AG Sessions Creates Task Force to Investigate Hezbollah

January 12, 2018
OAN Newsroom

The Department of Justice cracks down on Hezbollah amid criticism former President Obama gave the terrorist organization a “free pass.”

One America’s Christian Flores has more on what the Trump administration is now doing to take a hard line stance against the group.

  • jd crowley

    I only can hope you are correct.

  • akafett

    Why is there a need to investigate a KNOWN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION? They are an established enemy of the free world.

    • nfcapitalist

      Smoke and mirrors… not shiny objects anymore, now it’s dead bodies and explosions to take our attention away from crimes ongoing in our DOJ and intelligence agencies… destroying evidence and obstructing justice by gold badges is… stunning!!

  • Jay77

    Obama collusion with Hezbollah. Since when we deal with terrorist groups and indirectly give them money. Think that could be a treasonist offense against the former President. Oh and the Democratic Party was right with him on that because they did not question any of it. The Republicans did but somehow he circumvented it in a executive order. He is a Muslim sympathizer even it it means they are a country who promotes terrorism. Think about it. His lack of action in Iraq and announcing his departure from that country created ISIS who was backed by Iran. Then turn around and give them billions of dollars to promote their nuclear program.

  • Tom Horn

    About time! Hezbollah is another ISIS clone, except funded, armed, and controlled by Syria snd Iran

  • Robert Johnson

    If that’s the only way to get oboma and and fellow partners in high crimes then OK, but if this is more deep state going around the facts then it’s BS

  • rily

    They’ve known about Hezbollah for years, and years. Now, they’re finally going to “investigate”. And drugs coming into this country illegally, that originate from Afghanistan, and that area, to hook stupid people in this country, in order to weaken our nation, must be seen for what it is, an insidious attack on America. Those who create the demand, by buying, and using the illegal drugs, and those who work to supply, and sell the drugs, must be viewed as complicit in that attack. They should apply the death penalty for traitors to illicit drug dealers, and lobotomize the drug users, and lock them up for their “insanity”.

  • nfcapitalist

    Waiting for the FISA warrants and who paid the Russians through the DNC… FUSSION… MI6… and of course… drum roll…….. the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION!!#!!

    …. waiting for it!!!!

  • America’s Race to the Bottom

    Have to reelect Trump so he has enough time to complete all these investigations.

    • nfcapitalist

      Hilarious seeing (D) congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard blaming President Trump for the Hawaiian government’s screwup with the EWS when that system is owned and operated by Hawaii with Hawaiians at the controls… going to get an attagirl from Comrade Pelosi and Schumer for sure.

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    Can Sessions spare the manpower after just launching his all-out assault on weed? Maybe so, he said he wouldn’t waste any investigating the Clinton Crime Family sercret servers and pay-for-play.

    • nfcapitalist

      He’s either brain dead or playing his cards too carefully… the OBVIOUS isn’t this hard to understand, Jeff!

      I believe “Clinton Cash,” is available on cds now… just have to stay awake… and it is spine chilling!

      • Obamaroid_Ointment

        Clinton Cash has been free on YouTube for a long time now.

  • RFM42

    What about Hillary & Co. ??

  • A marcus Young

    We do not care about Hezbollah, We care about indicting the Clintons.

  • Roscoe

    Hezbollah? For God’s sake investigate the DemoRATZ as they are a bigger threat to our freedoms.

  • hobartneck

    Who? Who is this ‘Sessions’ guy?

  • billy roche

    Investigate Hezbollah???? They are BAD. We know that. How about we have a task force to investigate
    the Fushion GPS scandal. Nahaaaaaaa, who is interested in that. Pathetic. Perhaps a task force to find out if criminal gangs are bad, or, or, a task force to determine if Martians have criminal tendencies. Yeah, that’s the ticket. All eyes s/b focused on the Martians!

