Administration Withdraws U.S. From Un’s Global Compact on Migration

U.S. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley address the United Nations Security Council, during the U.N. General Assembly, Thursday Sept. 21, 2017 at U.N. headquarters. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

December 3, 2017

OAN Newsroom

The Trump administration is withdrawing the U.S. from the United Nations Global Compact on Migration.

In a statement Saturday, U.S. officials said the Obama-era deal was inconsistent with America’s immigration and refugee policies.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley explained the move, saying the U.S. will decide how to control its border and who will be allowed to enter.

Haley said the U.S. immigration stance must always be made by “Americans and Americans alone.”

  • Roscoe

    The globalists will hate this. They want to UN to control countries through UN treaties. UN treaties only profit the globalists.

  • PatrickJ

    One more step in the right direction by this remarkable woman. I continue to be impressed by her leadership as our Ambassador to the United Nations.

  • CO

    Look at the trillions wasted on Wars only to still have massive Migrations. Time to demand accountability in the UN and other Nations.

  • USAagainstGlobalists

    Yeah. Duh. Why would we want our daughters and wives to get raped? Just because Sweden’s men don’t have what it takes to protect their women (thank God for the 2nd amendment), so Muslims just start believing they can rape, rape and rape. Sweden should overthrow and jail their lefturd government for that reason alone.

  • TYvets

    faster, faster

  • AshJonson

    “If we don’t get our way, we will riot!” Sound familiar? Baltimore? Ferguson? I recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capitol of Israel! So Breit… Are you going to delete my post again?

  • lostjon23

    If the UN is for it, I’m against it. WINNING!

  • Lawmadsen

    The Trump phenomenon does not only affect America but the whole world is benefitting. The middle east is actually stabilizing (thought that was impossible) and it is safe for their people to return. Mexican cartels/MS-13 are being put on their heels including forcing them to move poppy growing operations further south from the border into rugged terrain with hostile natives again making Mexico a safer place for Mexicans to stay. More Mexicans are leaving the USA then crossing the border and muslim refugee’s are now returning to their homelands (Germany is starting to pay them to leave). Reminder this is just Trump’s 1st year in office, imagine what will happen over the next 7!

  • Barbara Lynch

    This is why I voted for Trump! God Bless America, and God Bless Trump

  • AshJonson

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  • PatriotInk

    President Donald Trump: America FIRST!!!
    Ambassador Nikki Haley: America FIRST!!!

    • ProudArmyVet_MP

      Careful here. Haley lobbied POTUS to remain in this pact.

  • Studebaker_Hawk

    Excellent decision. Time for a phone call to Guterres telling him to get this clown show out of the US.

  • a voice of concern

    What a Bizarre concept that a group of people who hate us would get to determine who and how many evil disgusting people should come into OUR country! ONLY OBAMA could think this stuff up! I Pray that President Donald J Trump will prevail in making this country energy independent and DOMINATE the world with Energy exports, pay down the debt and take back control of raising our OWN standard of living and our kids future.

  • Sage54

    : )

  • Sonny Shaw

    Now if they would just get out of the UN; which has changed into a Global Socialists council that wants to rule the world. Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.

  • Dakota

    Finally the adults are back in charge. Next we need to gut mexafornia

  • Jay77

    This Obama is so evil you can’t even fathom all of it. With all the Muslim and Islamist sympathizing and throwing Israel under the bus. I truly believe he believes in some sort of Muslim way of law in the world. Not Going To Happen!

  • Jay77

    Its about time that we did this. We control ourselves in the USA and we never need a World Organization telling us who can come into Our Country.

  • A marcus Young

    Boom! And, Trump lands a right square on the establishment’s jaw. We will not forget Niki’ disloyalty to Trump though. She will have to be let go later.

    • Ray

      When? What did she say/do?

      • Bert Darrell

        Do your own research, Ray. Nikki was a Nevertrumper (Bush supporter) until the President named her Ambassador to the UN. Even then, she tries to sneak through one or two misdeeds. Thankfully, the White House carefully watches what she does.

        • Ray

          Rude 1st sentence. I think she’s doing a great job.

  • MAGA woman

    You go girl!

