of Federal Felony.

    Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

    Let the arrests and prosecutions begin.

    See: “AGENDA – Grinding America Down” – vimeo

  • jim

    deport all now

  • Peter Locke

    The legislation to end the visa lottery, chain migration, and maybe most important, E-verify seems to me ready. Congress needs to get moving. Republican support of the President would be a good start

  • Denise Persons

    Congress needs to represent the interests of their legal immigrants and U.S. Citizens. We don’t want DACA to even be considered by Congress until E-verify becomes mandatory, Sanctuary cities are eliminated, MS -13’S are sent home, our U.S. Border fence/wall is fully built/secured, and companies are severely punished for hiring anyone that uses someone else SS # or fake SS #. (This does not even cover the abuse by Congress; which has allowed the H-1, H-2 Visa abuse. All of which needs to be fixed, first!!!)

  • justus1

    doubt the cowardly Republicans will get this passed anytime before the 2020 elections. there are establishment GOP, we all know who they are, that are willingly trying to destroy our and their President by being obstructionists in everything. our only hope is to defeat them in the 2018 elections, and put in office Republicans who will support the President and believe in his agenda and American working men and women.

  • Jackbat

    It just would not be good for illegals if I could manage it !!

  • landy fincannon

    If you think the North American Union is of the table.
    Then you don’t know the patient planning that has gotten us to where we are today

  • Steve in Largo

    No fixing is needed. Enforcement of current immigration laws and deportation of ALL illegal aliens is what is needed, period.

    • nfcapitalist

      You stole my thoughts… the criminals are those who interfere with law enforcement who should be enforcing all of the laws… politicians are now the mob gone legitimate if wearing suits in high position is legitimate.

  • constitutiononly

    NO DACA “deal”,period!!! Throw them all out and do it now!!

  • Worried

    build the wall, ban the muslims and deport all illegals

  • Deplorable B Church

    OANN headline: “Brat: Fix Immigration Before Any DACA Deal”

    MAGA headline: “Suspend ALL immigration indefinitely and NO DACA Deal – EVER.”

  • Localdude

    I have a dream…that someday, we will have a government, that follows the laws on the books and holds itself accountable – as vigorously – as it holds its citizens accountable.

  • jmfay

    Birth right citizenship needs to be added to the list.

    NO amnesty. NO work permits. NO nothing but deportation.

  • themoi

    Make E-Verify Federal law and enforce it! If anyone hires or rents to any illegals make them pay $100,000 per day per illegal from the day they hired or rented to them. If they can’t pay seize their property and sell it at auction to pay the fine. Give the public a number to report any illegals and have them picked up within 24-48 hours of the call . BUILD THE WALL—-DEPORT THEM ALL!!

  • shafawn

    Absolutely NO unvetted immigrants. Come in legally or GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY! I DON’T WANT YOU HERE! If no background check can be performed on an individual then they can’t come.. simple and easy to remember.
    You want to come here and assimilate and contribute to society .. GREAT ..We want you! We are a nation of immigrants. BUT if you want to come here and cause chaos and rebellion and disdain for our society then go back to the 3rd world pig sty your ideology created in the country you came from!!

    IF an immigrant shows ANY.. ANY AT ALL signs of extremist Islamic action
    .. takes part or is arrested or found guilty of conspiring FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME THEY GET ARRESTED… not only
    is that individual deported but his entire family with him. I want chain

    • Trzo9veuha

      “We are a nation of immigrants” I’m not an immigrant, I was born here.

      • shafawn

        You are a direct descendant of an immigrant honey.. we all of our parents, grand parents or great greats came from somewhere else.

        • Seachase

          We stopped almost all immigration from 1930 to 1965 to give time for people to become Americans. Then Ted Kennedy and the liberals opened the flood gates so we’ve had 50 years of massive immigration, legal and illegal from every country in the world and we are FULL. No more immigration whatsoever until the 35 million criminal invaders in our country are ALL deported (including DACA) and our secure border wall is finished from San Diego to Brownsville.

          • shafawn

            Very interesting Seachase. Thank you

        • Trzo9veuha

          Ah, so we are all guilty of our father’s sin? Everyone should be in jail.

          Sorry, but being born here make me a natural born citizen, not an immigrant. If your logic is true, then the only non-immigrants live in equatorial Africa, where man first evolved 2 to 5 million years ago. Everyone else would be an “immigrant”.

          (I like your name. Too bad your parents couldn’t spell Siobhan. My name is Trzonine.) 😉

          • shafawn

            If your parents are in the United States illegally they should leave and IF you are a minor they should take you with them. If you are not a minor it should be your choice. If you stay you should take a citizenship test and become a full citizen with all rights, responsibilities and obligations to the law and to pay taxes.

            There are people who wait years and go through a vetting process to enter. And ALL immigration should be based on merit and nothing else. You want a better country? Stay where you are and work on your own.

