American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News Max

October 11, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The mainstream media is under fire once again as Project Veritas releases a hidden-camera investigation of the New York Times.

Check out the TRUTH with James O’Keefe, an exclusive report on One America News Network.

  • Bill Jr

    That’s Why I Call It ‘Socialist Media!’ In Actuality The Internet Is The Biggest
    De-Socializing Tool Ever. People Spend More Time In Front of Electronic Devices Than They Do In Face To Face Communication. The ‘Ease In Lying Factor’ Is Exponential!

  • Michael Hawk

    Just so We KNOW here Carlos Slim OWNS the NYT ..And it Serves as a Globalist Mouthpiece For His Goals Spewing Propaganda That Servers HIS interests Which are VERY anti American… The Washington Post is Owned and Also Serves As Jeff Bezos Personal Globalist/Socialist Views and ACTIVE Agenda ..

  • JR

    Sooo… Algorithms select the stories to be listed on YouTube news feed, but there are people who keep an eye on things to make sure the crazies don’t get too large a megaphone. Seems like a sound business strategy to me. Whether the far right want to believe it or not, NYT and WaPost (though not perfect) have 1000% more journalistic integrity than clickbait sensationalists Breitbart and InfoWars.

  • ReedJW

    New to your network. Really like what i see. Is Project Veritas a regular show for you? I saw the show mentioned here on Wednesday. Direct TV listed it for today (Thursday) as well so I set the DVR so as not to miss it, but it was not on your schedule tonight. Is there more of Project Veritis to be seen? If so, how does one find the schedule?

  • mark abby

    Excellent series! I especially liked the part where New York Times said “ we print what we think people want to read or hear”.

    Our media has more propaganda than any communist nation. Welcome to the new America

    • Vera Orsova

      As someone who grew up in a communist country, I need to say that the communist propaganda would have a lot to learn from our MSM. At least, back then, we all knew better than to believe what was printed in the paper and usually took it as a complete opposite of the truth. Here, however, we have the holly than thou leftists who can’t think for themselves. Sad situation.

      • mark abby

        Some of us Americans are just more stupid than those who lived under communist rule. Maybe we’ve even spoiled way too much and lost the ability to think for ourselves. I agree: sad situation for the rest of us indeed.

  • Kerry Good

    Commie pukes beware this old commie killing SOB is on the prowl!

  • All American

    This is a matter of ETHICS!
    Anyone performing work and providing information directly to the public that misrepresents facts or are unsure of the facts but fail to state this are in fact UNETHICAL period.
    This is not a matter of free speech.
    If a media outlet or any other entity that is unsure of the facts before presenting their story should clearly state that this story or commentary may not be based on actual FACTS!

  • Dick Dickson

    This expose of the NYT and the cozy relations it has with Facebook and YouTube is another example of how a few people can control the flow of information in ways that support their personal agendas. This is an unacceptable perversion of the first amendment freedom of the press resulting in a virtual monopoly of information. I think it’s time for some serious legislation to break up these monopolies. We did that successfully with the Sherman and Clayton acts that targeted industrial concerns. The country is so much better off for this.
    Media outlets with their interlocking directorates, such as those illustrated in the Veritas expose’, are at least as harmful to America as the pre-1911 Standard Oil Trust. Time for a new round of trust busting.

  • Peter Eveler

    Nick Dudich, The Gate Keeper! Protector of The Gates. Protector and saviour to the New York Times. Suave, Cool and Debonair. Every woman’s dream. ( I am being sarcastic, people.) The Man behind the Political Scenes. Humble, yet gushy and full of himself. Tight Lipped, yet ready to blow his own trumpet to impress the ladies. The Most Interesting Man in the World, if you ask him.

  • Peter Eveler

    Nick Dudich, the Gate Keeper, trusted to guard the gate. Trusted to keep his mouth shut. Trusted by the UnTrusted New York Times. Trusted to be smart enough to not be caught. Trusted …. Well it appears he left the gate open. Nick Dudich, the Gate Opener. Nick Dudich , Little Man Syndrome.

  • Soylent Greene

    How old is Dudich? Sixteen?

    • Bill Bates

      I know, right? Think of the wealth of inexperience he must have!

