Box Office: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ soars to $745 million worldwide

FILE PHOTO: Actors Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill pose for photographers as they arrive for the European Premiere of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', at the Royal Albert Hall in central London
FILE PHOTO: Actors Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill pose for photographers as they arrive for the European Premiere of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', at the Royal Albert Hall in central London, Britain December 12, 2017. REUTERS/Hannah McKay/File Photo

December 24, 2017

By Dave McNary

( – Disney-Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is showing plenty of force at mulitplexes worldwide with $745.4 million globally as of Sunday.

The North American take has hit $365 million in its first 10 days as of Sunday with the studio projecting another $32 million on Christmas Day on Monday – making it the third highest domestic release in 2017 following “Beauty and the Beast” with $504 million and “Wonder Woman” at $412 million.

“Stars Wars: The Last Jedi” has totaled $380.3 million in international box office. It is already the top grossing film of 2017 in both Denmark and Sweden and the fourth highest grosser in the overall European market. The U.K. is the top market with $67.4 million, followed by Germany with $40 million, France with $29.3 million and Australia with $26.9 million.

“The Last Jedi,” which picks up following the events of 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” is so far the 87th highest worldwide grosser of all time, trailing 2016’s “Suicide Squad” by $1.4 million. Rian Johnson directed with Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Lupita Nyong’o and Domhnall Gleeson reprising their roles. It’s the final screen role for Fisher, who died a year ago.

Sony’s “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and Universal’s “Pitch Perfect 3” have also opened solidly while Fox’s “The Greatest Showman” is drawing respectably at the domestic box office. But moviegoers are showing little interest in Paramount’s “Downsizing” and Warner Bros.-Alcon’s “Father Figures.”

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” opened with the second-largest North American launch ever in its first weekend with $220 million. It faced competition for the first time on Dec. 20, with Sony’s action comedy “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” which is leading the rest of the pack with $34 million at 3,765 sites for Friday-Sunday and a six-day total of around $64 million.

Josh Greenstein, Sony’s president of worldwide marketing and distribution, pointed to the A- CinemaScore as an indication that “Jumanji” is attracting all demographics. “We have incredible momentum as we go into the biggest moviegoing week of the year,” he added.

“Jumanji” also opened solidly with $49.5 million in 53 international markets, finishing ahead of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in 28 territories. Its top performance came in the U.K. with a second-place finish at $10.1 million including previews.

Universal’s “Pitch Perfect 3” took in $20.5 million at 3,447 theaters and is on track for $27 million by the end of the four-day period. The threequel brought back the Bellas singing group with Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp and Hana Mae Lee reprising their roles. “Pitch Perfect 3″also opened with $9.8 million in 14 international markets.

Hugh Jackman’s “The Greatest Showman,” a musical take on circus founder P.T. Barnum, grossed $8.6 million at 3,006 venues during Friday-Sunday. The movie, produced by Chernin Entertainment, opened on Dec. 20 and is on track to take in about $18 million in its first six days.

“Downsizing” took in a quiet $4.6 million at 2,558 theaters in its Friday-Sunday debut and should finish four-day frame with $6.2 million. Paramount paid $65 million for the near-future comedy in which Matt Damon agrees to be shrunk to five inches in exchange for a better life. Audiences were unimpressed, giving the film a C CinemaScore.

“Father Figures” grossed a tepid $3.2 million at 3,902 theaters during Friday-Sunday and should add about $1 million on Monday. The film follows brothers – played by Owen Wilson and Ed Helms – who set out to find their biological father.

“The Post,” directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, dazzled with $495,000 at nine sites for Friday-Sunday. Fox will go wide with the journalism drama on Jan. 12.

  • shafawn

    I saw the movie.. I wasn’t impressed.

  • Another Deplorable

    Who would have thought a documentary about the last Volkswagen on the lot could have made it so big? Huh? Whaddya mean, it’s not Jetta?

  • Dave Ingram

    I’m surprised how few people interpreted the conservative message that I did. The traditional good guy wanted to do away with the light, the new bad guy wanted to blend the dark with the light, but at the end the new good girl refused to be infested with darkness and remained true to the light. AND the old wise good guy explained how staying true to the pure light is a good thing. Throwing away the light just because of failures doesn’t hit the mark. Those fighting for the light must stay true to their calling and keep trying. The movie ended with the light and darkness clearly separated like oil and water. That sounds like a conservative message to me. Maybe it was just my wishful interpretation.

    • …remain calm and return fire

      Geez, now i have to see the movie…

  • Bud

    I will undoubtedly continue my perfect record of not seeing any of the “Star Wars” movies. Or “Star Trek,” for that matter.


    There is NOTHING Biblical about the “force.”

  • C B

    Darkest Hour is a much better Movie to see ……………..