  • calhou

    I agree 100%!!! We do not need the UN controlling our sovereignty!

  • seawulf

    I suggest we pull out of the UN altogether. Toss them out to be headquartered in some other country. The UN has not done a single thing for this country other than make us weaker.

  • Scott Snerd

    obozo needs to be charged and prosecuted for all his crimes against our country

    • A marcus Young

      Particularly when he got on tv to encourage illegal immigrants to vote. That was treason that has to be addressed.

  • Matt

    Haley said the U.S. immigration stance must always be made by “Americans and Americans alone.”

    I Agree

  • airstart

    We should have never allowed a foreign, hostile governmental organization like the UN to ever have any influence on our policies, much less host them on our soil, or give them any financial support. Why would we, as a sovereign nation, even consider giving hostile foreigners a foot hold in our country. This is gross foolishness on the part of past US governments.

  • landy fincannon

    What exactly does this mean, no more what?

  • Hottotrote

    If Obama gets his way he will try and force the entire world to bow at his feet! The UN must be kicked out of the USA!

    • Scotty

      Exactly. US out of the UN, UN out of the US. Let a country like Uganda have a crack at it.

    • Twinkle Toes

      There are too many Christians not willing to do that.

  • Hottotrote

    Sanity is returning to the USA! Love President Trump!

    • A marcus Young

      Sanity is illegal immigrants leaving America.

  • All American

    Obama Error “deal”⬇️

  • MIke 54

    Have them all move in with that worthless POS Obutthead! He wanted them then by all means give them to him!

  • Just A Guy

    HeII yeah!!! That’s the way it ought to be. Now if we could just get rid of the 30+ million illegal aliens that are already here. What do you think the chances of that are?

    • All American

      This will give US an opportunity to clean house

    • Taber McLaurin

      It depends on how many of them are willing to join us in ridding ourselves of the Communist Vermin infestation. 100 leftist kills equal 1 citizenship.

  • Concerned

    Unfortunately, you have Trudeau in charge of Canada to your north where there is virtually NO border or control of it. Trudeau has opened our border to all comers from all corners of the world. They will come here and very easily walk across our undefended and fenceless border into the United States. Praise Trump all you want, but Trudeau will see to it that the world has a doorway to America via Canada. The wall with Mexico will become irrelevant as millions of potential usurpers wait on your northern border to bring you terror and disruption at will.

    • All American

      Trudeau flutters to whichever flower has sweet nector 🤑

      • Vera Orsova

        or deeper pockets

        • All American


    • Legion

      Then we shall build a wall to the North as well!

  • Twinkle Toes

    As a side note, Ambassador Haley has done an excellent job representing America, thank you Nikki and President Trump for placing her in that position. Good job!

    • All American

      I second that emotion🇺🇸

    • A marcus Young

      Remember, however, she stabbed him in the back during the campaign. She will do it again.

      • TexasDeplorable1134

        What she said, however, was true. There ARE GOP swamp dwellers as well. Directing at Trump was the mistake, but it was CNN who twisted that into an attack aimed at Trump and not the ones who were really responsible, which are the GOP swamp dwellers.

      • Twinkle Toes

        They must have worked it out because she’s in that position.

    • Harleydeplorable

      I’m sure most of the men from the ME in the UN are pissed that a woman told them we’re out of this deal, they hate women.

      • brandehhh

        Everyone hates women.

      • Twinkle Toes

        They are a bunch of pigs, and they will eventually get over it…I do agree with you.

  • CDG

    Damn right Ambassador Haley! 🇺🇸

  • Twinkle Toes

    Hallelujah – thank you Nikki Haley and President Trump. Yes, American immigration policies should be made by
    Americans and Americans alone. This is another foiled attempt at the one world order. We need to stand strong for America. Time is overdue for the U.N. to be disbanded, they have outlived their usefulness if they ever even had one.

    We need to give them the boot; let them go build their offices on some other continent. We don’t need them here nor do we want them.

  • Robert Sigler

    The UN is pretty much worthless and has been for years. Its a money pit, we don’t get back what we put into it, that money could be spent in a lot better ways, other countries have no problem spending our money.