            Even in the beginning immigrants were quarantined on Ellis island in New York harbor and went through a vetting process to make sure they weren’t carrying disease etc.

            I have nothing against immigration so the rest of your reply was horse crap. And my parents didn’t name me Shafawn.. Get over yourself.

    • Localdude

      …and you, as a ‘citizen’, have the right to demand that your government follow existing law – without ‘christian’ love for your fellow man…being questioned – from the GOP – OR – being called a ‘racist’ by a member of the ‘honorable’ DNC. If a government will not respond, we have a ‘duty’ – as ‘citizens’ – to resist that government. These are timeless truths of human kind and ‘government’.

      • shafawn

        Probably 80% of the GOP are actually liberals and 90% of liberals want America destroyed so it’s our duty to ignore their ignorance and demand our constitution be obeyed before they rip our constitution to shreds… so yeah totally agree with you localduder

        • Localdude

          Thank God Trump came in. Pushed all 9 of the GOP out of the race. Then took down the Clinton Corruption Cartel. Who could have pulled that off? anybody? Just amazing, I love it. I pray this will continue – as slowly perhaps, confidence in civil authority is restored, mostly. He has so many wonderful people with him as well, its just great to watch. Being a student of history, it reminds me a lot of when Teddy Roosevelt came in to that period of government corruption and fought every established power – then as well. Interesting read. The press hated him too. It can be done. I have so much more confidence now – in most average citizens – to insist this continues. Just the restoration of Federal law. EZ argument to win in the end. The left, they are such dupes. They are insisting that the country and government do what?…its laughable, they are done – save for race bating, class warfare and open boarders. Oh, the ‘anarchists’ love them…lol..yeh, I’m in such fear. The globalists who brought us this nightmare? They are all on the run as well, soon anyway. As soon as we get an actual DOJ – they will have only their crimes to cover up and run from, it will take all their time to do that. The fight just began, for the most part, but a great start I think. Thanks for the response.

          • shafawn

            I agree with everything you said except that I believe this is a short window of reprieve for this country’s churches to repent and return to their first love.. Jesus. If they do God really will see us through this and bless this country again.
            But if they do not.. we are in for some hella ruin, horror persecution of Christians to include Christian martyrs on the news so frequently it becomes normal.

            Think about it. Do you really think the left will just sit back and say ‘oh well we lost’. They would rather see this country burned to ash than lose the power and corruption they built up over the last 20 years especially the last 10.
            So I fully believe unless there is true Christian revival in our churches… we will either suffer economic collapse and or be nuked… and it won’t be long because they do NOT want Trump to get a second term. It will happen in 2018

          • constitutiononly

            Nothing has changed. Zip! All noise and no action.

          • Localdude

            sorry you feel that way. Hillery Clinton is not President Clinton. That’s enough for me as a stand alone. What a great year. Have a great holiday.

  • Sergeant_rock

    One way to fix the immigration problem is send all the Democrats to Mexico or South America…. ONE WAY…

    • Roy Beane

      Bet Mexico would be real anxious to pay for the wall then, if the Dimmocraps start heading south in droves……one thing Mexico doesn’t need is even more political crooks moving in.

    • themoi

      To the furthest tip of South America. Using A380’s and several trips a day.

      • Sergeant_rock

        Antarctica might be nice…

    • Trzo9veuha

      How about Venezuela?

  • Roy Beane

    Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and talk some more. NO ACTION. We’re surrounded by do-nothing congressional sonzabeeches on every side!!!

    • Trzo9veuha

      But they are protecting their major donors and themselves with the laws they pass, and refuse to pass…

  • sue

    STOP talking about it and get it DONE NOW

  • No Mas

    We need only ONE immigration policy… merit based that brings a skill or talent with little to zero risk in financial or physical security.
    The refugee policy should be to force the UN to protect them in safe zones in their own countries… not import them to Mainstreet USA!!! Or completely defund UN and kick them off US territories!!!

    • jfbtx

      We one policy – NONE. No immigration, we have enough already.

    • All American

      Nearly 30% of illegal immigrant children at border have ties to MS-13 or other gangs.
      55% of DACA children are not in school and MS-13 recruits them. Uneducated children make poor choices and fear may be a factor as well. Also 8.6% Of DACA children are not employed.
      Provision of healthcare, education and welfare benefits, in addition to law enforcement, imposes a net cost on public funds.
      Sanctuary City regulations restrict public officials and police officers from enquiring about immigration status of residents with whom they come into contact.

      • Trzo9veuha

        A large percentage of “minor” refuges are not “minors” at all.

        • All American

          Refugee : a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.
          Illegal Alien : a foreign national who is living without authorization in a country of which they are not a citizen.
          Big difference 👍🏻

          • Trzo9veuha

            What about a refugee that doesn’t like the weather of his home country so he comes here and we give him refugee status?

          • All American


    • Jackbat

      I’m for kicking the UN out of the US and get America out of the communist ass UN !!