Bowe Bergdahl May Be Entitled to $300K in Back Pay, Benefits

Bowe Bergdahl, left, leaves the Fort Bragg courtroom facility following sentencing at Fort Bragg, N.C., Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. The former Sergeant was spared any prison time and received a dishonorable discharge. Bergdahl, who walked off his base in Afghanistan in 2009 and was held by the Taliban for five years, pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

November 9, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Disgraced former Soldier Bowe Bergdahl may still be able to collect as mush as $300,000 in back pay and benefits from his time spent in captivity with the Taliban.

On Thursday, the U.S. Army said it is deciding whether he should be considered a “prisoner of war” for which he would be compensated for.

However, back in October the 31-year-old pleaded guilty to desertion prior to being captured by the Taliban in 2009.

Earlier this month, Bergdahl was dishonorably discharged and escaped prison time, a ruling President Trump called a quote — “complete and total disgrace.”

“So we get a traitor named Bergdahl a dirty rotten traitor… who by the way when he deserted, six young beautiful people were killed trying to find him, right?” The president asked. “And you don’t even hear about them anymore.”

Officials say there is a chance Bergdahl may not be eligible for back pay, and could even owe money to the military pending the Army’s decision.

  • Charlene Rider

    For which he would be compensated, not “for which he would be compensated for”. And let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

  • Charles Miller

    He doesn’t deserve anything but a bullet in the head.

  • Roscoe

    POW my DemoRAT! He was a traitorous deserter that caused harm to his fellow soldiers and he SHOULD be in lowest level of Leavenworth till he dies. Officers like his judge should be purged from the military as he is unfit to lead men. He could be a great Girl Scout leader however.

  • Pat S.

    How about they send that back pay to the families of those who were killed while searching for this human compost heap!

  • gregg56

    Perhaps any payments to him by the Army should be divided up among the families of the soldiers who died looking for him and the soldiers who were severely wounded looking for him!

    A deserter–which he freely admitted–deserves NOTHING, but a firing squad!

  • Tbear

    Only in Amerika!!!!

  • Bob Ritthsler

    No matter how undeserving he may be if the law says he is entitled to these monies then he must be paid. Has the General, who decides the matter, ruled on whether the judge’s decision will be accepted?

  • Isaiahdolan

    Why not three trillion?

  • Isaiahdolan

    Why not three trillion?

  • Mr. Maga

    In order to be a prisoner of war, you have to be caught. He turned himself over. He should feel lucky he isn’t spending the rest of his life in jail or hung.


    Entitled my a$$. He should be SHOT FOR DESERTION.

  • Javanne

    This is what happens when liberal ideologues, like the presiding judge who sentenced him, run things. Soldiers who served well are either dead or at home, and this guy will be laughing at them all the way to the bank. How warped things have gotten.

  • FoolIggy

    So this is how America’s LIBERAL all volunteer military service works today?

    An individual can volunteer and when they don’t like or want to question their assigned duties, where ever it may occur; they un-volunteer?

    At the same time, this un-volunteer individual goes about handing out secrets to the enemy, or abandons their assigned guard post (endangering or causing death to their fellow service members,) or destroys the good order and morale of their unit thru their individual actions.

    Meantime, our Military leadership and its legal system, along with the LIBERAL SWAMP RAT POLITICIANS, find these individual actions totally acceptable.

    Beyond acceptable, these liberal swamp rat government politicians and liberal military leaders want to ensure this un-volunteer gets paid for their sex changes or anything else this TRAITOR thinks they deserve, along with BACK PAY for their less than HONORABLE efforts!

    American has come to expect this kind of STUPIDITY from elected swamp rat politicians, but NEVER from the very Senior Military Leadership & UCMJ that every service member swears to protect & uphold while protecting “America from its enemies, both foreign & domestic.

    Now that this legally accepted behavior has precedence, it allows each military service member to randomly decide when they will be “taking a knee” as part of their volunteer service.

    As a disabled vet, I say, God help us all!

  • constitutiononly

    No way! He is entitled to a firing squad, and that is all.

  • All American

    He actually owes his life

  • ThatsWhatRosieSays

    In this dawg’s opinion, the ONLY thing Bergdahl should be “entitled to” is a life sentence and/or a noose. He clearly was/is a traitor to his Country; whose willful cowardly actions cost the lives of 6 American Soldiers.
    George Washington would have personally put this loser out of his misery.

    • All American

      How long do you really think he will live out in society?? I put money on not long👍🏻

  • Jack Green

    I read that there is one General in the Army criminal justice system that can reverse the verdict or something to that effect. DOD needs to lean on that officer and make it happen. HE’s a deserter plain and simple. Stupid for that matter; let’s see, hmmm, even thought you don’t agree with your commanders, you have the enemy out there somewhere, and you have numbers on your side, common sense says to stick it out where there is strength in numbers.