  • Watching

    I think Sessions is doing a multi-pronged attack against the
    Clinton/Obama Cartels. I imagine that most of Clinton’s top-tier
    underlings were involved in multiple scams throughout the federal
    government, so Sessions is trying to back them all in a corner by
    accumulating evidence from all of their treasonous activities. Really,
    the more crimes you commit, the more likely you are to make mistakes and
    get caught. Sure, everyone knows the Clinton’s and Obama’s are
    corrupt, and it’s Session’s job to piece it all together to make the
    charges stick and to start sending people to Federal prison. Session’s
    is starting with the low hanging fruit and working his way up to the top
    of the tree.

  • cyberrider1

    Damnit Sessions, can’t you leave that to Homeland Security and get on with an investigation of Hillary? WTF?

  • nfcapitalist

    Create a task force to investigate the DOJ and FBI.

  • phicrappazappa

    Why is Sessions refusing to deal with the reality we all see, instead trying dismally to distract us and ignore it? Eithet it’s keeping the lid on what’s really going down for these criminals, or collusion with them. I guess time will tell.

    • Vera Orsova

      Follow the money. I would like to know if some mysterious $$$$ appeared recently in his account.

  • Bannaghar

    Sessions is beginning to tip the dominoes.

    • Talkie Tina

      Trump will just kick them over next week.

      See Conservative Treehouse, for details.

    • jd crowley

      I sure hope so? I keep saying he is doing Nothing? The whole DOJ, FBI & rest of the Govt is burning down around him & he wants to go after Pot? I sure hope he is working on this & just keeping it quiet for now?

  • Richard McMeekin

    Given what has taken place, I think he should commission a task force to investigate the Department of Justice!

  • Margaret Keller

    I agree with Disgusted Caucasian

  • FLLoeffler

    Jeffie “No balls” sessions is a day late and a dollar short Always will be! Jeffie it is past time for you to step down and let a real Attorney General show you how your job should have been run!! Somebody like Chris or Rudy, they have a “pair”.

  • aldoro

    Hey gutless, why don’t you investigate Hillary????????

    • Talkie Tina

      Who says he is not?

  • nfcapitalist

    Asking a progressive about FUSION, Uranium One, treasonous handling of Top Secret and Special Access Program information among the many other subjects that have and continue to degrade America’s security and they act like they can’t understand the words… let me make this simple…

    The DOJ, the FBI, and the DNC NEWS MEDIA are not just dirty… they are FILTHY!!!!

  • Bobby Green

    What does he need to investigate? Investigate the Clinton foundation, investigate the DNC, investigate the 4 american deaths, investigate Debbie Wassermann Schultz, investigate something that needs to be investigated.

  • Bobby Green

    Fire Sessions, period. Even Eric Holder was better then this which I hate to say. All this corruption going on and he sits in the corner and plays with himself.

  • The other Donald

    The loony left will call this racist of course

  • nfcapitalist

    Who’s doing the investigation… FUSION, the FSB, or some washed out MI6 has been?

    Won’t be an investigative reporter… that breed has gone extinct and the FBI are too busy destroying evidence and obstructing justice.


    What the hell are we investigating Jeff, Hezbollah is a fricking terrorist organization. Now lets move on the Clinton Fusion GPS, the Clinton Foundation and Russia dumping $150 million into Clinton,s foundation. She lied to Congress, she lied to the FBI, she destroyed 33,000 email that were part of the investigation into her illegal use of unsecured communication of top secrets emails, she an BHO used alias names in their emails, damn any other American would be in jail by now … the American people are feed up with this lawlessness BS.

    • nfcapitalist

      Who is left to investigate… FBI clearly can’t be trusted… they’d need to start by investigating themselves?

    • political correctness czar

      The Swamp received LOTS of $$$ for all that stuff. Plus, remember Killary when she said, “If that bastard is elected we will all hang” or some such. There are the white hats in the nsa, and there are the black hats. We are soon to discover who will save or sink this country.

