8 Alleged MS-13 Gang Members Charged With Murder, Extortion in Md.

Suspected members of MS-13 are shown to the media in San Salvador, El Salvador. (Photo/Reuters)

October 12, 2017
OAN Newsroom

A group of suspected MS-13 gang members in Maryland are facing charges in connection with a racketeering operation.

Federal court documents released Wednesday show the eight men are accused of four murders and extortion as well as drug trafficking.

The September indictment alleges that from 2015 to 2017 the group extorted owners of illegal businesses, and sent the profits to gang members in El Salvador.

They are also believed to have sold marijuana and cocaine, and carried out orders by the group’s leader to fatally shoot and stab four people.

The suspects ages range from 18-to-22-years old.

They are now facing sentences of up to 20-years in prison.

  • joe owens

    These people are truly the scum of humanity, and they are here because the Democratic party and liberal trash considers us all equal. I don’t share their opinion, put these murderous creeps in front of a during squad and humanity a favor.

  • Beachguy53

    Hang first, deport the body?

  • BigC

    Hmmm….. Bullet or prison. I say the taxpayers decide. Which would you rather pay for?

  • Rajon Rondo

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  • 57nomad

    How come all the Canada hate all of a sudden.

  • john

    Forget Chuck and Nancy, there enough Maryland Dems to house and feed these upstanding young Dreamers. How about two each for Sens Van Hollen and Cardin, and Reps Hoyer and Cummings.

  • Daniel Shays

    So, are you a Spaniard or a savage? Ehh, doesn’t matter, pretty much the same thing.

  • Shane Norkus

    go post on yahoo, idiot. you snuck in from China.

  • Ipickedaside

    Yeah cause native tribes didn’t war ever. It was a perfect utopia. Get real.

  • Ipickedaside

    Stole some. …yes… bought most. ….yes fought for some. ….yes. and you’re sick you want to dig up my ancestors and send them back to Europe? What’s wrong with you?

  • kimberly

    All you guys talk n no think we’re talking about Salvador not Mexico OK In reality let’s go back to where your family came here illegally at one point before they had you At one point our ancestors were illegal that’s how we became Americans and there’s good n bad in every nationality Our law is weak we need to be tougher on crimes and make prisons tougher like Korea maybe they’ll be more respect in our countries

    • Daniel Shays

      There were no claims to this land when my family came here. They couldn’t have been here illegally.

  • Rene Ledesma

    DACA??!!!!!!!!!!!! let’s parole them to California.

  • Ipickedaside

    I say chain gangs. They can help build the wall. When they have finished their time we’ll toss them over that big beautiful wall. ….and ask em how it looks.

  • Jean Segura

    Send them to Syria to fight ISIS

  • VectorV

    Summary execution by firing squad would be preferable.

  • Joe

    I’m beggining to think that God color coded us for a reason…….

    • Ipickedaside

      Joe now that’s funny, ironic and funny LMAO

  • Flagfriend

    Legal US citizens?

    (story doesn’t say)

    • Numerical Logic

      I guess so…but I doubt it.

  • No Mas

    Obama is complicit to every murder and crime committed by these illegals, !

  • Rosicrucian32

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  • ray

    California’s Gov Brown will take them .. sanctuary .. as long as they vote Democrat … illegals? Brown doesn’t give a hoot for Federal laws… No problem … just more Democrat votes for CA.

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    Get these animals out of the USA, we don’t need to be housing and feeding this garbage for 20 years, if they cross the border again shoot them on the spot. Our justice system is not equipped to handle animals.

  • Shane Norkus

    Eight eighteen to twenty-two year old MS-13 gangbangers who came here as ‘dreamers’ are now charged with murder, drug-dealing and extortion?

    OK. While they await a trial date, let’s release them into the care of Senator’s Chuck Schumer (D, NY), Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Barack Obama and any other open-border, leftist-loser . I’m sure they wouldn’t mind allowing their children and grandchildren getting a more eye-opening worldview of those less fortunate than themselves, something they didn’t get at their private schools.

    Or, we could just disappear them forever out in the Texas and Nevada deserts. Who would miss them?

