Italian man held after driving through city shooting at black people

People gather where witnesses say a shooter was arrested in Macerata
People gather where witnesses say a shooter was arrested in Macerata, Italy February 3, 2018 in this still image obtained from social media video. Marcelo Mancini via REUTERS

February 4, 2018

By Crispian Balmer

ROME (Reuters) – An Italian man opened fire on African migrants in the central city of Macerata on Saturday, injuring six people before he was captured, in what police said was a racially motivated attack.

The shootings happened just days after a Nigerian migrant was arrested in connection with the death of an 18-year-old Italian woman, whose dismembered body was discovered stuffed into two suitcases near Macerata.

Police named the suspected shooter as Luca Traini, 28, and said he had an Italian flag draped over his shoulders when he was seized in the street by armed police. Onlookers said he made a fascist salute before being handcuffed.

“He drove around in his car and when he saw any black people he shot them,” Marcello Mancini, a Macerata resident, told Reuters television. Police said one of the six victims was seriously hurt and needed surgery, but gave no further details.

Traini also fired shots at the offices of the ruling center-left Democratic Party (PD) in Macerata, but did not injure anyone there. The PD said he had stood as a candidate for the rightist Northern League at local elections last year but had not received any votes.

The League backs fiercely anti-immigrant policies and is part of ex-prime Silvio Berlusconi’s center-right alliance that is leading in the polls ahead of a March 4 national election.

League leader Matteo Salvini distanced himself from the shooting, but blamed mass immigration for the tensions.

“I can’t wait to get into government to restore security, social justice and serenity to Italy,” he told reporters.

PD leader Matteo Renzi called for calm.

“The man who fired the gun, hitting six people of color, is a squalid, mad person. But the state is stronger than him,” he wrote on Facebook.

Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said Italy would come down heavily on anyone promoting violence.

“We will stop this risk. We will stop it immediately. We will stop it together,” he said. “Hatred and violence will not be able to divide us.”


Police said the shooter drove around Macerata, which is famed for its outdoor opera festivals, in a black Alfa Romeo car firing out of his window at migrants in various locations.

With police closing in, he left his car in the city center but was almost immediately stopped. Local media said he shouted, “Long live Italy,” as he was taken away.

Tensions in Macerata had risen this week following the gruesome discovery of Pamela Mastropietro’s body. The teenager had run away from a drug rehabilitation center on Monday and met a Nigerian asylum seeker, Innocent Oseghale, the next day.

Her body was found on Wednesday and a preliminary postmortem could not immediately identify the cause of death.

Witnesses said they had earlier seen Oseghale with the suitcases in which the body was found. He refused to talk to the police after his arrest. Newspapers said he was denied asylum last year but had remained in Macerata to appeal against the decision.

“What was this worm still doing in Italy?” Northern League leader Salvini wrote on Facebook at mid-week, accusing the center-left government of responsibility for Mastropietro’s death for allowing migrants to stay in the country.

“The left has blood on its hands,” he wrote.

More than 600,000 mainly African migrants have reached Italy by boat over the past four years, and thousands have perished on the journey. The center-right bloc, which includes the League, says the vast majority have no right to asylum and has promised mass expulsions if it takes power.

Leftist parties have ruled out any such deportations.

“What happened today in Macerata shows that inciting hatred and whitewashing fascism, as Salvini does, has consequences. It can spark violence,” said Laura Boldrini, a leftist politician and the speaker of the lower house of parliament.

(Reporting by Crispian Balmer; Editing by Mark Heinrich, Alexander Smith and Peter Graff)

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  1. Any word on the scumbag that dismembered the 18 year old?
    Maybe if the authorities did something about that scumbag, this guy would not have felt compelled to do what he did.

  2. Hmmm, why?

  3. Shmacks Adventure | February 3, 2018 at 9:48 pm |

    They have them it’s called the Mafia. They aren’t Migrants they are African criminals brought in by their corrupt government to ruin what’s left of Italy. However Italians have been mixing with blacks for a couple thousand years.

