AG Sessions Orders Review Into the Clintons

November 14, 2017
OAN Newsoom

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he’s weighing whether to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s deals.

This after several key GOP lawmakers said Sessions must launch the probe or resign.

One America’s Kristian Rouz has more on the House Republicans effort to ‘drain the swamp’ in D.C.

  • Kelly Benjamin

    She lacked intent…..yeah that’s it, no intent. Smdh

  • hadit

    Under Jeff Sessions, nothing will happen to her

  • hadit

    Better put her on the no-fly list or she may join her billions in Qatar

  • Re

    She is going to Run place extra guards at point of exit roads, watch her trolls friends that have airplanes and boats.

  • No Mas

    Hillary will have to start paying off her team of lawyers… AWESOME!!!!!!

  • Steven

    Orange is the new black. May be a nice striped pants suit is in order. She won’t be going to jail but the prospect of it puts a little glee in my heart. At least fine her a few billion in ill gotten bootie and put her poor house. She can write a new book “Golfing with OJ” or “How I sold out America” .

  • taxpayer here

    Its a start and ABOUT F’G TIME!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Green

    I’m so disappointed in the republicans. I guess in order to run for a republican seat, if you’re a man you need to be castrated if you’re elected. I mean if congress women don’t have it then why should these so called men have it.

  • brandehhh

    Just a review? 🙁

  • Okie

    firing squad will do.

  • John P

    Rod Rosenstein should step down he is part of the problem as he plays both sides from the middle. (Part of the swamp)

    • hadit

      Half the government should step-down

  • Gerry C. Cruz

    Get the big fish already with very little gov’t expense!

  • Ken Sebastian

    They may put up a sham investigation to pacify the “deplorables” but HILLERY CLINTON WILL NEVER GO TO JAIL. Look what happened after 9-11. These people are untouchable AND THEY KNOW IT.

  • Ken Sebastian

    If anyone thinks for a minute this woman will ever be behind bars you need to wake up to reality. There is and has been for a very long time a two-tiered justice system in the USA. Everybody in the Bush Administration walked after 9-11. Clinton knows too much and would bring down half the government with her. Ain’t gonna happen my friends.

  • James A. DeHart

    It is about time!!!

  • the great kazoo

    I’ll believe it when I see that crooked old hag being frog marched onto the prison bus.

  • J. Waltam

    They’er bulletproof

  • mickey2829

    according to the democrats we have to treat Russia as our worse enemy but Hillary sells 20 percent of our uranium to the Russians . is there something here that I am missing?

  • jill

    Sessions will never be welcome in Alabama again. Rino so all he has to do is not find anything there, especially collusion….

  • Doom

    This isn’t going anywhere. The DOJ, with very few exceptions, is staffed with Obama/Clinton peeps. Going nowhere, the swamp is wide and deep.

  • Rafael Ponce

    The Clintons need to be accounted for so many bad things, which includes when Hillary was Secretary of State. There cannot be one set of rules for the Clintons and another set of rules for the American people. If Hillary is innocence like she tells everyone when selling her book, she will have nothing to hide then?

  • Dell Wilber

    About damned time…

  • MAGA woman

    Yay. I think.

  • No Mas

    Lets hold out hope there are Americans with integrity still in the DOJ and FBI that will not these CRIMINALS in US GOVT cover up and continue the theft and corruption,

  • Erica Merovich

    I wonder if we can get a transcript of Bill’s speech in Russia…

  • JR

    Love how Shepard Smith blew the Uranium One conspiracy theory to shreds. Of course now he’ll be condemned by the far right as a liberal turncoat. Have fun in your echo camber righties. You’re a great source of humor for the majority of us.

    • fanbeav

      Shep using the same talking points as CNN. Let’s wait until the undercover FBI agent testifies!

      • JR

        More than happy to wait and see what comes from and investigation. Criminals deserved to be locked up. But if nothing comes of it? Will you admit that your sources are flawed and you are heavily biased? Or will you then cast doubt upon the investigator, suspect them of being liberals, and insist that you know more than they do?

    • DefendTheFaith

      Another day of Liberals gone wild!! LOL
      OAN, maybe considering requiring an IQ of more than 30 before you can comment. That will exclude you and most Dems commenting here.
      If it’s stupid, libgrubes are stuck on it like glue.