      • Twinkle Toes

        I never knew Crooked H said that (about hanging). Interesting. 🤔

        • jd crowley

          I remember her saying that

  • Jess Greer

    How about, fire Sessions and find someone to do the job correctly. Everyone is still above the law, Clinton and their accomplises. Obama era crooks. The swamp is as strong as ever. Curious how it looks at 4 years in the Trump era?

    • kaiju

      Investigations are ramping up and indictments are coming out and you want to fire Sessions?
      Are you a troll or a fool?

      • jd crowley

        People get impatient, including myself. You are probably correct, stuff like this takes time.

  • constitutiononly

    What’s to investigate? They are a Muslim terrorist organization funded by other Muslim terrorist countries in the Middle East with the major goal of destroying Israel and Western Civilization. Hezbollah participates in gun-running, drug-running, and murder. Squash them.

    • kaiju

      Hezbollah is part of the Obama traitorous crime spree. They need the detailed facts on this one.

  • airstart

    What’s to investigate, Hezbollah is a raghead terrorist org, they just need to be eliminated from the face of the earth.

    • All American

      The Obama administration gave a Hezbollah’s drug traffickers and money-laundering operations a free pasd to ensure the Iran nuclear deal would stay on track!

      • airstart

        Yes I knew that. Obambam shut down a whole covert operation for his own political purposes.

        • All American

          His goal has always been self satisfaction. He did America wrong! His pension should be forfeited. Secret Service should end. His bank accounts should be frozen and his property seized!

  • fidgets

    Hey how about investigating Hillary?

    • airstart

      I second that motion. The whole obambam clown cluster could be included.

  • GeneralMayhem

    Tomorrow’s headline: “AG Sessions forms committee to investigate loose dental fillings in Polish immigrants.” Film at eleven.

  • allihp

    How about investigating the FBI? The Clintons? The Podestas? Huma and her husband? and her family? DWS? And the beat goes on. Get off your duff and get on offense. Now.

    • tiredoftaxes31

      the trail leads to Obama.

      • political correctness czar

        EVERYBODY knows it, who in the position of power will be brave enough to declare the emperor wears no clothes?

  • Justin McCarthy

    stop all money leaving this country and use it to investigate the crimes taking place here by killary and Obutmouth AND THE DNC

    • tiredoftaxes31

      stop all money leaving the U.S. including the UN and pay down our $20 Trillion in debt.

  • A marcus Young

    He needs to be formulating a plan to prevent election fraud. If not the Democrats will start destroying our government again.

  • Vera Orsova

    Hezbollah is far enough from anything related to Clinton’s, hence safe for Sessions to “investigate”. He is beyond pathetic. I wonder how many issues he will find to investigate, so that people will believe he is actually doing something? Jeffie, honey, the biggest shiny object that should catch your attention is the corruption at FBI and your own DOJ. Oh, and if you have a moment, can you please look at Hillary, Obama, Uranium One, Lynch/Clinton secret meeting, Clinton Foundation……..well, you get the hint, right?

  • I’m a lt less worried about Hezbollah than I am about the lawless behavior in the DOJ and FBI. Turn over everything requested. Fire and prosecute those who are obstructing the investigation and used or leaked info illegally.

    Get your own house cleaned up first.

    • Richard Carlson

      Right on!

    • kaiju

      Are you blind or mislead by the trolls here? Can’t you see it’s being done.
      How many do you think were corrupt in the DOJ after Lynch left?
      Sessions would have been a fool to start an investigation before cleaning up that mess.

      • Twinkle Toes

        How do we know he cleaned house?

        • kaiju

          You’ve got a computer, look it up. How do we know your not a troll?

          • Twinkle Toes

            Your rude comment really is unwarranted and childish; consider yourself blocked.

          • kaiju

            I don’t mind criticism. It’s the leftists who can only tolerate it when they are giving it.

  • C B

    Why waste Time and Money ? Everyone in America knows that Hezbollah is a Terrorist Gang of Thugs …… POTUS should just put it to the Pen !

