Almost 2 Dozen Texas Gang Members Indicted For Human Trafficking

37 charges were filed against the “Southwest Cholos Gang” earlier this month for multiple violent crimes. (Photo/Click_Houston)

November 14, 2017
OAN Newsroom

23 gang members are indicted in Texas for allegedly operating a large scale sex trafficking ring.

37 charges were filed against the “Southwest Cholos Gang” earlier this month after authorities raided several brothels west of the Louisiana border.

Authorities say gang members lured in illegal female immigrants promising them jobs in customer service, and then forced them into prostitution.

The victims were even tattooed to declare them as “gang property.”

The gang is also charged with drug trafficking, sale of illegal weapons, and illegal re-entry into the U.S.

Nine of the indicted members are still at large.

  • Harleydeplorable

    President Trump is right that they aren’t sending their best. I support ending DACA, ending birthright citizenship, ending refugees, deporting all illegals and refugees, building a wall and securing our borders.

  • weldon2

    Imagine things really bad south of the border and people rush North as people rushed East to escape Hitler and Soviets .

  • Aldo

    Off with ALL of their ***king heads NOW !!! BUILD THAT WALL – Put DOWN these animal gangs !!!

  • Larry

    Sponsored by the Obama-demonrat-progressive open-border jihad.

  • grandmother5

    People that are human traffickers when caught and found guilty should received life without parole. Same for drug traffickers. Simple as that.

    • RevChannel

      Isnt kidnapping punishable with life in prison? Essentially these people were kidnapped and raped. Life in prison!

      • grandmother5

        The people that were kidnapped and rape, yes they have been sentenced to life of he!! and that’s sad.

    • weldon2

      …and further croud OUR prison population.

      • grandmother5

        Better than walking the streets looking for little girls or boys.

  • Flagfriend

    “Whoever steals a man and sells him, and anyone found in possession of him, shall be put to death” Exodus 21:16

  • Kene

    NO WALL, NO WALL, WE DO NOT NEED A WALL!!! These folks are just entrepreneurs trying to make a living and wall will only make it harder on them….

    • Cappachini

      These people are breaking our sovereign law. Think for one small moment that we are not allowed to do this in their country. But in our country, the dems give them every right to come here, take money from us so these people with vote democrats. Is that right? Are the dems really helping these people? Most are put on a poverty income, thanks to us paying for them to vote dumrat! Did they do anything in their country? At the same time, our country is giving our money to many people in these places they lived in that they still strive to leave. I get that but they are destroying America because they don’t want to become a part of it! They like the freebies thanks to the dumrats. In America, under a Repub, it’s easier to adjust, because you need to, you have to work. Under dumrats, it’s always okay to kill people…if that’s your culture! Kill your babies in the womb, kill them outside the womb… Wall, Wall, Wall!

  • Realist

    Where is Judge Roy Bean when we really need him.

  • Flagfriend

    “One of these things is not like the others,
    One of these things just doesn’t belong,
    Can you tell which thing is not like the others
    By the time I finish my song?”

    • Kathy Shad

      You read my mind.

    • Living_The_Dream

      They all appear to be “Mexican” to me. The one with lighter-colored hair, is just older than her “Hermanas”. . . . . and one must be careful, the older “mujer” is probably the ring leader.

  • nfcapitalist

    Nine are still at large but which agency arrested them and will this result in another catch and release to the other side of the border… like that’s a solution?

  • TexanForever

    Awww, cut ’em some slack. … They’re just the “dreamers” the progressives keep talking about, looking for a better life.

    This be rachis’ an’ we don’t need no fence.

  • Sui-Juris

    Forced prostitution, sex trafficking, running brothels, drug trafficking, sale of illegal weapons, illegal re-entry into the U.S., …and voting Democrat …because victim of society. LMAO

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      So many heinous thoughts cross my mind as I look at these degenerates. Evil exists, folks.

      • HarryObrian

        and evil will be given 3 squares and a bed at your expense until their catch and release program goes into effect.

        • Sui-Juris

          Either there or in the barrio. Taxpayer is footing the bill one way or the other.

          • grandmother5

            or covered with dirt.

        • grandmother5

          I say one meal a day, a blanket on the floor for their bed and not be released for any reason. On yeah no t.v., no weight room, not yard time, no education, nor library, no mail and no visitors. If some liberal complains that’s unfair, just remind them what they did to the young girls, the women and most likely boys.

          • Glenn Woodruff

            I like your idea but remember Judges don’t care about the victim’s rights only the Criminal. Thankfully Texas built a lot of Prisons after a parolee due to over crowding murdered a woman days after he was released.

          • grandmother5

            That is very sad, but so true.

          • HarryObrian

            You’ll never get their 0bama phones taken away from them, that program is still going strong and providing many a criminal with free cell phones.

      • Sui-Juris

        Evil exists, no doubt, but stupid runs rampant in the name of easy and self-gratification.

    • global citizen

      Watching that picture, I am not sure if this is Amish or Jewish people? As long as they are living for free in nice homes in a sanctuary city, … life’s good.


      “Human trafficking” = SLAVERY.

  • FromThe70s

    Doing the jobs Americans just won’t do.
    Dream on, dream on, dream on…

    • grandmother5

      Exactly! No human being would do.

  • Imprisonment is too good for them. And, there are many more out there.

    • HarryObrian

      Totally agree…
      They’re here ILLEGALLY, they should have no rights, zero and should be fed to the nearest wood chipper.

  • TruePatriot

    And it begins…

  • nfcapitalist

    Conservative Republicans… no, not likely.

    • grandmother5

      That’s for sure.