  • RobertBierce

    Journalism is Poisonous Propaganda Pretending to be News.

    • whaaat???

      Three pee.. 😉

    • Bill Bates

      Nice! Are you related to Ambrose by any chance?

      • RobertBierce

        He is a spiritual, but not actual relative of mine.

        • Bill Bates

          I read The Devil’s Dictionary (so long ago) when I was in my late teens, and it changed the way I have looked at everything since. We could use him running a news outlet today.

          • RobertBierce

            Amen. He would be perfect for OANN or for FOX.

  • Anna Marie DeMonte

    Do I have to subscribe in order to watch this?

  • GeneralMayhem

    There is a book from the 50’s called the Naked Communist. On Jan. 10, 1963, Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 Communist goals into the CongressionalRecord. The list was derived from researcher Cleon Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist.” Here are goals 20. and 21. =

    Infiltrate the press. Get control of book review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.
    Gain control of key positions in radio, TV & motion pictures.

    I think those goals have been met, don’t you ?

    • Bill Bates

      Those goals have surely been met.

      Although Skousen, in 1963, couldn’t contemplate the internet, I’m sure if he had known the future of its impending broad popularity, he would have placed “Infiltration of the ‘net” far above number 20. or 21. on his list.

      It is time to open investigation of organizations that handle – or “curate” – news content and availability. Without violating the 1st Amendment, knowledge can certainly be obtained and made widely available of how news is being “curated,” as PV has done; and how to defeat efforts to deceive the public.

      • skyhawk

        Leftists are activists by their very nature. This should be self-evident given that, in order to alter the status quo of any system, action must be taken to move that system out of stasis.

        To the extent that you can control the information that the public receives, to that same extent you can control the public’s perceptions about the world around them. This is the reason that Leftists gravitate to professions such as teaching and journalism.

        The internet, and to a lessor extent Cable Television, have “democratized” the dissemination of information to the public beyond the choke hold once held by the “Big Three” Networks and a handful of major print media outlets. To the Left’s way of thinking, this cannot be allowed.

        Seizing control of the internet is a top priority and the Left has spared no expense and no amount of effort to achieve that goal. Regardless of what technology is invented or by whom (ie Google, Facebook, Twitter , etc.) the Left will gravitate towards that and eventually take control of it.

        This process is not entirely some “Grand Plan” but is as natural to a Leftist as is breathing.
        Most of them don’t even know ‘why’ they gravitate to these positions, but then, “Progressives” aren’t known for being particularly introspective.

        All they “know” is that they are possessed of some special wisdom, some grand “enlightenment”, and this entitles them to lord over the poor dumb masses so as to shape and mold society into THEIR vision of what is Right, Good and Fair. And do so by force, if necessary.

        “It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant–it’s just that so much of what they ‘know’ simply isn’t so”.
        Ronald Reagan.

    • All American

      Ethical vs unethical standards???
      This is a matter of ETHICS!
      Anyone performing work and providing information directly to the public that misrepresents facts or are unsure of the facts but fail to state this are in fact UNETHICAL period.
      This is not a matter of free speech.
      If a media outlet or any other entity that is unsure of the facts
      before presenting their story should clearly state that this story or commentary may not be based on actual FACTS!

  • Play Righter

    MODERATOR: If someone here has contact with the video maker, let them know that the same clip from (6:24) regarding legitimate news organizations and Alex Jones is shown again at (10:12). I assume this is not intentional.

  • Roy Beane

    American Pravda……….really says it all about the mainstream media in this country today. There’s likely not one honest, genuine, journalist among the whole lot of them that actually does extensive research and makes sure to verify what they’re going to say BEFORE they say it.

    Like a guy said awhile back: “Never confuse what the Media SAYS…….with ACTUAL NEWS.”

    • larryjcr

      The problem is too many ‘journalists’ and no longer any reporters. Reporters were a crude lot, interested only in offering information to the public. Journalists have been taught that they should ‘educate’ the public … tell them what to think … and if the facts get in the way of pushing the proper point of view, well, then, the facts will just have to become ‘flexible’.

    • Peonie

      There is one. Her name is Sheryl Attkisson.