  • Roy Beane

    Poor old Jeff….. his meds still haven’t kicked in yet, doddering and staggering around all over the place not sure where he is, what he’s doing, who he needs to investigate, if his fly is zipped, when his last visit to tidy bowl land was, or what to do with the drool running down his jaw. Such a sad end to a once promising appointment. Time to go, Jeff, …… Travis Tritt once sang a long time ago, “Here’s your Sign.”

  • Malechamovitz

    This is like forming a committee to determine if dog poop stinks.

    • Twinkle Toes

      As the old saying goes…”A dirty dog smells his own dirt first.”

  • Sane_Person37

    Jeff, They are a terrorist group. Move on to the next thing now please, like the massive crimes by the DNC players.

  • Disgusted Caucasian

    How about a task force to investigate Hillary?

    • Butthep

      Jeff scared her of dead. I bet he never touch his mom, Killary nor his real boss Obumer.

    • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

      The wheels of justice grind slowly…..we’ll need the patience of Job, and the temperament too. 🙂

      • Diane Coto

        sadly, i think we’ll all be in our graves before hrc pays for any of her crimes.

        • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

          LOL I sure hope she goes first.

        • Twinkle Toes

          If she ever pays for them while she is alive. After that, she has another Judge to face and she can’t lie to Him, nor kill Him.

        • rily

          Don’t worry, she still has to face God on the other side of this dimension. She’s not going to skate by.

      • Bobby Green

        Only when it’s against a government official. If it was you or I we would already be in jail.

        • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

          That is no lie, and we’d be in there so fast we wouldn’t know what hit us.

    • The Punisher

      its being done quietly in the background, the deep state is imbedded with the Clintons and their money laundering foundation, if they bring out little by little all the crap they have on her, the Media will be trying to knock it down, as they do everything else, but when everything is revealed it would be impossible to deny, just as the Hollywood sexual assault scandals, they deny until the avalanche of evidence can only convict, and all of a sudden, the media will turn on their master, and do the Merle Streep impression ” I had no Idea”.

      • Bobby Green

        They have enough now to indite people. Then they need to actually go to court, under oath, and talk to a jury. How many pages of information to prove corruption? How many classified emails do you need to be exposed to charge people with?

        • The Punisher

          There are many involved, everything has to be done right or some will walk, with pensions and health care for the rest of their lives on the tax payers dime.
          It’s kind of like the 7 eleven sting that just took place, it took many years to get the maximum amount of arrests and eventual convictions.

          • Disgusted Caucasian

            I hope you’re right but I have my doubts. Several months ago, many shared your belief but most are now doubting if there will ever be justice before prosecutorial limitations come into play. Many others agree that there will be a public investigation by the corrupt, compromised FBI. The result will be “nothing to see here” like always.

          • Twinkle Toes

            I totally agree with that outcome. Sad but true.

      • Twinkle Toes

        Hollywood sex scandals are a farce. Those halos are horns in disguise.

    • Swampdrainer

      Nothing to investigate. The FBI said so.
      She’s squeaky clean. She’s bleached herself, her hair and her server….and if she missed anything Mueller will make it disappear.

      • A marcus Young

        So she thought…

    • mark abby

      Surprisingly there has been one going on but very quietly. Same for Bernie sanders wife for bank fraud.

      If they follow up on the Clintons it could be big

      • Twinkle Toes

        I’m glad they are investigating Bernie’s wife but she’s pretty small potatoes compared to Crooked H and her crimes. Crooked H is scary – she can have people killed.

    • kaiju

      You’re missing the point of this investigation. This one is about the traitor Obama.
      The pay for play one is about Hillary.

  • FLLoeffler

    Jeffie “NO Ba!!$” sessions can create a task force to investigate Hezbolla, but does not have the guts to do the same when it comes to the hildabeast! Reason,. Both are swamp dwellers! Jeffie must go, if the “Justice Dept.” is to be cleaned up! This guy is the North end of a south bound jackass.

  • Ed L

    Kill them all