  4. Celtic Dude | February 3, 2018 at 8:28 pm |

    When they are victims they call them black but when they commit a crime they call them Italians.
    This is what all the countries are doing.

  5. Daniel 2:43 —Prophecy about the end times—-
    You saw the iron mixed with clay–the peoples will mix with one another
    but will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with fired clay.”

    • Truth Be Told | February 3, 2018 at 8:20 pm |

      Mt. Pelee: Located on the French Caribbean Island of Martinique, Mt. Pelee last erupted in 1902.
      Mt. Etna: Located in NE Sicily, Italy, Mt. Etna is an active volcano. It’s the largest one currently active in Europe.
      According to researchers of Cayce’s readings, when both volcanoes erupt together, there will be approximately 90 days to evacuate the west coast before the massive flood claims the coastline.

  6. Truth Be Told | February 3, 2018 at 8:07 pm |

    A … MAN …. to emulate

  7. Stonecrusher | February 3, 2018 at 7:07 pm |

    Are the victims referred to as African Italians?

  8. Chris Bostic | February 3, 2018 at 7:02 pm |

    Oh my!

  9. ...remain calm and return fire | February 3, 2018 at 6:24 pm |


  10. I can understand his frustration. The patience of the saints must be running out soon, mine has, but not to this man’s extent.

  11. I have been tempted but never even planned going that far. You have to admit that is easy getting angry at Black tribal behavior in a civilized country.

  12. How can that be? Why everyone knows that only “Americans” are racist.

  13. I think that guy has the right idea on how to get rid of parasitic unwanted immigrants.

  14. Has nothing to do with skin color .. he did this because these illegal North African migrants dismembered a young Italian Woman just a few days ago and left her body parts in a suitcase in the park!

  15. Deport all refugees…destroying nations

  16. Can you see what is going on? Every country that accepted all these Muslims are now facing soaring crime rates and violence. People are being pushed in to actions like this man has done. People are afraid for their lives, lively hood, their freedom and they are afraid that their beloved country will change forever for the worse. Your elections are the way of change, vote for people who have you’re interest at heart. You can make a change this way. Let your politicians know that what has happened is their fault.

  17. TexanForever | February 3, 2018 at 12:05 pm |

    Everybody’s getting tired of the leftist doo-gooders who are under the delusion that “diversity is strength.” Diversity is weakness because everyone’s pulling in a different direction, preventing progress.

    This Italian, sick of migrants diluting his age-old culture and heritage, snapped and decided to take action. There will likely be more of this until Europe wakes up and throws out leftist freaks like Merkel. The EU was a bad idea.

  18. Spike Team Idaho | February 3, 2018 at 9:58 am |

    Tried & true European solution,
    Cattle cars…

  19. Derek Dominico | February 3, 2018 at 8:28 am |

    The problem is they talk so much much more about the shooting but not much about what these migrants do ! Killed and dismembered body of an 18 yr old woman! Then they have to spend time and money to defend these migrants. Send them back And stop taking them in anymore!
    These is what they do in their countries! I don’t blame the citizens getting upset and frustrated !

    • Sink the boats and take the occupants back to Africa!

    • They make a big story of this, and refuse to report what is happening to citizens at the hands of this immigrant flood. Shameful. The refusal to report is happening all over the world, I can’t think of one nation that is the exception.

  20. Anonymous from LI in FL now | February 3, 2018 at 8:28 am |


  21. Italy, you need to get rid of those dogs the EU, led by fat Merkel is forcing down your throat. It is horrible what these pigs do to your citizens. THERE IS NO NEED FOR YOU TO KEEP THEM. Let Middle Eastern countries take them. Heck, they are laughing at you now. We all know they do not want them.

  22. whoselineisitanyway | February 3, 2018 at 7:37 am |


  23. Besides the shooting.. It looks like other countries are fed up with their gov’t force feeding them migrants. Good for them!

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