Air France Jet Passes Area Where .N Korean ICBM Missile Lands Minutes Later

An Air France Airbus A320 aircraft takes off at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Roissy, near Paris. (REUTERS/Christian Hartmann)

August 2, 2017

OAN Newsroom

A new report says an Air France jet liner passed the area where a North Korean ICBM missile landed just minutes later.

Air France officials say their plane was never in danger of being hit by the missile, adding it constantly analyzes potentially dangerous flyover zones and adapts flight paths when needed.

However, the Pentagon says missile tests from Pyongyang do pose a threat to commercial aircraft and ships in the area.

The Japanese defense ministry says the missile landed around 120 miles from the country’s coast.

6 Comments on "Air France Jet Passes Area Where .N Korean ICBM Missile Lands Minutes Later"

  1. No Coincidence There, Right? (‘Kim Chi?’, ‘Yeah Kim Dim Sum’ ‘Wait Another 8 Seconds’ ‘Why?’ ‘That French Airplane’s Almost In The Path.’ ‘What If We Hit It?’ ‘Don’t Worry It’s French, They Won’t Do Anything But Whine Like The US and Everybody Else.’ ‘Ok, Boy This Is A Fun Job!’

  2. NK announced its rocket test. France failed to adjust. It is reasonable for NK to aim its misses eastward. If antiChrist American’s had small and simple wisdom, Americans could appreciate macro geography

  3. Minutes? Way too close for comfort. I don’t care what they say.

  4. China and Russia supply North Korea with the material to build the missiles and the nuclear weapons. What money NK has goes to countries that support their military goals. China has been building their military for years while the US has depleted theirs. North Korea is a BIG problem but so is Russia and especially CHINA.

  5. Sooner or later, either by miscalculation, by accident, or on purpose, this nut in N. Korea is going to end up hitting somebody with one of his toys and then the Guano will hit the fan. He’s not going to stop until somebody STOPS him ….. permanently. Question is, is China willing to start WW III over N.Korea getting their arses blown off ?

    • China has always been a threat to the U.S.
      It is time to look around this World and realized Who our real Ally’s Are.
      The Kim regime Needs to end as soon as possible, then Free the North Korean people, who work for China as Slaves.
      The Kim Haircut is out of Style, Just like Hitler’s Mustache.
      The Evil upon this Planet is Attitude and the Love of Deception.
      Lets add some TRUTH to this Planet – GOD is WATCHING.
      please pay attention.

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