Accused Hacker Claims FBI Offered Money & Citizenship for Claim of Podesta Hacks


June 13, 2017

OAN Newsroom

An accused hacker from Russia claims the FBI tried to bribe him into taking the blame for hacking John Podesta’s email server.

Yevgeniy Nikulin was arrested in Prague on October 5th, 2016 for allegedly stealing information from Dropbox, and other sites.

Days later, U.S Intelligence officials publicly accused Russia of hacking DNC emails.

While awaiting trial, he told a Russian news agency that the FBI offered to drop the charges, grant him U.S. citizenship. and give him cash if he confessed to taking part in the hacking of John Podesta’s emails in July of 2016.

Last month, a Czech court ruled he could be extradited to Russia or the U.S. to face separate hacking charges.

He chose the U.S.

  • pemaddin

    Wow is there anything politicians will not do to stay in power. Disgusting.

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  • Tani J

    Yah, all the hoohaa over Sessions. Rosenstein and Sessions wanted to fire Comey for the crap he did, serious infringements of his duties – and then finally the Comey #3 showboat did it, Comey proving that he didn’t think he did wrong, that he’d do it all over again. Rosenstein wrote his recommendation to fire, Sessions agreed. Perhaps Sessions should have just stayed out of it, but he didn’t. Meanwhile, over in another closet, Trump wants to fire Comey for OTHER reasons. So what? Trump would have fired him no matter what Rosenstein thought – Trump had his own reasons. For one, Comey the snake would not just TELL THE MEDIA that Trump was NOT under investigation. FINALLY, that came out. Trump was SICK of it – and who wouldn’t be – Trump seeing that 6foot 8 inch SNAKE with the knowledge of no investigation, hulking around knowing the stress it’s causing not just Trump, but ALL of us. He wouldn’t just TELL THE TRUTH about it, playing some kind of know it all POS, reveling in the stress it was causing.

    Sessions should sue Comey for his vile insinuations, insinuating like the snake that he is – he even LOOKS like a snake. Trump should SUE Comey for the stress he caused by NOT coming out with the truth “no investigation.”

    Comey knew Sessions would recuse because Sessions sent emails – and he can prove he sent emails. Sessions had to recuse because he was part of Trump’s team – he HAD to recuse. He didn’t recuse because he did something wrong. Sessions sin is that he’s too freaking good boy honest when he’s at war with dem nazis – and oh yeah, they are storm troopers for sure.

    Lynch obstructed justice as it came out in the closed hearing – that Lynch would NOT prosecute Hillary, no matter what. THAT is obstruction of justice for real. Trump didn’t do anything – and Comey had NO problem telling Trump in a private one on one meeting Comey asked for, that what Trump wanted to do was not a good idea. Comey was brave there. But now, all of a sudden, he a sniveling coward? Lordy Lordy, Comey Pyle. If Comey wants to falsely claim that Trump obstructed, then Comey needs to go to jail for not telling Rosenstein or some other in Justice Dept. Fact is, Trump COULD pardon Flynn and stop that investigation, just like GW Bush did once before. Even Dershowitz explained this.

    I’m sick of the Dems – and I really, REALLY, want these inciters to sedition executed. I really want to see them get knocked off.

  • katherine cassell harvey

    Comey commits perjury and he walks away. He is caught in numerous lies and walks away. He was in on the assasination plot against Trump. And now we have this disgusting MUELLER investigating a lie basicly and he has Clintons lawyers on the committee. Trump needs to stop this right now he should have done it before he fired Flynn

  • j jones

    Just heard that the Tweeter Trumphas started to block people/companies from his Tweeter account guess Vet .com has been blocked really love vets, not

  • audrey main

    You sound frightened

    • fred

      frustrated with the FAKE NEWS stories. So you trust a Russian hacker charged with a crime of theft, because it might support a conspiracy theory of some kind. This the power of fake news.

  • claymore cluepile

    i hope he has a video

  • fighterchick

    Two paid killers…

  • fighterchick

    Put this man on the stand when we go after Seth Rich’s two pais killers.

  • j-dawg

    I know. This article ranks right up there with the CNN assertion that Trump colluded with the Russians.