  • bucketnutz

    This Traitor wiped hisass with his military record and now with our money. He deserves NOTHING, He ran away from his unit, he’s a dirty rotten traitor

  • Marinesgt77

    The only thing he is entitled to is a firing squad.

  • Tyrone

    Apparently, the army has its own swamp creatures, too.

  • Scott Snerd

    I guess my comment want liked…..hope this guy drops dead real quick……maybe lead poisoning?

  • Scott Snerd

    HOW THE HELL…..????!?!??!

  • Too_Late_4_America

    There are 2 disgraces at work here ….. the deserter and the judge.

  • Too_Late_4_America

    Let’s pay it to him at say …… $3. a year?

    • All American

      Let’s just hang him and keep the money

  • Tommy3134

    Can we label the Trumps and Clintons who got out of the draft “deserters”? Did we label all the men who went to Canada “deserters”? How about all the able bodied men who never enlisted during Iraq and so forth are they “deserters”?

    • Too_Late_4_America

      First off, Trump served in the ROTC (that is legitimate service) whereas Clinton and Obama never did any service. Secondly, ARE YOU A LIBERAL??? You sure sound like it.

      • All American

        President Trump is doing his time, 8 years in the DEEP SWAMP🇺🇸 Fighting for America🇺🇸
        HRC and Barry … well we all know their stories “failed”⬇️

      • Tommy3134

        ROTC a legit service, are you kidding. Tell that to your friends at the water cooler.

  • Stevenonymous

    It appears there’s more than one swamp that needs draining!

  • Expat47

    Damn!!! Why didn’t I just run off when I had the chance???
    Oh, yea, back then I’ve been stood up against the wall and shot.

  • tully bascomb

    Backwards world these days when a admitted deserter and collaborator gets a slap on the wrist and a solder doing his job faces prison.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Rubbing salt into the wound…..truly a perverted Veterans Day gift…

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    Where I came from, we put down cowards instead of giving them back pay

    • All American

      As it should be🇺🇸

  • USA#1

    The judge should be un honorably discharged

  • Scott Henke


  • Trzo9veuha

    He walked up to the taliban and said “Hi, I want to join you.” That is NOT a prisoner of war. That is a deserting traitor.

  • Frank Meccia

    Has are Army gone crazy? He was a deserted, the fact that he got captured does not make him a POW. He should not get a dime.. If he does, it’s an insult to every Army soldier.

    • Trzo9veuha

      He ceased to be a soldier when he deserted.

  • Ipickedaside

    What he should be getting is stuffed full of candy and hung from a tree, beaten like a good old pinata. DIRTY ROTTEN TRAITOR. makes me sick.

  • MC

    OMG!!! Don’t make me puke again!!!! Beau Bergdahl belongs in front of a firing squad!!!!

  • Steven

    Why would he be entitled to anything, he wasn’t at work or on the clock. He was just goofing off playing pivot man for his Taliban buddies.

  • FoolIggy

    One of the largest ‘black eyes’ and DISGRACE the Army has every had to deal with thanks to a liberal judge.

    This man should have been shot for his ‘actions in the face of the enemy’ and costing the lives of innocent troops that lost their lives trying to find a DESERTER whom leadership thought he had been captured by the enemy!

    • “The” Bobguy

      If not shot then minimum life. I’m still totally pissed by the 5 terrorist trade to get him by “Dumbass”.

  • Yachts

    If they are going to give this traitor $300k perhaps the families of the six who died looking for him should sue him for the loss of their loved ones lives.

    • Trzo9veuha

      Now where can we find a slimy sheister lawyer to take the case…

  • Alan Lindquist

    get a rope

  • Robert Adams

    This would be real travesty. Imagine the bank robber, after hiding out for 5 years, getting to keep the loot he stole.

  • nfcapitalist

    Judge Jeffery Nance has rewarded a traitor… makes me wonder what could have been the reasoning behind this, blackmail or large deposit in a bank in the Bahamas… my guess is blackmail?

  • Tom Tom

    Bull…he doesn’t deserve a dime!

  • wvned

    He is certainly owed a hanging

  • Sam

    only 72 virgins – no more!

    • Steven

      I never understood the 72 virgins, half a dozen hookers would be a lot more fun.

      • Trzo9veuha

        Yea, experience counts…

  • LeoHaugh

    The only true justice would be Bowe Bergdahl receiving the same sentence and punishment as Pvt. Eddie Slovik on January 31, 1945… Bergdahls crime is way worse than Slovik’s.