      • JR

        Such a sassy retort.

    • Nick Rose

      JR, too bad you Demwitted lefties couldn’t get the majority…………
      of the ELECTORATE!😆

      Liberalism is a mental disorder 😂

      • JR

        Majority yet. Electoral college, no. And I’m not really a liberal, just know the difference between what the far right is pushing and reality. And by far right I’m talking about Infowars, Breitbart, and lunatic bloggers pulling falsehoods from their nether-regions.

        • Nick Rose

          I suppose crooked Hillary Clinton deleting thousands of supenoed emails from her private email for no reason whatsoever.
          Bleach bitted, smashed with hammers.
          Nothing to see here folks. 😆

          • JR

            Honestly, I haven’t followed enough of the b.s. from either side of the email issue to even comment. If she did something illegal, toss her in jail. If not, let it die. The left says she’s an angel, the right says the devil. Somewhere in between is the truth. I side with the justice department as they are the experts and investigated the matter thoroughly. Pundits and bloggers have not.

  • Sylvia Avila

    I hope our AG does his job! Don’t really trust him, but than I don’t trust anyone in Washington D.C. except our President.

  • NotJudging

    Sessions told the Judiciary Comitee that he won’t have a special counsel to investigate any of the many Dems corruption cases (Clintons, Commey, Mueller, Lynch, Obama, Rice, Holder, Lerner, etc.)

  • Jerry Dodds

    Title says he is and the article says he is weighing it? Two different things?-

  • Paul Curto

    AG Sessions now takes on the powerful Clinton machine. He will prevail.

  • Kyle Smith

    Sessions has been exposed as the swamp creature that he is. The swamp does not want Hillary investigated for some reason. I do not know why, but is clear they do not. When they have no problem with a special investigator for “Russian Collusion” but on this say, “there is nothing here”. Please. We use to be that stupid but we are “woke” now a know better. Sessions needs to go.

  • Tom Conroy

    Whats taking so long ?

  • HelloFromTO

    What is his problem? Has someone threatened to suicide him?

  • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Weighing?? What the fark?? There is HONEST factual data showing all the crimes the Clintoons were involved in. WEIGHING?? BS.

  • Curt

    Honestly, Jeff Sessions is the epitome of a feckless
    Attorney General! I hate to say it, but even the crooked Loretta Lynch
    was a more effective Attorney General than little Jeffie……… much
    more effective! He needs to be sent back to Alabama to spend the remainder of his life in a rest home playing Canasta with old ladies….!

  • John Ehrhart

    Why “weigh”? DO IT, but must make sure that her “foundation” doesn’t protect her from crimes she, personally committed. Can’t send a “foundation” to jail, Crooked Hillary’s final home if there is any “justice for all” in America. Go DT! Go Sessions!

    • fay9169

      Leavenworth has vacancies….

  • Chuck Brown

    There is no law and justice until the Clinton crime family is jailed.

  • Deplorable Phytomorphogenesis

    sessions does not sound honest at all. We tried real hard to believe him.
    We have officially lost trust in him, as of November 15, 2017.
    President Trump, how about telling sessions, “YOU ARE FIRED!”?

  • Roy Beane

    His supporters go on and on and on about “what a good man he is” and how “fine a public service record he has in congress”, and so on and so forth. Perhaps all that may be true, but the hard fact is Sessions either will not or cannot clean up the DOJ and run it like THE BOSS over it he is supposed to be. His deputies, other career political embeds, and deep state embedded holdovers from previous administrations appear to be leading him …..instead of Sessions taking charge as he should be doing.

    Anyone in any job who either cannot or will not do their job always end up getting fired or forced to resign. Same thing is true with being Attorney General of the United States. If Sessions cannot or will not do the job, then, …….he has to go, regardless of “what a good man” some feel that he is otherwise. There is simply far too much at stake for this Circus to be allowed to go on and on like it has up till now.

  • The Trump Tsunami to Success

    review of clintons ??? a white wash in progress
    we have proof of illegal treasonous activities we need a special prosecutor

  • Javanne

    Until Sessions does it, nothing he says can be believed. He’d also better provide 24/7 protection for the informant we have been hearing about lately. Otherwise, he is likely to share Foster and Rich’s fate.

