3 Injured After Driver Plows Car Into Crowd in France

The incident occurred in the Blagnac suburb of Toulouse in southwestern France. (Photo/RTE)

November 10, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Three people are injured after a car plowed into a crowd of people near a school in southwestern France.

French authorities say Friday’s incident does not appear to be terror related, but believe the act may have been deliberate.

The suspect in custody reportedly has a past record of minor drug violations, and a long history of mental illness that included acute schizophrenia.

Officials confirmed the 28-year-old suspect was not on the terrorism watch list, but had been planning the attack for quite some time.

Authorities say the victims were rushed to nearby hospitals, but none of them are suffering from life threatening injuries.

  • Jason Lamson

    Islam recruits nuts to perpetrate attacks. It’s still “terror-related.”

  • Numerical Logic

    If they had ‘acute schizophrenia’ why where they allowed to drive?

  • grandmother5

    “Officials confirmed the 28-year-old suspect was not on the terrorism watch list”. Does that makes it “not” a terrorist attack? I don’t think every terrorist is on the “terrorist watch list”.

  • BillVA

    Likely one of those assault vehicles you can attach a chain saw to.

  • BillVA

    I just looked at several other articles on this.

    Every one says the guy was known to police because of prior infractions, and none give his name or nationality.

  • Mike

    run the pedestrians down deliberately? that’s terrorism.

  • nfcapitalist

    Mental illness is not real… the Huns were mentally ill? Humans are being “trained” like circus seals to be what they are and do what they do… agitation propaganda here in America is waging war against our Constitution and trying to mask history… stupid is not having the capacity to understand, ignorance is not having been exposed to the information, dumb is having the capacity to understand, having been exposed to the information… and still doing it wrong.

  • FromThe70s

    Glad this wasn’t perpetrated by a son of the Confederacy. I didn’t have time to read a 50,000 word deep dive into his background and motives.

    • BillVA

      I searched several other articles.

      They were all equally scant on facts…including a name or a nationality.

  • Justsayin…….

    It’s becoming increasingly evident that we need to institute “car control” measures. Take away all cars from everyone. They are being used as lethal weapons and they contribute to pollution, so it would be a win-win situation. Next up…. Restrict the sales of nails, which are used in bomb making as shrapnel………

  • MrsVL

    No name? So we don’t know the background of the person but we do know he had ‘planned this for awhile.’ Did he yell, ‘Allah Akbar!’ while running over people?? HUMMMMMM!

    • TokusatsuKuugaRX

      I am 100% sure that you are correct but of course it is being covered up by these weak kneed politicians so as to not “hurt the feelings” of actual moslems.

    • Vera Orsova

      According to the European news, the man is Abdulleh B., 28, and is a self-proclaimed schizophrenic. Attack planned for about a month, however, the police insist it was not an act of terrorism. I guess he would have to be a Trump supporter to become a terrorist.


    No name given…..islam is a mental illness.

    • pb2

      It attracts a disproportionate number of the mentally ill. Maybe that’s what it takes to follow such an ideology.


        What do you expect from 1500 years of in-breeding??? Pure insanity.
        I am going to open a new business….. urban architectural furniture. Secure items to place within the landscape to deter this type of easy sociopathy.
        I’ll make MILLIONS!

    • Vera Orsova

      According to European news, his name is Abdulleh B., 28, a self-proclaimed schizophrenic, who planned the attack for about a month. However, the French police insist it was not a terrorist attack. I honestly don’t know when an attack becomes a terrorist attack. Maybe they go by the number of people killed.

  • AtomicFury

    France. Last to learn. First to burn.

  • Ed L


  • Impaler

    Allah ackbar?


      Nope – aloha snackbar…

  • landy fincannon

    “Terrorist watch list”. Yea, we know we’ve been watching your terrorists operate freely

    • Chkitout1

      Appears the French authorities are being a bit secretive about releasing data on the driver. Wonder why that is? Perhaps places in Europe are suffering loss of revenue from less tourism.

    • The Punisher

      we can’t infringe on cultural and religious beliefs, beheading, road kill, target practice, as long as they pray to their god it’s ok, but to have a Christian tell someone they are a sinner, jail time, or death.
      this is how the liberal Globalist mind thinks. satan is so proud of them.

      • muqraker

        The biggest number of murders in the US are done by psychopathic Christians. Timothy Mc Veigh, the recent Las Vegas massacre. I fear Christianity infinitely more than I fear Islam or North Korea. Christianity is the sociopathic genocidal PEDOPHILIA monster in the room.

        • The Punisher

          Are you kidding, they were not Christian at all, they were atheist through and through,

  • Sui-Juris

    I wonder if that was a unregistered vehicle? (snicker)

    • Another Deplorable

      To quote someone from another web site, “I wonder if the vehicle was fitted with a stock bumper?”

  • philla12

    Time for a vehicle ban.

    • tedlv

      The NMA, National Motorcar Association, condones this, of course. Forgot the evil NRA.

  • Tim Lass

    Brother. No one who has, “a long history of mental illness that included acute schizophrenia” should be permitted to drive a vehicle; let alone own anything more lethal than a paper clip.

    • Localdude

      …no no no…these is franze! – we demand that thee world only recognize the absence of logic…to do otherwise – makes one a nazzi! – white is black and black is white! we all leev in zi grey, but their iz no grey…