    • grandmother5

      I read a story about Slovik. He was the example for deserters. Not another shot after Slovik. I believe Bergdahl should have spent at least the rest of his life in prison. That wouldn’t even start to pay for the men that died looking for his deserter @$$.

  • Brenda

    If i was the family of the 6 that were killed looking for this scum, i would sue him. This is bull crap that he may get that kind of money for desertion! If that is the case, how many more will want to desert the military!

  • Disgusted Caucasian

    A nation gone mad.

  • No Mas

    The judge should pay that out of his annual salary, and then Bergdahl should be sent swimming with the fishes with a cinder block anchor the day after the check arrives

  • Roy Beane

    What he really deserves I can’t say here in a public forum, but suffice it to say he has the blood of 6 better men than he will ever be on his hands for the rest of his miserable existence, let alone the suffering of the others who ended up crippled for life for going on those missions looking for him.

    • Phil M. Kelley

      There are literally billions of men better than Bergdahl, but I agree that these who were ordered to search for him are at the top of that list of better men.

  • ShemSilber2

    It seems to some of us that what Bergdahl is entitled to and what he would have gotten in times past is a sentencing before a firing squad, SOP for deserters, nu?

  • Flagfriend

    “So we get a traitor named Bergdahl a dirty rotten traitor… who by the way when he deserted, six young beautiful people were killed trying to find him, right?” The president asked. “And you don’t even hear about them anymore.”

    Feel however you want to about the President, but I applaud the way he has the guts to say it the way most of America wants it to be said.

  • Visualverbs

    If they let this POS get back pay, then I’ll bet they ‘d let a traitor-spy, who secretly wants to be a woman, get ‘gender re-assignment’ treatment while in federal prison!!! Ha!


    • tedlv

      Trump needs to step in. This is BS!

      • grandmother5

        Can he do that? I doubt it. It would be wonderful if he could stop this POS from getting anything else.

        • tedlv

          He’s CIC. That must mean something.

          • grandmother5

            Wait you’re right. Didn’t Obama grant something to Manning? Made him a free man. Plus the Army, well the taxpayers paid for his man to woman change. Still a man the surgery didn’t work. LOL!

    • grandmother5

      Too late Bradley had his surgery. Still looks like a man to me, because he’s still a man. Not a man, man, but a slime ball man.

  • s7rabin

    He dodged the firing squad, he dodged time in Leavenworth, He was responsible for the death of many other soldiers, He elected to defect!!.
    This is NOT the Army I was in (many years ago).
    This is PC in action.
    I would like to hear the reasons the Army set him free.
    If he gets paid this blood money, the money should be turned over to the families that lost loved ones because of his desertion!!

    • “The” Bobguy

      You are 100% spot on.

    • Deplorable son

      In 1980 I was a Spec 4 attached to the 10th aviation battalion Fort Lewis Wa. I just got back from leave and needed a haircut badly but I decided to go to the mess hall first (in uniform). I got ten feet from the door and out comes General Stone and his entire staff, it scared me so bad I didn’t salute I just put my head down and and tried to get real thin…I got ten days in CCF for that. That was the ARMY I was in.

      • All American

        Thank you for your Service 🇺🇸
        I wonder how this guy got off?
        Has the military changed that much or was the “Judge” paid off?

      • JustmJustm

        Read what Larry Spiller said i think he was 82nd AB according to his screen sign…..

      • norris

        I got smoked in front of Burger King on Ft. Lewis for being out of uniform. That E-7 was genuinely pissed at me. (I was wearing my P.T. uniform)

    • Michael Meyer

      I wonder, though, if he could dodge a frag or a reasonable facsimile of one. While that may be tongue and cheek, I wonder who in the real world would hire or associate with a deserting traitor like him. Many will not make his life easy. He better have friends in high places if he is going to survive.

    • All American

      Those that lost loved ones as well as those that sustained devastating injuries must feel well served by the military “Judge” Nance that let this guy walk!

    • JustmJustm

      But he may not getting nada, zero zilch…….we will see
      wait and see

  • Swampdrainer

    If the so called judge in Hawaii is tasked with deciding if he gets the $300K for desertion, it’s a no brainer.

    • All American

      The military “Judge” allows a deserter that caused American Soldiers to be killed and maimed to walk and the US Airforce out of California fails to enter Church Murderer Kelley’s domestic violence charge into the National Criminal Information Center database??
      What a mess⬇️

      • All American

        Almost left out the collisions of US Navy Ships!
        Where is the Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee on this? He has plenty of opinion about others business!

