N.Korea Accuses U.S. Authorities of ‘Mugging’ Visiting Diplomats

North Korean diplomat Pak Myong Ho attends a news conference. (REUTERS/Jason Lee)

June 19, 2017

OAN Newsroom

North Korea says three delegates were “mugged” by U.S. authorities as they tried to leave JFK International Airport.

In a recent report, Pyongyang’s state-run Korean Central News Agency accused U.S. Department of Homeland Security officers and airport police of taking a diplomatic package away from the delegation.

The country claims the package had a valid diplomatic courier certificate, and is deeming it the latest example of U.S. hostility.

Washington has yet to comment on the allegations.

The incident comes as U.S. and North Korea tensions continue to grow amid Pyongyang’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, western sanctions, and the recent return of American prisoner Otto Warmbier who came home with severe neurological injuries.

  • Gary Holveck

    Kim Sung Un must be deposed for cruelty to his own people.

  • Bobby Green

    Why do we have these North Koreans here anyway? Next they’ll be screaming diplomatic immunity! They killed that kid and keep American hostages and our STUPID country deals with these scum. I hope the parents of Otto sues the sh## out of them. They are in violation of humanity and these idiots in Washington still let them get away with it. Trump should buy the UN building and make condos out of it.

  • Bill Jr

    The New York Mayor Said There’s a Little Misunderstanding Here. It Was Just The Local MS-13 Massage Parlor Union Members Welcoming Them To New York.

  • Stvzntz

    Sorry, when they kill US students, I have no sympathy. Not that I had any before.

  • The other Donald

    I say feed them to the dogs for some canine payback

  • TexanForever

    “Mugging” is better than killing, as they did to Otto Warmbier, who has just died from the brain injuries inflicted by the sadistic N Koreans.

  • Dave

    What on earth are these people doing in America anyway? Perhaps it’s time to close the boarder to NK. Talk about human rights violations.

  • Chris C.

    So the NK’s are saying we are “Down with OPP?”

  • “The” Bobguy

    Possible stolen US classified material marked with a valid NK diplomatic courier certificate doesn’t mean squat. Like to know what is “really” in the package.

  • Tom Hanlon

    Kill every last North Korean in this country and send them back in pieces.

  • Tado

    Fake news.

  • Bunzi1964

    Geez….maybe they should have been sent home with brain damage?

  • Politically Incorrect

    Send one of them home in a coma and say it was caused by a sleeping pill.

  • CCTexas

    Broadcast the contents of the package. Probably some more money laundering.

    • larryjcr

      Note: The three highest value exports of North Korea are: cheap military weapons, illegal drugs and counterfeit US $100 bills.

  • TommyD

    Doesn’t KJU have another brother or family member to assassinate?

  • John airconn

    Break’s my heart you commie POS”S !!!

  • HillCountryTexas

    Send them home. We do not need NK citizens running around unsupervised in the USA causing mischief.

    • IceColdLogic

      I think it would be closer to justice to return them home in the same shape as Otto Warmbier.

    • R A.

      Better yet, send them all into Southeast or Northeast Washington DC, or Chicago or Detroit, or ghettos of Baltimore. YeeHAW!!!

  • global citizen

    The United States and North Korea do not have diplomatic relations. Period.

    • MGmary

      Yes but they have a representatives in New York at the UN

      • Politically Incorrect

        Kick them all out!

    • Bobby Green

      Why? We detest everything they do not only to their own people but the rest of the world. They’re starving their own people so they can build nuclear bombs strapped to ICBM’s then they threaten the U.S.