  • C B

    Only a Liberal Zombie would pay to see a ” B ” Rated Flick like this …………..

  • anotherday

    Suicide Squad totally sucked too.

  • Vol Williams

    OMG! There are a lot of sad sack trolls here! Just saying….

    • Bud


  • NoBS

    We have had the Bootleg, err… I mean the Play to Pay file online before the release.

    After all, Hollywood is the champion of Redistribution ideology.

    Let them foot the bill and pay for Pedowood perversion and debauchery.

  • NoBS

    Funny, the bootleg file for this particular movie has mild if that, interest.

    Do these sale number include the human trafficking profits? Since Hollywood has an established history with money laundering.

    Or do naive folks still think Drugs is the most profitable get rich scheme?

    Hollywood deception has gotten more subtle over the many decades of debauchery and perversion.

  • Mr.Jim

    I’ll bet that Carrie Fishers untimely death has affected sales.

    • NoBS

      I’m surprised they did not blame Russian hacking.

      It worked well to expose Uranium One and the FBI collusion in the FAKE Trump dossier.

      Could be the Pedophiles are smarter than the DNC vote riggers. Although the Democrats have vote rigging down pat, eh?

  • mark christmas

    Saw Jumanji last night. I saw the previews and it looked good. It exceeded our expectations! It had a very coherent plot, good acting, good action, a few good life lessons and was funny as Hell! A great movie! It will be enjoyed by all age groups with just a couple of risqué jokes that were actually funny! All in all an A and well worth seeing!

    • Brad

      Thank you for the review, I fell asleep during part of Star Wars, seemed like same stuff different day.

    • NoBS

      Bootleg the crap and let them pay for your time. Or are you dependent on the industry for instant gratification of the shallow?

  • landy fincannon

    Years of indoctrinate into Zen Buddhism and the sheeple haven’t a clue. LET THE FARCE BE WITH YOU.

    • …remain calm and return fire

      Zen? How so, grasshopper?

      • landy fincannon

        First, you need to know what is meant by the” force” in zin Buddhism. Then you’ll have a greater understanding. Seek anf you’ll find the farce is against you

        • …remain calm and return fire

          my husband is a Zen scholar…there is no ‘force’ in Zen….other than in Western pop culture…not getting the Zen connection with US politics as extremely few in the states known anything about Zen and certainly not the political class

          • landy fincannon

            I really don’t know much about Zen, it seems a bit mystical to me

          • famouswolf

            I think the mysticism in Star Wars is purely fictional, to the point that any resemblance to a real world philosophy is entirely coincidental. It’s pitiful that many fans of the puerile space fantasy Star Wars take it so seriously.
            J.J. Abrams has ‘fixed’ it so that it is no longer even enjoyable as the fantasy it always was.

          • NoBS

            Consumerism is an effective trigger to manipulate the useful idiots.

            The fact there are those who continue to reward perverts who treat humans like a piece of meat is why ignorance is so profitable.

            If it makes you feel better, buy extra tickets so Pedophiles and Perverts can still share your love with royalties.

          • famouswolf

            I wouldn’t make me feel the least bit better. Why would it?
            My ‘love with royalties’? You would feel better and make more friends if you didn’t make asinine assumptions about people, me or ‘remain calm’ or anyone else.
            My distress over the butchery of once good franchises by hacks is because I know there will be more because of the success of this one, and only that.
            Maybe some of the spin off movies will be better.

          • NoBS

            Your husband does not understand the strength of external manipulations and he is a scholar? Oh Really?
            The death of individual discipline over emotional dependence of consumerism?

            Let me guess, liberal arts professor, eh?

          • …remain calm and return fire

            you will be reborn in a toads stomach….if you’re lucky

          • NoBS

            If a toad needs to eat my unarmed arse, then I deserve to fill the belly of the beast if a bloody frog can kill me.

            Your projection on victimhood is a personal issue, seek help.

          • …remain calm and return fire

            sorry, kid, you’ll have to find some one else to play with, other than me or yourself…

          • NoBS

            “…remain calm and return fire” Projection in your name belies your cowardice to defend your opinions. Are you par chance a Liberated snowflake freshly indoctrinated?
            Or hopefully still in this mythical “safe space” that retards open dialogue.

  • Guest123

    After all the liberal SJW references, it will be the last Star Wars movie I attend

  • BNG66

    Star Wars: The Last White Guy

  • georgia dawg

    and the dumbing down of the world continues.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Hamill’s hand is on Ridley’s butt….if not now, 10 years from now…

  • Deny

    Have never seen even one Star Wars movie and will keep it that way. YAWN.

    • ed de fonzo


      • famouswolf

        Snort. Why would that be ‘lonely’. Sounds like Deny has a life, at least.