  • Joseph Verville

    The Clintons would most likely leave the country before facing prosecution. But that’s just wild speculation on my part. The reason they get away with all of their corruption is A) They are Democrats and B) The Republicans are a spineless lot with no political will to serve those who put them in office. I vote Republican religiously but now am having doubts to the efficacy of my support for the spineless bunch in office at present.

  • tully bascomb

    You can have a video of Hilery killing and eating a child and she still would not be prosecuted with what the lawyer legislators have done to the Judicial system in America.
    They have rigged the system with a multiple tier system while America has slept.

  • Victor Alero

    The ENTIRE Obama administration are TRAITORS and approved this deal with our biggest enemy. But, some of us already figured that out. Let’s see, OBAMA made a deal that released BILLIONS of dollars to IRAN and ALLOWS Iran to build nuclear weapons. OBAMA released 10 TALIBAN Leaders in U S custody for ONE Army deserter. The IRS went after conservative groups and OBAMA did NOTHING to stop or punish those responsible. The DNC and Hillary’s campaign PAID for the infamous dossier that is the basis for the Russian collusion investigation. Top OBAMA officials unmasked and LEAKED the names of U S citizens ILLEGALLY to the press. Trump had business dealings with Russian companies as a PRIVATE CITIZEN. Bill and Hillary had dealings with the Russians WHILE IN GOVERNMENT OFFICES. Who is the TRAITOR? I’d say Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    • tully bascomb

      And John “ISIS” McCain.

  • Julia

    I would love to be a fly on the wall whenever Bill and Hildabeast get together. I bet he is pissed after telling her not to do the book, not to stir her witches kettle and have some class in accepting defeat and she spat back at him that ‘nothings wrong with it and she’s going to do it anyway’. Now he is the one telling her ‘I told you not to do it!’ I mean after the election Trump & Sessions weren’t going after them…..until she came out of the woods on her broomstick book tour.

  • KevinR.

    More evidence against Clinton than Trump…. yet they are investigating Trump…

    Sessions must be removed from office… since he seems to have recused himself from doing his job.

  • mark abby

    The Clintons are way smarter that Jeff Sessions. They most likely got to him already. “No facts”. Ha that right there told you everything

  • Tado

    Mr. Clean.
    “See no evil; hear no evil”.

  • Lorie Barnett

    I watched the hearings today. Sessions said they weren’t going to launch any investigations based on feelings and not based on fact.

    • Lorie Barnett


  • Native Born American

    Three generations in my family are saying “it’s about time” the horrible Clinton family have committed crimes that would have ordinary citizens serving life sentences in prison.

    There is nothing redeeming or likeable about them at all.

  • A marcus Young

    No reason for a special counsel

  • ThatsWhatRosieSays

    That’ll be the day! Rosie will believe it when she sees it!

    Clue: It ain;t gon’ happen!

  • TBird

    HOLD IT? l think that I just heard about 500 paper shredders start up and the lights dimmed from enormous power consumption just moments ago? Anybody else hear that also……

    • Katfishkelly M

      bleach bit purchases going off the charts.. and hammers sold out for banging on hard drives.. lol

  • 🇺🇸

    Yes Sirrrrr!… 👍🤠

  • Tim Pyatt

    Living in this so Liberal state of a Oregon this awesome news freaking Lock her up

    • scott

      I’m with you on that! This state is really too far gone though.

  • Jennifer Elberson

    Wait Killary wanted to have a BIG spot in history and this is the best way. Put any and all of her dirt in the spotlight. We can all agree to give her that…………

    • kaiju

      She’s got it.


    Republicans are disgraceful in covertly blocking Trump’s agenda. The deep state is working hard to give Democrats the house or senate so everything Trump tries can be stopped.

  • marcthepig

    How about Sessions just resigns and we get someone in there who will do the job.

    • kaiju

      Are you applying?

  • Buster

    Article and video pretty much state the same things, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he’s weighing whether to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Clinton Foundation’s deals.”

    I’m not getting excited about it until it’s a done deal, and it better not be someone from the swamp.

    • iownlsu

      Well it will be, a rich sob that works for both sides!

      • Buster

        Who will probably ride it like a union worker getting triple time on Christmas.

  • Scott Snerd

    oh the leftist collusion on all of this BS….jesus…what a totally tangled web there is…..oh wait….it isnt. its criminals charged with investigating CRIMINALS and nobody wants to die because they pissed off Killary…..

