Bomb Scare at Iconic Spanish Church Deemed False Alarm

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. (Luis Gene / AFP/Photo)

September 12, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Visitors in Barcelona are breathing a sigh of relief after a bomb scare at an iconic cathedral turns out to be a “false alarm.”

Authorities locked down and evacuated the area around a the city’s Sagrada Familia cathedral citing an anti-terrorism operation.

Officers from the local bomb squad are on the scene and are reportedly investigating a suspicious package inside a van parked nearby.

Armed officers were seen patrolling the area.

The landmark Roman Catholic church was the target of a terror attack last month, which killed 13 people and injured 130 others.


  • Generalmayhem

    Another magnificent structure in Europe built to honor God when the priorities men had were right: God, family and job, in that order. Sadly, many of these are being demolished across Europe or converted to the satanic ideology of isla-me as mosques because a clear majority have removed God altogether from the priority list.

  • james holt

    maybe they should think about finishing this project…….

    • R A.

      Maybe you should think about traveling there for an exorcism.

      • james holt

        Lol, I did in 2013, didn’t help, they’ve only been working on it for 200 freakin years

        • maras

          and why do you have problem with it?

          • james holt

            You all have no sense of humor, cia 🤘

          • maras

            This is not answer to my question.

        • semper liber

          Actually it’s been under construction for about 140 years and is really stunning.