        • ed de fonzo

          I’m a happy guy, famouswolf, i’d not argue. I’d try to share a drink and
          find entertainment we would all enjoy.
          It seems many have issues with the story.

          • NoBS

            Happy folks who take the time to accuse another of being “lonely”? Projection much? How about deceptive?

            Why don’t go go around blaming the Russians for Trump collusion? It would help deflect US government corruption with a scapegoat.

            All the better to protect your Masters. The definition of a useful idiot.

          • ed de fonzo

            NoBS: I honestly believe you and i are on the same team. It begins with your assumption that i accused him of being lonely. I enjoyed the film and was surprised that so many did not. My comment to (?) was in believing that he might be lonely. I sometimes do feel lonely. Reasoning and logic can be debated. Also can be misinterpreted. I’m a TRUMPER !! ( where i live, i’m lonely) I’ll research to see if i’m the useful idiot…. ps have a healthy new year

          • famouswolf

            Big issues. I used to love Star Wars and Star Trek as well. The Next Generation was the start of politicization of these once great franchises, and jj abrams has pretty much delivered the coup de grace. Now, there has been sci fi since that I liked, such as Babyon 5 and Dark Matter. The same sort of material but done in a more entertaining way and without the pc ‘lessons’, but made as entertainment.
            My problem with this movie is the in your face pc, and yes, with the direction the story has been taken. And most of all the fact that with the success of this, there will be more like it, to the detriment of shows and movies that I enjoy.

          • ed de fonzo

            doggonnit, famouswolf, the only good response could be made at an
            old fashioned Italian Sunday dinner That would take three hours minimum.By then you would know how i wish things could be.
            After 3 or 4 generations, unbelievable changes have now occurred by the Alinsky method. We have arrived at the beginning of the end.
            My beliefs are that the survivers (?) will build a new world.
            Civilization???? personally, we jews have survived a few thousand years, i’m pulling for us.I wish we could dine for 3 or 4 hours and gab a bit.

          • famouswolf

            I think I’d like that. I don’t understand the enmity towards Jews and Israel. It doesn’t make sense…unless they are truly God’s chosen. Then it makes all sorts of dark sense, everything suddenly clicks together.
            But, as far as movies, the immediate future looks pretty bleak to me after the success of this newest faux Star Wars flick.

    • Informed

      There are thousands of movies that I have no interest in ever seeing, so what.

      • ed de fonzo

        Informed, i’m sure even you would not like the old adage:


        You might be surprised and even enjoy the unknown.


        • NoBS

          This is why BOOTLEG is to valuable.

          We call the files Play to Pay so our corrupt FBI can stay stupid. Not unlike you, my friend.

  • Rexlion

    It was entertaining enough, but it will never be a classic like the first one. And Last Jedi has much in common with the second movie they made… it’s a downer. The bad guys are winning.

  • Santiago 1314

    I was “Put Off” the 1st Time I saw it…The 2nd and 3rd Time, it got better…It’s Star Wars, Not Life or Death…Just go in with an Open Mind

    • NoBS

      I would love to meet in person who dumb enough to admit to paying for this twice in public forum.

      Cheap entertainment needs participation, don’t ya think?

      • famouswolf

        What’s dumb about seeing something you like more than once?
        Answer…nothing at all.
        Criticizing someone over it, however, is another cup of tea.

  • famouswolf

    Sorry to hear this. It will mean more such pc, juvenile, Abrams enabling claptrap.

  • SleepersAwake

    Franchise has been ruined by liberal hacks.

    • Varangian Guard

      And the Disney heiress is telling the common man to spend their tax relief on charity, that is what she will be doing………

      • NoBS

        Human Trafficking needs government help. Hollywood can’t do it all, ya know.

        • Varangian Guard

          But they told me they could, are you saying they lied to us all? Say it ain’t so!!!!

    • Dave Ingram

      wait a minute, I thought Last Jedi had a strong conservative message. Actually, I thought that both sides of the aisle could identify with the movie. I certainly found a strong conservative message in there.

  • Christopher Binkowski

    Empire is best. Everyone knows that! FIGHT ME! lol 😛

    • Legion

      I love all of them .. even the prequels. But I agree ‘Empire Strikes Back’ is the apex Star Wars experience! Love It!

  • Charlee Owwee

    Wow sure are a bunch of people with bad taste and too much money to see its a crappy movie,bad script and worst girl power male hating movie to date…..and yet it didn’t get a penny form me and never will cause I own the real Star Wars, the ones that are girl power,sjw cuck free and filled with heroes defeating real evil not that emotard confused kind!

    • Numerical Logic

      Yeah, I heard that the directing was very poor, and that it was the worst of all of them.

      • NoBS

        The transcripts are online. The juvenile “jokes” are a dead give away the dialogue was an after thought.