  • c a

    Sessions is connected to the Clintons. It’s TIME to set him free. Give him the Alabama seat back, and bring in Guiliani or Christie. These guys are NOT connected to the Clintons, have Trump’s back, AND will prosecute. And when all those Libs complain about these two, tell them to SIT DOWN!!! It’s OUR turn to Govern!!!

    • c a

      This is the ONLY way to get the Clintons, and the ONLY way to save Seats in 2018. Loose the Senate and it’s ALL OVER for Trump!

    • Jack Steffen

      Guliani would have been my choice for AG. Someone who would get the smell of “red meat” and actually go after these guys. I don’t know if he had some sort of falling out with Trump or what. You used to see him all the time during the campaign, and he was a main speaker at the GOP convention, but now you hardly see or hear of him.

    • Vera Orsova

      we don’t want him back. we have Roy Moore to send to DC. Sessions can go and find a greener pastures at one of the Soros’ pieces of land.

    • kaiju

      Nice guys, but unconnected? I’m afraid not. They aren’t begging for the job either.

    • jill

      He’s not welcome in Alabama. You have to keep him.

  • Joseph Bridges

    Why isn’t the so called loyal Republicans who support The President asking him , “Why he or his people started replacing the obama leftover ( firing or transferring )people. Take a look at DHS (ICE), State Dept. (Ambassadors and other dept within state), DOD (Pentagon) recommendation to hire mentally ill and illegal aliens. Those two suggestion will do nothing but degrade the military. The firing and replacement was a campaign promise by Candidate Trump.

  • Jack Steffen

    Watch for people to begin conveniently disappearing or having unfortunate “accidents”

  • Bogeygolfer

    Going thru the motions…?

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Dog that B Sessions.

  • alva

    Here Rep. Louie Gohmert question. Rep. Gohmert has copy of document. Rosenstein request this information be sealed.

    Rep. Gohmert: One of the things that was
    most shocking was that a guy named Rosenstein, if that name sounds
    familiar, since he appointed Mueller (to lead Special Counsel on Trump) he
    was the guy that actually helped sign documents that got the whole
    thing, the original cover-up done by sealing documents back early in the
    Obama administration so that Hillary could go through and make mega-millions…

    …The blockbuster line now here is that he (Mueller) and
    Rosenstein had to be involved in him being the Special Counsel now
    because now we know he needed to cover up the fact that him and
    Rosenstein covered up the first investigation!

    • kaiju

      There’s going to be a lot of surprises when this thing breaks loose. There never has been an investigation lunched as complex and difficult as Sessions has before him. It’s going back to Slick Willy’s first term, maybe beyond that and more crimes than we can count.

  • alva

    I figure Rosenstein will stop Session in his tracks on opening a case against Clinton’s. After all Rosenstein talked Session into recusing himself from Russia investigation. Rep Louie Gohmert has a document signed by or showing Rosenstien was one of the individuals who drafted the Uranium One for Obama/Clinton Administration. Rep. Louie Gohmert ask Session if he saw or knew about this document before recusing himself. Of course, he didn’t.

  • strawberryplains

    Actually Sessions told Representative Jim Jordan that there was NOT INFORMATION to appoint a special counsel to investigate Clinton/Comey/Lynch or Clinton Foundation. You have to wonder who’s team Sessions is on.

  • alva

    Lets see of Rosenstein shuts Session down in Clinton investigation. Rosenstein is stronger atty then Session.

    • Kelly Benjamin

      I think Rosenstein and Mueller need to be added to the very, very long list of names of people who need to be investigated along with the Clinton cartel and Obama administration

  • William Everett Hendry bhendry

    Jeff, get a good nights sleep, and think about how you got to AG. It’s a fascinating revelation ole boy!

    • Katfishkelly M

      He had a rough day today. He needs to get good sleep, and tomorrow start DOING things; instead of just talking abt maybe needing to do things!

  • Mark Heinzen

    Long long long overdue!

  • Jimbo

    Sadly this may be another case of Lucy holding the football.

    • Bogeygolfer


  • Renee Ayala Jones

    Well thank God, get moving Jeff!

  • Letmesay

    That weighing better be a firecracker under his seat because it needs started asap.