  • hobartneck


  • CDG

    He admitted to desertion. He should not then qualify for “POW” status. Seems open and shut to me.

    • Larry Spiller

      Roger that. The Army works in mysterious ways at times as we both know. During his desertion he was promoted to E-4 and then E-5. He also got to wear about 10 combat stripes for his desertion. No pretrial confinement or anything close to what the average Soldier would have faced. The commands I was in would have found a way to send him to the court martial as an E-1 already. Demotion Board (only ever seen 1) from E-5 to E-4 for incompetence and then some little thing made big for a field grade Art. 15 taking him from E-4 to E-2 and then something real small at the company level for another Art. 15 making him an E-1. And on top of it he would be making up all the deserter/AWOL Bad Time. Every damn day of it like it used to be. He’s got some friends in high places obviously. He just might hit the Deserter Lotto. Sorry I got long winded. Something snagged my tripwire and off I went.

      • CDG

        The “friends in high places” is the entire Obama Administration. I imagine the Pentagon pressured the Judge to not give prison time. It would have made things awkward for the U.S. in the world media. Obama exchanges 5 terrorists for Bergdahl and is given a hero’s welcome by the Administration only to be court martialed and jailed later on?? He pleaded guilty to charges that could have resulted in life in prison yet didn’t ask for any type of plea deal? The outcome was predetermined. Thank you for your Honorable service!

        • Larry Spiller

          Soldier, you are right on target on this one. Perhaps you did better than Columbo might have done figuring it out. No pre trial confinement deal offered up when facing life, absolutely proves the sentence was predetermined. Especially when/because he was going to plead guilty. WOW. What a wake up call that truly is. Not a theory, but the absolute truth you told. Wonder if B.B. knew it, or was he sweating it out? I’m not vindictive, however justice was not served on him. Now we all know why. I thought when B.B. Senior (Weird Beard) was hanging around Obama, something wasn’t right. It wasn’t. Enjoy your holiday coming up soon.

          • lu

            Hoping the families of the dead soldiers who went after him will be able to file civil suits and get all the money he gets.

          • aldoro


          • Richard

            The money should at least got to the families

          • JustmJustm

            It WAS political UNDER OBUMMER but we have a new sheriff in town, and we all or most of us know how or what he thinks of him!!!
            In short he does not deserved even unwashed goat gutts.
            / to mildly put it/

        • Rick Stidger

          Spot on.

        • Brad

          Need to get rid of these obumber carry overs

        • JustmJustm

          CDG you where 82nd Aiborne right?
          I never had the chance to serve, i become a diabetic at age 19.
          Wanted to join the air force i had 289 hrs on gliders and in 1984 AF would love to get me comminng from an e european country….

      • nfcapitalist

        $usan Rice said he served with honor and distinction… distinction for sure, Obama administration 0 and American’s who served with honor and distinction 0.

      • JustmJustm

        No it was a little insight into the armys ways and things!!
        AndThanks for serving!

      • Deplorable son

        Coming back at ya Larry.

        In 1980 I was a Spec 4 attached to the 10th aviation battalion Fort Lewis Wa. I just got back from leave and needed a haircut badly but I decided to go to the mess hall first (in uniform). I got ten feet from the door and out comes General Stone and his entire staff, it scared me so bad I didn’t salute I just put my head down and and tried to get real thin…I got ten days in CCF and 60 days reduction of pay for that. That was the ARMY I was in.

      • norris

        I never agreed with the automatic promotion crap. I remember being a young soldier competing for the E-4 promotion my platoon was given by the commander. Not one hair out of place for weeks. Best years of my life. And an NCO was fully qualified for the promotion BEFORE you were allowed to compete for it. They have weakened a strong Army with this PC BS

        • Larry Spiller

          Agreed. Promo-boards are a fine tool to use early on. They are used to the hilt later on in a Soldier’s career. BB wasn’t even around for an automatic promotion to E-4 let alone one to E-5. The latter doesn’t exist. How many promo points did he get for being a deserter I wonder? While he attached himself to a Taliban unit, did they put him through PLDC/PNCOC? Would like to know how the E-5 promo came about. It damn sure wasn’t posthumously. I spent a few years in a S-1 section. Seen lots of regulations used and abused to help or hinder. Never would have imagined a thing like BB’s case.

    • All American

      That should buy him a nice cemetery plot

    • aldoro

      That REALLY pisses me off. That SOB belongs in prison let alone eligible for ANYTHING. Go 82nd Airborne. Sep 55 – Sep 58

  • Jock E Shift

    We’re circling the drain, people.

    • s7rabin

      We are in it!

  • brandehhh

    Wait, what??????