  • truthseeker

    My other comment was deleted I have no idea what’s with this web site. I stated that of course the FBI it’s corrupt and that doesn’t speak highly for our government doesn’t

    • MadameMidlifeCrisis

      Yer good hoss; it’s posted right below this 1. While Disqus is known for being quick to make things disappear esp. if it’s an active, pro-[D]onkeypuncher site, they often have their own moderators that make things vanish because feeeeeeeeelings may get hurt. Keep truckin’ truthseeker!

    • dalek2

      I see your post right above this post. It’s there.

  • Alicia von Winckelmann

    The pizza gate is true! One day it will be proven! Hopefully , sooner than later’

    • fred

      Wow, just wow.

  • Anyone but Hillary

    Which msm company you work for?

  • truthseeker

    I read the story weeks ago in other parts of the web. Surprising how long it takes to get to Google and out front. The FBI is certainly corrupt that doesn’t say much for our institution does it?

    • katherine cassell harvey

      But we all know these crooks in Washington is capable of alot worse. You heard ex cia Brennan say he plans on taking Trump down and putting him in prison for life. These evil nut jobs are capable of anything

  • windmere

    Doesn’t matter if they catch BECAUSE THEY HAVE…the DemaCult RED HANDED. THEY ARE NEVER PROSECUTED, or GET TO TRIAL. Why do you think that is???? Its a VAST VAST LEFT WING GLOBALSIT CONSPIRACY. WHen the Gov’t is OWNED BY WALL STREET BANKERS, they’ll protect their own…like Clinton……Podesta….ALL THE GLOBALISTS

    • katherine cassell harvey

      Because there is only one party and its called corruption and they all belong to it

      • pemaddin

        Truest statement online today. Thank you.

  • Fredophile is getting really scared for his freedom. When the dominoes fall, Fredophile will most likely wind up in prison with is liberal fascist friends.

    • fred

      What are you even talking about? go back to bed.

  • ShaneMcShane

    Remember the claim of Russia collaborating with the Trump campaign? Yeah, all manner of fukked up conspiracy theories. Am I right?

    • fred

      Well, except for the Flynn lying to pence about meeting with Russians and being a paid agent of turkey and russia, Sessions lying on the confirmation hearings about meetings with Russians, Kushner meeting with Russian bankers on the sanctions list, Manafort being on the payroll of the pro Russian political arm, Stone being in contact with Gucifer 2.0 and Wikileaks, Trump not releasing his taxes to show where he gets his financing from, then yes you have a point. But there is enough smoke to investigate whether there is a fire. I personally think Trumps people were working with Russia in the election. I also think there is a good chance Trump was unaware, but he does not act innocent at all. He should welcome the most dogged and thorough investigation possible to clear his name. Instead he tries to rail against it relentlessly.

      • ShaneMcShane

        Don’t forget Podesta’s failing to report his stock ownership in a Russian energy company with ties to Putin. Or, Hillary’s campaign folks and surrogates meeting with the Russian Amb. Or, the Clinton Family Foundations multitude of ties to Russian oligarchs and Putin cronies. Nor should we forget the more latitude jugears had after the election. Keep em coming, moron.

        • fred

          All good points. Sure glad they are not in power. Lets have an investigation to see if they were working with Russia to lose the election. Now care to respond to my points?

          • ShaneMcShane

            Psst, THAT, dipsh!t is what the investigation is about. Russian Meddling – not Russia collaborating with Trump (as the idiots in the media and fukk sticks like you believe)! Gawd, you are thick.

          • fred

            Psst, ass–le, collusion falls within that investigation. so go f–k yourself.

          • ShaneMcShane

            Yes, it does nancyboy. And that collusion could also be on Hillary’s side, which is my point, you half-witted fukkstick.

          • fred

            Who gives a shi- about Hillary, Just charge her then. Trump said he was gonna appoint a special prosecutor on day one to “LOCK HER UP” remember? Be mad at your GOD.
            Lets have another investigation on Hillary, who cares? I don’t give two f–ks about her. But don’t give Trump a free pass to do what you hate about what you say Hillary was doing . and go f–k yourself again, I doubt anyone else ever does.

          • ShaneMcShane

            Who is giving Trump a free pass dipsh!t? Do you have any reading comprehension skills?