  • Melissa McShane

    The deep state reviews the deep state. Don’t they cancel one another out? We’ll have millions spent and nothing will come of it. Democrats are above the law and the never Trumpers are going to make sure of it.

    • nfcapitalist

      Intelligence Community were sure under Obama appointees that the Clinton Crime Family was going to win and have been busy scrubbing evidence of obstructing justice and leaning on conservative Americans in the most negative anti-constitutional manner ever seen… the Mob went legitimate if what is happening in the federal government could be considered ‘legitimate.’

    • iownlsu

      WHO received all of that $$$$ ?

  • a voice of concern


  • a voice of concern


  • a voice of concern


    • All American

      McCain has been in DC since 1982…kinda self explanatory

    • A marcus Young

      Did you know he was pardoned for treason?

  • a voice of concern


    • All American

      It is time to pull the books on all of his agencies & Foundations!
      And the books on the 30 mainstream news outlets – including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC.

      • jlsharks1

        I am with you all the way, and being saying that for years. They are the enemy of the State.

        • All American


  • a voice of concern


  • a voice of concern


  • Rhonda Blaine

    Sessions is handling the clowns (dems) with integrity and class. Not everyone is going to be happy when the justice department finally starts enforcing the law without regard to politics or popularity.

    • No Mas

      I don’t think Sessions has the “cojones” and intelligence to clean out the corruption in DOJ and FBI… but we will see if he can prove American govt still has some integrity

      • kaiju

        We will see. If not maybe you can step up to the plate. This is over my head, I’m out.

    • kaiju

      One thing is sure, when the chips start flying, Sessions better make sure his ducks are in a row. The corruption BHusseinO installed in our government is more massive than anybody can imagine.

    • jill

      Yeah right, he’s one of them. Nothing will happen….not with him in office.

  • Tony

    Did someone buy him some balls……I doubt it.

    • kaiju

      Speaking of balls Tony, are you volunteering to take on the Clintons?

      • Tony

        Take yours out of your mouth you are slurring your words. Idiot.

        • kaiju

          Talk is cheap, isn’t it Tony. Easy to spout off when you have no accountability and your life isn’t on the line. I wouldn’t take Sessions place for $1 million a year. At least I’m honest about it.

          • Tony

            You simple minded pos, I voiced my opinion.You don’t like it fine. So shut the f..k up and mind your own business. Are you one of those candy asses that club people for voicing their opinion? You probably are. Or wait are you the ag’s secret lover? Could that be your issue. Well you are entertaining, but enough time to turn you off.

          • kaiju

            There you go, show us what your really about.

  • RedPillPlease

    Who knew that Sessions was a spineless member of the DC Swamp? I am so disappointed with this feckless shell of a man who obviously lost his testicles the day after the election.

    • kaiju

      Care to take his place?

      • RedPillPlease

        Sure! And I’d take the advice from Rep. Jim Jordan or Ron Disantis as who’d be the best prosecutor to put in place. But Peter Sweitzer, who wrote the book, “Clinton Cash” knows more about the criminal escapades of the Clinton Crime Syndicate and the Washington Cartel better than anyone. He’d make an excellent choice. But as far as that wimpy Depends wearing, Automated Recuse Thyself Jeffie Sessions, the dishwasher over at Bubba’s Road Kill Cafe would be a better choice.

        • kaiju

          Ha! we’ve got a taker. I’ll loan you my helmet and flak jacket. Comes in handy when you accidentally shoot yourself in the back or the head a couple of times.

          • RedPillPlease

            If you’re saying Jeffie is a deserting coward like Bo Bergdahl who has found himself deep in a hornets nest and will sing like a jay bird, or in this case, keep his mouth shut to save his own skin, I’m inclined to agree. But Jeffie has been in Washington for decades, and if he didn’t know what he was getting in to when he agreed to become the AG, then fire his Alabama azz immediately! We need someone in there with some cajones!

          • kaiju

            Who said he was deserting? He ordered a review into the Clintons.
            Why does everyone feel they need to dog him now. I’m saying give the man a hand or put your money where your mouth is.

          • jill

            No, he’s a traitor, he’s been bought in my thinking. No spine, no truth in this man.

          • jill

            He’s not welcome in Alabama…his true colors came out when he condemned Judge Moore when he said he didn’t doubt what the women said.

