13 Men Arrested in Human Trafficking Bust in Calif.

Pomona PD/Photo/myNewsLA)

August 1, 2017

OAN Newsroom

Police arrest 13 people in connection with a human trafficking operation in Southern California.

On Monday, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department said the men were detained last week in Pomona.

This comes after a joint task force conducted an undercover operation into the alleged ring along a street that’s known as an active area for human trafficking.

12 of the men were adults who solicited undercover agents for sex acts.

Another man was arrested on felony charges of pandering after attempting to recruit a sheriff’s deputy to work as a prostitute.

  • Michael Hawk

    Your A Smart Man Tommy …I spent most of My 53 Years not Knowing and Thinking All Is Well Trusting for the most part like you MOST news. MOST of Our Government and MSM I Assumed were Trustworthy (Mistakenly) The Same With Law Enforcement on all Levels ……If Looked into many Things …In most cases did not like what I Found . But Rather I Know the Truth…If I am Right Things are VERY bad beyond what most have a clue to…..On the Bright Side it May Get Messy and Probably will …But Can Be Stopped and Reversed in My Opinion.

  • Agrivatedcitizen

    You mean the Snopes. Com that is going bankrupt?

  • AllAboard2016

    It absolutely has NOT been debunked.

  • Tommy

    I trust none of the sources you cited as debunking, especially snopes.

    • Diane Coto

      FoxNews is also listed as having debunked it.

      • Tommy

        Fox News is not to be trusted; reporters are sorely limited by their corporate bosses. Also know that Wikipedia has a slant, research this yourself. Snopes is full-tilt liberal operated. Do some google searching on Snopes.

        • Diane Coto

          Good suggestion, Tommy. I find myself doing more research these days than when I was back in school. đŸ™‚

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    This is a common practice here in the [uh-hem] great state of California. MS-13 ships close to 500 young girls a month but, you never hear this in the news. California law-makers are despicable. Truly.

  • Lynette Hawkins

    Well done!

  • Bill Jr

    Police arrest 13 people in connection with a human trafficking operation in Southern California, But They Were Let Go After Explaining, ‘We Were Just Safely Taking Them To Sanctuary City’s and Protecting Them From ICE and The INS.’ The Chief of Police Said, ‘Oh!, Ok! and Let Them Go.’ He Was Then ‘Knighted’ By Queen Pelosi, Who Awaits Coronation Once California Secedes And Slips Into The Ocean of Doom.

  • Bob Ritthsler

    This case will be dropped: too many lost Democrat voters.

  • andrew moore

    So when are you going to focus your attention and undercover operations on Washington DC where the maddams operate out in the open with immunity human trafficking that panders to politicians?

    • pineview8850

      Maybe you should ask the police in Washington DC. Doubt that LASO or Pomona PD have much pull on that one.

  • jhrusky

    Bravo! Keep on going. You’ll get to the government ones eventually . . .
    #PizzaGate #PedoGate #RescueTheChildren

    • Kody M.

      what is pizzagates

      • jhrusky

        Search #PizzaGate on Twitter or Facebook. You’ll find LOTS of information on these sick b@st@rds.

        • Kody M.

          that is sick how come no one is investigating this crap

          • All American

            Good question

          • Kody M.

            isnt there an investigation journalist that we can put on this or write to the congress

          • Delia Vona

            Yes Here’s a great story for Mr. Sharp on OANN. He’s a great researcher.

          • jhrusky

            In a word: Power

          • Michael Hawk

            I Hope People read This …No Investigation is Necessary The people that Would investigate are Involved In it and Protecting there OWN Income and Perversion…The People Involved Is an “Extensive” list of well Known celebrities and powerful Politicians as well as Law Enforcement. Why I say This a few examples over 10,000 pedophile arrests made since Trump “under the radar” news is Intentionally Hushed Up. You Would Think a Former Ohio Mayor pedophile would be Mainstream…Just Like G Gordon Liddys Son…..Seattle seems to be a Hot Spot. Just a Few Weeks Back A flight Coming From Alaska To Seattle Prevented a young child about to be a Victim of Sex Trafficking (Due to a Very Observant Flight Attendant)…..and recently 3 Elderly brothers in Seattle were arrested recently for Child porn, suspicion of child Abduction, Rape , and murder …And Apparently were Satanists …….They Lived in the Same House since 1962 Neighbors just thought they were odd. I can type pages of Similar “coincidences’ I just mentioned …..It take a little effort but info can be found .

          • Kody M.

            ur post is hurtin my i’s, too much caps

        • Terri Clevenger

          Go to Youtube type 7n Pizzagate or pedogate.. You’ll see hillery bill chucky nancy so many