          • ShaneMcShane

            Yes, I would care to. First, them being in “power” has not a fuggin thing to do with anything. Because they are losers does not absolve them of any malfeasance, dipsh!t. Secondly, your points are nothing but TALKING POINTS. Your flapping gums are not proof or evidence of ANYTHING. While the boys down at the bathhouse might really like them, they do not amount to evidence of jacksquat. WIth all of the leaks coming out of that cesspool, don’t you “think” that if there was even a scintilla of evidence that the Trump campaign was in cahoots with Hillary and Barry’s RESET BUDDY, someone would have leaked it? Conspiracy theories, indeed!

          • Apollo

            As Sen Rubio said “Why is it the only thing not leaked was FBI not investigating Trump for collusion with the Russians”

          • ShaneMcShane

            Or any fuggin evidence it happened? Ahahaha

        • Alicia von Winckelmann

          The Democratic Party wants us to forget! The lying liberal media will never report it! Wish the media was deported to the Middle East ! Life would be so much easier!

        • katherine cassell harvey

          And Hrc stealing the money from the Russian Uranium deal having all 248 million put into the Clinton foundation slush fund. And all the money she got for pay to play

      • dana daddee

        is that you john podesta? or is his arm up your ass and you’re just a dnc puppet?

      • Anyone but Hillary

        Flynn meeting with Russia, meaning he went on a media channel RT and got paid for it…lol..that is it, no meeting with government officials from Russia just a media outlet..give me a break. Also it’s $45,000, chump change to Bill’s $500,000

      • stormy_skye

        “being a paid agent of turkey and russia”

        What does that mean to you?

        • fred

          It means you were in the employ of a foreign government.

      • Kristen Adams

        Your presumptions rely on the fact that you assume the people are lying. So and so lied, so and so lied also… Where’s your evidence? You can’t base a case on your assumptions that the questioned persons lied. You must have evidence to support the allegations. There is none. So, again, how do you know they lied?

        • fred

          You realize Trump fired Flynn because he lied to Pence right? Sessions lied in his confirmation hearing and had to amend his testimony a day after right? All the other sh– I listed is what it is. But you will hide in your bubble of safety and just see what fits your opinions. You are a hopeless Trump lover, no matter what he does.

          • Kristen Adams

            I didn’t even like Trump initially, Psycho. Again with the assumptions…

          • fred

            Psycho.. do you even know what that word means? Classic example would Donald J Trump. Google it sometime, you’ll see his photo.

      • Tani J

        WRONG, it came out that Trump wanted Comey to investigate every single one of his satellites. He didn’t try to stop anything. He DID want Comey to come out with the truth, that Trump was NOT under investigaton – and don’t even try to think that the FBI does NOT have his taxes. THEY DO.

        • fred

          Thats Great, boy they work fast because Trump just announced last week that he filed for an extension this year. So you wrong on that FBI thing. Trump wasn’t under investigation then, but his big mouth and run away twitter habit pretty much guarantee’s he is under criminal investigation now.
          Trump cries the whole thing is the crazy Russia thing and it;s a witch hunt, a waste of taxpayer money. Im gonna fire the FBI director, maybe the special council.He is in FULL cover up mode right now. Why? when your innocent, you want all the best people on the case. Trump is stonewalling every chance he gets.

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    If it came from CNN, you’d believe it! WTF is wrong with you??!!

    • Cucks are gonna cuck….

      • TRUTH Hurts

        And nuts are gonna crack.

  • James W. Bravos,J.D.

    Namaste, sorry to say, but you are apparently uninformed by your reliance on the MSM, the global propaganda machine. Shanti

  • disqus_cVJI1D0yfU

    And, pray tell, what is the best source?

    • fred

      Not a hacker from Russia under charges for theft. Certainly NOT OAN.

      • disqus_cVJI1D0yfU

        “Not” doesn’t tell me what you think is a credible source. What is a credible source other than OAN “not” being credible?

        • fred

          FBI, NSA, CIA reports? Any intel reports really, but not opinion sites like OAN, CNN, FOX. MSNBC, Infowarz, or any other outlet to the public.