        • TexasDeplorable1134

          So which will it be? The downfall of Mueller, the downfall of Clinton’s or both. At least it should bring to the forefront that this type of behavior should no longer be tolerated. It should also point out that there actually is an organization labeled as “Deep State” (bipartisan) that actually does influence DC and sometimes it does not hold the best interests of the people of this country.

    • Curt

      Honestly, your post is the absolute truth regarding this feckless Attorney General!

    • JR

      Unfortunately for you, he had to come to grips with reality once he took an office that requires evidence and fact to move forward with an investigation. The lunacy spouted by Brietbart and similar ‘non-news’ outlets can’t convict a person.

      • Curt

        There’s plenty of evidence…. plenty! However, tell that to this Judge Moore who is being prosecuted 45 years after the fact………

        • JR

          Sources of such iron clad evidence??? Breitbart and Infowars disqualifies you from this discussion.

        • Kelly Benjamin

          40 yrs…but who’s counting

  • Roy Beane

    You DC Fools. This probe will never happen, and all of you already know it. Don’t you know the Clinton’s are ABOVE the Law?? Who else could sell out their country and give the Russians a 20% chunk of all our yellow cake uranium to build Nukes with, collect 145 million dollars and walk away scot free, no fuss, no muss?? Silly Senators, Trix are for Clintons, not you.

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      I enjoy truly fine sarcasm. Especially, when it is dead accurate!

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      Agreed, it is not a coincidence that their crime syndicate shutdown after she lost the election. All incriminating information has been purged just like the 33k emails.

    • john smith

      Roy Beane: I think what you are forgetting is Hellary and friends constant reminder to us all “Trump will never be President”. I do believe their criminal organization thought they had enough criminal power that there was no way anyone would or could stop them. I think they were so sure they had successfully fixed the election, that as far as they were concerned it was in the bag. And Hellary new once she won the election she could block any attempt to find the truth.

      Thanks to the American people, they and she were wrong.

      • kaiju

        Right on John. The last thing Trump and Sessions need is bunch of whining naysayers.

    • Curt

      Your post is right on! These laws are meant for the little people. Don’t get all worked up! This woman will be protected by a completely corrupt American government….. and politicians!

    • MinuteMan

      It’s all the spineless GOP who talk and talk. Trump is the only one that is doing any good. I just hope the devil rapes Hillary in a cauldron of flames and she burns in hell for eternity after she croaks from a brain aneurysm.

    • Javanne

      She got away with it because Obama was president. Last time I checked, that is no longer the case – thankfully.

  • Visualverbs

    How many more people now are going to commit suicide or disappear mysteriously?

    • “I’m a Rooster!”


      • HurdeyGurdey ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

        Finally what? Session’s still hasn’t done anything. He said he’d “consider” it. LOL Don’t hold your breath.

        • Julia

          I have always thought Sessions told Trump he would only head the DOJ if Trump agreed not to ask him to go after Clinton and just after having won he agreed, but much has happen since then for Trump but Sessions is still the swamp.

          • Javanne

            This Moore thing may provide an out for both Trump and Sessions by Sessions resigning as AG to return to his old Senate seat. If that happens, Trump needs to get a new AG on board quickly, before Rosenstein has time to quash any meaningful action on possible Hillary and DNC investigations.

          • GBWO

            I think that may happen although Sessions said he has no desire to return to the Senate. Actually he may be just another turd in the road as he is as the AG.

          • isukusa

            The new AG should be Roy Moore. Although he would never get passed Congress.

          • the great kazoo

            Sheriff Clark would be better.

          • EQ4ALL

            Maybe Rudy Guliani this time.???

          • Tim maher

            Time for Sessions to start considering the desires of the people if he wants to keep his job.

        • kaiju

          Sessions has numerous investigations going on. Many of those to clean up his own department. Tough job after eight years of sabotage.

        • “I’m a Rooster!”

          Being a man of few words, “finally” enough people complained and he [may] move his gluteus maximus now. And, I only hold my breath when driving past a Denny’s.

        • chiphenry

          It’s a sign of life and I’m glad to see that much now.

      • the great kazoo

        Don’t pop any champagne corks just yet.

        The Keebler elf said he’d think about it, but that was probably just to make us go away.