    • Sheriff Bart

      Absolutely. All those bleeding heart libs you mentioned need to take their dreamers and house and coddle them being that they love them so much, but we know and they know they would never go for that. They’re all talk.

    • deadandwicked

      Your first solution is about the best plan I heard all year. You hit the nail right on the head. We should also send a few of them over to Jerry Brown’s house, Hillary’s house, Gloria Feinstein’s house and every other Liberal Big mouth that preaches open borders.

    • FedUp

      Please – not NY.

      • Sheriff Bart

        HA! i hear ya.

      • Shane Norkus

        then make sure Chuckie-baby’s in Washington D.C. with his whole family.

        • Jean

          Send em to Syria Lets see how they get along with ISIS

          • Shane Norkus

            as human shields, I hope.

    • Gary Rogers

      It would be a good plan, except that all of them are criminals, and with the connections those politicians have, they would arm them to the teeth and pay them to carry out their deeds. I’d just as soon put a bomb collar on them, send them to the people you mentioned and tell them the collar comes off when the take out their targets. Then detonate anyway.

      • Shane Norkus

        That works for me, too.

    • magic1114

      I vote for the desert option…

    • Susan Blanton

      Oh come on! How many white guys have pulled off mass shootings? You can’t make generalizations like that. First of all you don’t know if they were legal or illegal. There are many dreamers who have served in our military or have started businesses or gone to college. I don’t disagree that if gang bangers are deemed illegal then they should be deported after serving time here. Otherwise they will be deported avoid incarceration and find a way to come back.

      • Shane Norkus

        I can and I do. I’m very familiar with these thugs. There’s nothing redeemable about them.

        MS-13 gangbangers are murderous animals. They should be treated exactly as they treat everyone else.

        • arcticmoon

          You missed the point. You are lumping all dreamers in with a few MS13 members. That’s like lumping all Italians in with the mafia.

          • Shane Norkus

            The Mafia are Sicilian, not Italian. Semantics, I know.

            ‘Dreamers’ are still criminal invaders – lawbreakers. They don’t deserve anything except deportation and starting over…at the end of the legal immigration line.

            These dreamers you write so fondly of are not children, but mid-20’s adults, most of whom have criminal records. Have you offered a place of ‘sanctuary’ in your home to them, giving them food, clothing and shelter? Didn’t think so.

  • taxpayer22

    30% of children caught at the US border have ties to violent drug gangs

  • taxpayer22

    Most of the members of MS-13 are illegal aliens = Not immigrants … foreign nationals from El Salvador.

    MS-13 members work as foot soldiers for Mexican cartels on U.S. soil.

    • Lawmadsen

      all true except the Mexican cartel part. Practically every Hispanic street gang in the country is connected to Mexican cartels, moving drugs, weapons and doing hits but MS-13 is El Salvadorean and they are even more violent than the Mexican cartels (they are at war with Mexican cartels/gangs)

      • taxpayer22

        MS-13 was started by Salvadoran illegal aliens . When the illegal immigrants arrived in California, they began to band together as a way to protect themselves from the Mexican Mafia, the dominant gang in California at the time. By 1993, the MS-13 and the Mexican Mafia had become allies and further developed their criminal activities.

      • Susan Blanton

        So perhaps we should legalize all street drugs and then provide education and rehab for people that are addicted like they did in Portugal. The drug usage rate went down and it virtually eliminated the Cartels. As long as there is forbidden fruit for example if guns were illegal there will always be a black market to sell them.

  • kaiju

    Time to set an example for those who would follow them, being it’s in Maryland though they are probably going to a prison that’s nicer than where they came from.

  • Burrito Smith

    Dumb move- They should have committed these crimes in California where Gov. Geriatric Brown has set aside 75 Million dollars of tax payer money to help pay for their legal fees.

    • deadandwicked

      Your right there. Jerry Bown Eye needs to go. If you see a picture of him you will notice his solid black Evil Snake eyes and you know he is a puppet of the Devil.

    • Daniel Shays

      Maryland was becoming much the same as California under Martin O’Malley. We’re slowly recovering under Gov. Hogan, but are still stuck with a Democrat legislature.