          • disqus_cVJI1D0yfU

            I don’t think at this point we can really trust even the FBI, CIA, etc., with the partisan positions of the higher-ups in those organizations.

          • DeplorableMe

            They are compromised & have been for years, IMO. Just look at what has come to light in the Brian Terry case.

          • fred

            I think Trump has made an enemy out of everything that might question his agenda. The Fake News, he has declared is any news that he disagree’s with. He has attacked the credibility of the press, and the credibility of the courts, the credibilty of any senator or congressman who challenges his authority ( thats their job). In fact, nothing but his word is credible in his mind. He contradicts his own WH press core and undermines them regularly. If he doesn’t say it, it’s not true. He is a lot like KJU from North Korea. An authoritarian.
            Trump even undermines his own words from time to time.
            I choose to follow what I think of as reasonable and probable. I know, you do as well.

          • Tani J

            Reasonable is what Trump wanted to do – tho I doubt he can do it. It’s what people voted for, it’s WHY he won. Unlike other presidents who came in with their own people, he has NOBODY he can really trust. He had the balls to call GW on lying us into a war – oh but sure thing, it was the NEOCONS that did that. Hillary IS a neocon, duh. So were the whole rest of the Reps that ran against him. The only one NOT neocon were Bernie and Trump and neither of them got money from lobbies. Bernie got shafted. Rich was murdered for leaking to Assange – and the entire USA should just FALL – and let China take it over and clean house.

          • Barry

            The FBI, NSA and CIA aren’t news outlets. In fact, Comey just finished testifying that if they read something in the MSM that isn’t true,, they don’t say anything about it.

          • Tani J

            Bwhahaha. The CIA? The US Gov? Let’s see, the US overthrew a legit Guatemalan gov in order to keep bananna profits. That was the Dulles brothers that did that. The USA overthrew Allende of Chile. The USA sided with Cuban gangsters and went so far that they PUSHED Castro into the USSR’s sphere for good. the USA under Reagan ARMED the Taliban and fueled Islamic extremists to defeat Soviet efforts in Afghanistan – back when Afghanistan was a prosperous, getting- modern society. Then, when the Soviets retreated, Reagan left it a shambles and behold, Islamic extremists took over and still own the place. The USA, Nuland, helped neo nazis in the Ukraine overthrow a legit elected president that happened to be pro Russian – and we still have the mess. The entire media, ALL of it and the US lies about Crimea. Crimea was always Russia. Krushchev decided to hack it off and hand it to the Ukraine. Crimeans VOTED to be back with Russia where they had always been. Russia did not invade it.

            The US did this bs under both Dem and Rep – and that is why they BOTH hate Trump. He wants to put an end to it – to ALL of it.

            We should get out of NATO because we can’t help the EU fight terror when they let terror into their own countries. At least Hungary, Slovakia and Poland are honest about it. They see the EU as PRO terror – and they are right. They should get out of the EU and out of NATO.

      • SumatraSue

        Neither. Real evidence is always best. I don’t trust either at this point.

    • CrazyHungarian

      Unfortunately, we have gotten to the point that NOBODY is credible. Not the alphabet networks, not any of the three letter intel agencies, not anything on social media, not congressional committees. All have been shown to push fake news.

  • Expat47

    The real trouble with his story is that it’s credible regardless if it’s true or not.

  • aldoro


  • Donald York

    The web is unraveling more and more each day. Interesting. Now can someone please go to jail?

    • windmere

      Nope. Notice the reoccurring trend? NEVER DEM’S THAT ARE ON TRIAL, MUCH LESS GO TO JAIL….WHY’S THAT???? Only the Lowest Hanging Fruit ie Weiner, with Indisputable PHOTOS…..that are ‘allowed’ to go to jail. Because the Globalists OWN THE WORLD, AND THE DEMACULT PARTY…

      • Alicia von Winckelmann

        This is so true! Democrats think they are above the law. They are the most CORRUPT party in history! Hope the President will start draining the swamp soon!!!

    • global citizen

      Yes please. Or, how about the world goes back to a time before internet. That would put a stop to give every idiot and the media out there a worldwide stage for lies.

    • Wake up Sheeple

      Thank you…

  • lasallepal

    The U.S. needs him more, here!