        The swamprats know that if Hillary goes down, she’ll bring the rest of them down with her.

    • All American

      LOCK HER UP🇺🇸

      • antiliberal00

        Hang her for high treason

        • All American

          She can run but she can’t hide

          • Highwayman

            Why do you think her and otraitor own property and have channeled millions to Dubai? This is what the country needs to heal. All of them and the deep state in it’s entirety taken down. Time to build a very large gallows on the White House lawn.

          • MADDOG

            She can’t even walk let alone run !!!!!!
            She will go down faster than a “actress” on harvey,,,

          • All American

            😂 hahahaha agree with your points👍🏻

    • A marcus Young

      Hopefully no one else becomes their victim. God willing they all will be brought to justice.

      • Re

        If there are more misterious sucides may be they will leave a few clues and expose now the clintons are arranging these .

    • Heremeroor

      some commit “suicide by cop” others “by KKK-Kriminal Klinton Klan” by only associating with them…

    • Sylvia Avila

      Yes, so true, it seems the Clinton’s Cabal has blood on their hands. About time the AG did his job!

    • J. Waltam

      Ms. Donna Brazile is on their short list for sure.

  • kaiju

    Let’s support this investigation, not attack the investigator. This isn’t Mueller and it’s not Trump being investigated.

    • RedPillPlease

      Jason Chaffetz, former Utah Congressman who chaired the House Investigation Committee on Benghazi and the Clinton email espionage hearing was on Fox News a couple of weeks ago. He said he went to Sessions office to discuss investigations into Fast-n-Furious, the IRS, Unmasking, Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation. He said he was shocked to hear Jeffie say he was not interested in any of them. We’re seeing Jeffie respond now only because of political and media pressure … he is a feckless coward who should resign! We need an AG with balls!

    • I’ve supported and screamed and prayed and hollered for an investigation of the Clintons for quite some time now… years! Someone needs to do one. No one has, including Sessions. If/when he or someone, any politico does start AND COMPLETE one then I’ll be very surprised. I’m hoping he does but he’s just another career politico in a whole circus of career politicos. It’s been over a year since our POTUS was elected and it still seems the clinton cartel will be able to keep on keeping on. Term limits are a sorely needed.

      • kaiju

        You’re right we should just forget about it, because Sessions didn’t meet your deadline.

    • jill

      Sorry buddy, I used to think that way but his true colors are exposed. He’s part of the swamp, not on the surface but deep. He’ll cover his own a*s until removed.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Ab lout time AG did something! We the people demand the truth from our government officials.

    • birdman8421

      sessions finally makes a move on the day PDJT returns from his trip? How will he find a way out of his predicament now? I suspect he was afraid that his firing was imminent.

      • Sylvia Avila

        Yes, he is, it seems according to Federal doc. Sessions was involved in the Uranium One Deal. What a fool! Was everyone in Obama’s Administration Corrupt? It seems like it.

        • Curt

          Sessions is NOT up to this job! He will fail and fade into another investigation or claim he’s trying to restore the rule of law. What a horrible JOKE!

          • A marcus Young

            He cannot lose on this one. We have all seen the evidence. The court of public opinion has seen all the evidence they need. GUILTY!

          • Sylvia Avila

            True, he is caught in the middle, he’s Loyolity is with the Clintons. Now his Government or his position, he knows if he opens an investigation into Clinton’s Uranium One Deal his name will come up. So he will Not open any investigatetion? He really needs to go he has proven to be corrupt and he knows it. Only time will tell, hope he does go.

  • iMacBob

    He had to be threatened to get moving on this krap!

    • Gerald Fields

      I know, It’s pathetic….

    • Sylvia Avila

      Yes, because we will all find out he was involved in the Uranium One Deal, that is why he was afraid to do it! But the pressure to great now. Let’s see where the cards fall?

    • kaiju

      How long would it take you to clean out the DOJ after eight years of BHO, Holder, Lynch?
      Would you be prepared after one year to have your department confidently take on the Clinton Mafia, and the whole of our massively corrupt government and media? I think it’s about time we showed some support for Sessions when he moves in the right direction.

      • Jim Hatfield

        When and if he moves in the right direction. Tire of them blowing smoke.

    • jill

      Afraid of his own ass getting tangled up in the web.