  • Pete Greco

    This is the right move. The UN has been a puppet for the globalists. Soros has a big hand in the decisions that the UN has on their agenda. Basically the UN has been more of a proponent of the depopulation that is the globalists agenda. Stop funding them is the right thing to do.

    • A marcus Young

      The UN is a great concept, but so is Socialism. However, neither of them will ever work because their will always be criminals.

      • But Capitalism does? Let’s see – supply side economics, First you glut the market with the lowest quality goods; constrict, or Romney’s favorite term “leverage” employee wages so they must work two and three jobs; while mandating things like auto insurance to create markets for large corporations that basically have no competition (there are 3 now- 3 separate entity insurance companies); inflate the housing market to eliminate communities that can’t sustain themselves creating medieval styled communities that have been plundered and burned, leaving a few who would be willing to do anything for you to live; make profits off of health of the people left and then create large corporations that rule the healthcare industry – such as, I don’t know, pharmacies for instance, who dictate what doctors can prescribe to patients while simultaneously stating that they are not in the pharmaceutical business to heal people, they are profit driven corporations who only care about money. That just doesn’t sound like a working society. But I’m old and lived with a social contract – take what you need and leave the rest, you know. Enough is as good as a feast and all that.

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  • Ezra Tank

    It’s amazing the amount of crappy programs the Obama Administration snuck through without a mention by the MSM.

    Obama just want to increase the number of poor Brown or Muslim mouths to feed.

    • MisterSandman

      Nah…he supports the man-made climate change myth…the “solutions” for that all lead to the deaths of billions of third-world brown people. The left hates them.

      • A marcus Young

        I do not think Obama was that smart…. but at least he WAS a president.

        • Scotty

          President? He nearly destroyed us. If this country functioned properly, obozo, hitlery, and all their minions would be hanged by now. Obozo for sec general? If that nightmare ever happened, we’d kick the UN out of America. Hell, we should have done that already.

    • A marcus Young

      He needed slaves.

  • nfcapitalist

    America is without a doubt the last nation on earth where the citizens rule and that record is being challenged by the world of totalitarian regimes many of which pretend to be democratic… Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and you in the American Communist Party… GFY!!!

    … and yes, that could mean ‘good for you.’

    It could but….?

    • A marcus Young

      Its the closest thing in the world to citizen rule. You are proof of that.

    • famouswolf

      It’s just about the only country the citizens have ruled, throughout history. I can’t think of any other.

  • Andrew Moore8

    Obummer is on a world tour to garner support for him being appointed to the head of the UN….which makes perfect sense of why he would sign this type of deal with the UN to begin with.

    • Scott Henke

      Secretary-General Barack Obama. Can you just imagine that nightmare?

      • Twinkle Toes

        I just threw up. Please don’t ever say that again. Ugggggg.

      • Sonny Shaw

        I can imagine if this happens; Trump would definitely pull the US out of the UN; leaving Obama with making decrees to an empty building along the East River. Not a bad idea though it would end the UN.

        • a voice of concern

          Then evict them form the building and the country. Make them move to Syria where their needed.

    • TexanForever

      Muzz Kalif Obozo, the supreme narcissist, visualizes himself as Secretary-General of the UN, which he equates with “Ruler of the World.” …. a step up from President of the United States and a far cry from his origins as the limp wristed, toked out pouffe queen of the Chicago bathhouses.


      • Andrew Moore8

        I got special rounds loaded for all the blue hats he would send to the USA…..I will never submit to that numb nut.

        • Scott Snerd

          the UN has no power in the usa if we dont give them any.

    • A marcus Young

      To do that he will need a real birth certificate.

  • Deplorable Phytomorphogenesis

    MERRY Christmas! This is a BRILLIANT MOVE!
    America does not need the “world” to tell us WHAT to do!

    Let Europe DEAL WITH IT! Or rapefugee-loving FAT merkel.

  • southdfw


  • Ed L

    Amen to that

  • Tom Brown

    America will have a tough time enforcing our own rules, we don’t need Obama or UN dictating.

    • A marcus Young

      Obama wasn`legitimate so he is done.

    • Sane_Person37

      obama’s main goal was to flood the world with moslem vermin.